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I'm having unholy thoughts
@cashingdallas: @cameronsociety I can't fucking stop staring at his jawline” i thought i was the only one
Don't compare Nash and Cameron's friendship to Cameron and Chris' friendship they are completely different!
If Cameron draws about his dad and Chris, I will cry the damn Pacific Ocean
Cameron is so generous. He's such a down to earth and amazing guy.
The fact that he nominated Chris
Damn Cameron is donating so much money to both charities I couldn't be prouder
#NashsPasswordIsProabably MakeSureToSubscribeToYoutubeDotComeBackslashGrierNashToBeNotifiedWhenTheVideoIsPosted
#NashsPasswordIsProbably dontforgettocheckoutallmysocialmedias
@Nashgrier: Time is going by so fast, I feel like just yesterday I was in Dallas meeting all the guys”
my mum is currently sleep walking around the room searching through drawers and repeatedly saying “I need drugs”
If Cameron isn't shirtless I'll shove a cactus up his ass
@Nashgrier: Summer went by way too fast” but you don't even have to go to school anymore
jack and leigh more like jelena 2.0
I don't know why but he looked like avatar with this haircut
That's creepy af
Like he doesn't have to call or tweet us but he CHOOSES to.
Cameron does so much for us, it's insane. And some people don't even appreciate that.
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And some people don't even appreciate it
I think Cameron needs to just relax and take a break from everything, he's been doing way too much for us.
Cameron does so much for us and all people do is give him shit.
@camerondallas: Nutella is some bootleg ass chocolate. I don't know why everyone makes a big deal about it.” BLOCKED
Cameron Dallas and Jack Gilinsky probably drown in the pussy when they go out in public
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Taylor nominated Michael Jackson that's funny
if i ever see someone say hayes saved their life im deactivating
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Carter why don't you like me
You don't stop "drama" by tweeting mostly "guys let's stop the drama!" You stop it by being mature and just not tweeting about it at all.
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Carter is always getting pulled into drama and it sucks
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This fandom is full of drama and hate it's disgusting
@SierraDallas: He's got the kind of heart that any girl would die for.” @camerondallas tru
I'm gonna miss cam's book club again ugh f u timezones