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ios8 broke my phone i'm so annoyed
Twitter is so boring right now I'm gonna go watch orange is the new black
just been at the airport to meet my cheating boyfriend with the two other girls he was seeing
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RT for a follow/DM gonna be doing both over the next hour or so!
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twitter is going to be so boring without cameron
I'm surprised Hayes is so tan considering he lives under Nash's shadow
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@narcoticdallas: I want my cam follow before 9999😞”@camerondallass follow her dude
i bet nash and carter enjoyed looking at girls with big asses half naked
He thinks he's making thick girls feel better yet he's putting down the skinny ones
it kinda pisses me off that cam is going to stop following people when he hits 9999
@sobermendes he's pulling a hayes follow spree
@sobermendes I don't think he is because he stopped following people
@cashwaffles: I want his follow more than anything” @camerondallas FOLLOW HER!
have you ever thought that since Cameron in a movie there will be more newborns saying 'FELIX IS SO HOT'
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I bet Andrea and Cameron will date in the movie which is fine because otp
if you think taylor can rap better than johnson stop because taylor's like the first person to make Helen Keller glad she's deaf
@ImfaooHailey: @iIlestcabello You're a fucking dumbass. Jacob sings better than shawn tbh. bYE”
remember when carter used to always tweet his location then rant on twitter about how no one gives him privacy lol
Still not ready for cameron's draw my life because he could include his bullying story, his dad, and chris, and how much his life's changed
Everyone goes from shading to kissing ass in a matter of seconds
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If your user has either magcon or puma in it, I'm judging you!
#NashVsHayes Who can get the fast part of "rap god" lyric by lyric and the same speed as Eminem?
#NashvsHayes who can do the best impersonation of Jack Gilinsky?
#NashvsHayes who can hold an ice cube with salt in their hand the longest?
#NashvsHayes who's better at flirting
#NashvsHayes who can do the best impersonation of Cameron?
#NashvsHayes who's the better singer?
Who can break their phone the fastest? Jk we all know Nash will win #NashvsHayes
#NashvsHayes see who can make the ugliest face
#NashvsHayes who can do the best British accent?