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Kay Rejoice Waga ツ
#HiroMitchLoveStoryOnMMK Manolo <3 Janella Watching MMK Angel Eyes :) ☺
Love without action is just a word. True! #kanta2mode 🎧🎶@sweetpeajustkayay ☺♥
My God is bigger than all of my problems. ☺ O:)
Keep in mind that: 🍟 fries 🍔 burger 🍕 pizza 🍝 spaghetti 🍩 donut 🍦 ice cream 🎂 cake 🍪 cookies 🍫 chocolates will never break your ❤ Rejoice☺
☺☺ EATiNG DURiAN FRUiT ^_^ Yuuuuummmmmmmyyyy want some? ♥☺☺
Hi Belle musta naman mu i mean ka? HEHEHEHE 💋@ImMARIEedd
"GOD" - the definiton of true love. ❤️ Godnight , Godbless ! ❤️💋 JaneOineza On 8thSMB �#Janene #MeganYoungung 💋
When someone belittles you they are being little. Don’t fight battles with small-minded people. They’re not going where God is taking you. 👍
Don't settle for less than God's best for you. :)
Teleseryeng pagbibidahan ni Jane Oineza sa ABS-CBN, nakahanda na!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADVANCE BESANG !!!!!!!!!! ilurvyou <3 pinatumbling !! :3 @amielarasani23
Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe. @twitter : @sweetpeajustkay @instagram : myrejoicerich15
🌻🌻🌻Coronation Night is fast approaching, kuldah na sya lytch :D 🌻#GODBLESSDBLESS YAKYAK ξξ(∵◕◡◕∵)ξξ
I heard Philippines is going to play Meteor Garden again. Thank you for your overwhelming love and continued support. :) -Shan Cai 大S
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(╯3╰) i was hoping for @PiaWurtzbach isa sa 5 Crowns, Balik ka next year Pia may Bb. Pilipinas 2k15 pa Go go go !! Congrats @MJ_Lastimosa :)
Don't take your lovelife too serious , daghan napasmu ana best ! nkakaloka >.< #Contented #Happy #Fab #TrueLoveWaits #Aja!
sakit ako heart makita taka naay kauban lain pero di taka love. #DiKoMagets
Stop feeling alone. Start laughing. Stop dreaming. Start believing. Stop Fighting. Start loving. Stop thinking. Start acting.
Best Feeling? - Laging may pagkain - Crush ka ng crush mo - High Grades - Tapat na kaibigan - Lahat ng lugar may WIFI
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Ang pag move on, mura ra na'g marathon. Di ka mudaog kung mag sige ka ug lingi sa likod.
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GOD has four gifts for you: A KEY for every problem; A LIGHT for every shadow; A PLAN for every tomorrow; and A JOY for every sorrow.
EFFORT is not a responsibility of a GUY, its WILLINGNESS of a Guy to make his Girl SMILE. #Kaalaman101
God can't hand you something new until you're willing to let go of the things that are not good for you. #Kaalaman101
Some people are real Some people are good Some people are fake . . . Some people are Real Good of being Fake!!!!!! yaKyaK :P
Kapag si Girlfriend nanuntok tapatan dapat ni Boyfriend ng yakap. Kapag si Girlfriend nagmura tapatan dapat ni Boyfriend ng "I LOVE YOU."
There is no greater feeling than knowing that Jesus has got my back. #Kaalaman101
Dear Heart, LOVE when you ready not when you LONELY. #Kaalaman101
Ang mga nagmamaganda ay parang isang ipis. . . . . . . . Kung makalipad, feeling butterfly. Sarap SAPAKIN. #Kaalaman101
We may not always understand God's plan, but we should choose to live our life with love and gratitude in our hearts. #Kaalaman101
★♫✩ Good Day !! :3 Godbless O:)
Vhong in concert with Vice Ganda during alleged 2010 rape? April 24, 2010 daw concert pud ni Vice! hahaha research girl research !!!!
Deniece Cornejo = One minute Rape Roxanne Cabanero = Throwback Rape nagtupar jud ang mga kigwahun hahahahaha
TODAY iS BETTER THAN YESTERDAY !!! yeah ! ;) ;) ;) KRCW <3 ξξ(∵◕◡◕∵)ξξ
Know God is with you in your worst times. Nothing is scarier than to think you must go through it alone. #IHQ KRCW ξξ(∵◕◡◕∵)ξξ
People of the Philippines vs. Denise Cornejo and Cedric Lee.
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Deniece Milinette is a perfect example of the ever famous statement: "Looks can be deceiving. #GMAPhilippinesWorstNetwork #DeniseBitch KAY
Deniece Milinette is a perfect example of the ever famous statement: "Looks can be deceiving."
Denise Millet Cornejo s the grand daughter of Atty. Gozon CEO of GMA.Cedric Lee is the Xhusband of Vina Morales #GMAPhilippinesWorstNetwork