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Mykel Boachie
One minute girls will cuss their ex's and bad mouth them, then start giving S/O's I'm done with this life
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American workers can't wait another minute for #immigration reform via @rollcall #timeisnow
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That awkward moment when everyone stops laughing and you're the only one who still thinks it's hilarious.
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That awkward moment when the teacher asks for volunteers, and you accidentally make eye contact.
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That awkward moment when the guy who discovered milk had to explain what he was doing to the cow.
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Watching #solesurvivorfilm on #CNN What an amazing film, amazing stories about amazing people. George is such an inspiration.
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I don't know why but death often reminds most about God. If you think I'm joking, die lemme see
Some dudes sitting in their offices makes stupid calculations and tells us all have died on the flight!! Why don't u calculate your iq? #370
Boy bangs 3 girls = Applause Girl does threesome = Slut I'm packing for Mars, I got no reputation for earth... #earthisshit
I think #Arsenal board should act like #CNN, when you got low ratings, you get cut off like @piersmorgan
They say @BarackObama is the worst president because he doesn't want 'war'. Also known as 'foreign policy'
I consider calling me Niggar acceptable but don't mistake me for a #republican!!! I might blow off your head
We will follow you, as long as you follow us 5500 following. 10K followers Are you following them in spirit?
Dude, how can you follow 17K people and unfollow only me. That's sheer wickedness
I will always remember @BarackObama for one thing, #obamacare and his color!! Sorry that was two things
In God we trust. Does it remind of something? $$? Well I was talking about God.
It's harder to lie then tell the truth. You see how physicists are suffering trying to explain how earth came into existence. #believeinGod
Is safe to say we are in spring when you go out in shorts not sitting in your office and setting seasons and time for me.
Today is Sunday, I pray that all thee that tweet in thou temple shall lose their screens
I can't imagine if there were no limit on Twitter characters, I'm struggling to say sense in 140 words
Did Facebook buy twitter already? I mean, where from the tagging feature? Competition or compromise?
I'm so sorry for my followers, I'm so sorry you have to read sh*t anytime I'm bored.