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Kay Rejoice Waga ツ
Will you be my Forever? stepleree Xander !! 😝😜 . Grabi ka atik . 👊 Goodnight goooys #ForevermoreFinalen#PangakoSayoSaLunesNaesNa
Tweeeeeet Tweeeet Tweeeeet 🐥🐦@sweetpeajustkayay 💐#BreeTweetweet 👶👼💝
KASALANAN KO , LESSON KO . HiNDi BUSiNESS MO GAGO! 😠😡�#BreeBreeree �@sweetpeajustkaystkay -- TWiTTER
"A Little Bit Of Mercy Will Make The World Less Cold And Just" ++Pope Francis 👴💒#PopeFrancisPHPH Evening ! �#BreeBreeree 👶💋
It 's Better To Give Than To Receive. How This Officer Helps A Homeless Man Will Surprise You.…
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@outsports jimmy boy you sounded worse than a little bitch calling TB12 names. Kiss his ass you jerk
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@outsports if TB12 is a " whiny little twit" what are you? A TMZ wannabe? Why don't you idiots get a real job and earn a decent living
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@outsports I bet jim buzinski(what kind of name is that?) Looks a lo like Sherman w/ a mr. google big nose. Hatin on Tom Terrific *spits*
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@outsports Jim who? Saw his "article" about The @Patriots & Tom Brady. FYI jimmy : Show your annoying face first before calling TB12 names.
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I am beyond pissed @USPS! I lost 4 packages already in less than a year! Whoever is assigned in our building is a very lazy delivery person!
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God not only sees where you are, He sees where you can be.
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Do not give up :) The beginning is always the hardest. ;) #MerryChristmas @sweetpeajustkay
Dear God, if one day I lose my hope and purpose, give me confidence that your destiny is better than anything I ever dreamed. 👼 KAY 💝
People can say anything about you, but you're the one who decides and proves whether it is right or wrong. @sweetpeajustkay 💋👫
HIGHSCHOOL STUDENT: Saya siguro maging college student. COLLEGE STUDENT: Sana highschool nalang ulit ako.
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"Sometimes all you need is to trust yourself."
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"Kahit naman anong gawin mo may masasabi parin sila kaya mas mabuti pa na wag mo nalang pansinin."
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Before we ask God for what we WANT.. we need to thank Him for what we HAVE.
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HOT and SPiCY nagni silihan pa. Unsay bay sala sa baba ? 😠#FatherNaturee 👴 HAHAHAH#KJmuchch? 😜😝
✨New Twitter Giveaway✨ 10 Winners Win everything pictured. Enter by, favoring, RT & Following🎨 Ends 10/03. GOODLUCK�T0
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Hi Belle Sleep na you or OL pa? 💙💤@ImMARIEedEed
Never cry for the person who hurts you. Just smile & say "thanks for giving me a chance to find someone better than you. @sweetpeajustkay 🐾💋
As you grow older, you realize it becomes less important to have more friends and more important to have real ones. @sweetpeajustkay
1. Follow us on Twitter @bhcosmetics 2. Retweet this post 3. tag your buddies to enter. more deets on previous post
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#HiroMitchLoveStoryOnMMK Manolo <3 Janella Watching MMK Angel Eyes :) ☺
Love without action is just a word. True! #kanta2mode 🎧🎶@sweetpeajustkayay ☺♥
My God is bigger than all of my problems. ☺ O:)
Keep in mind that: 🍟 fries 🍔 burger 🍕 pizza 🍝 spaghetti 🍩 donut 🍦 ice cream 🎂 cake 🍪 cookies 🍫 chocolates will never break your ❤ Rejoice☺
☺☺ EATiNG DURiAN FRUiT ^_^ Yuuuuummmmmmmyyyy want some? ♥☺☺
Hi Belle musta naman mu i mean ka? HEHEHEHE 💋@ImMARIEedd
"GOD" - the definiton of true love. ❤️ Godnight , Godbless ! ❤️💋 JaneOineza On 8thSMB �#Janene #MeganYoungung 💋
When someone belittles you they are being little. Don’t fight battles with small-minded people. They’re not going where God is taking you. 👍
Don't settle for less than God's best for you. :)
Teleseryeng pagbibidahan ni Jane Oineza sa ABS-CBN, nakahanda na!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADVANCE BESANG !!!!!!!!!! ilurvyou <3 pinatumbling !! :3 @amielarasani23
Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe. @twitter : @sweetpeajustkay @instagram : myrejoicerich15
🌻🌻🌻Coronation Night is fast approaching, kuldah na sya lytch :D 🌻#GODBLESSDBLESS YAKYAK ξξ(∵◕◡◕∵)ξξ
I heard Philippines is going to play Meteor Garden again. Thank you for your overwhelming love and continued support. :) -Shan Cai 大S
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(╯3╰) i was hoping for @PiaWurtzbach isa sa 5 Crowns, Balik ka next year Pia may Bb. Pilipinas 2k15 pa Go go go !! Congrats @MJ_Lastimosa :)
Don't take your lovelife too serious , daghan napasmu ana best ! nkakaloka >.< #Contented #Happy #Fab #TrueLoveWaits #Aja!
Lol “@FreddieRoach: Watched Predator today. Great performance by @FloydMayweather sr. "
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