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The amount of stuff Michael got me from Victoria's Secret is unreal 😭❀️
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Nae walked in my house and Cagen got whiplash πŸ˜‚
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Well Done is better than Well Said.
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Excited to see @itsmichaelcarr tomorrow after these couple stressful weeks πŸ’—
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Happy birthday to the family @Aj_Hecox show that man some luv today!
R.I.P. fallen angels, may the future be brighter than the past.
A birthday shoutout to my family foreal @daavinnaa love ya guh! Hope your day was everything you wished for.
β€œ@xo_neeq: The best part about last night was seeing @TymariehD & @itsmichaelcarr πŸ™Œβ€ 😁 likewise sis
The best at telling myself not procrastinate as I proceed to do so.
It's like every time I go on Twitter or see something on the news it's another unarmed kid getting shot down. The blatancy makes it worse.
Happy bornday to the Dena kid @TymariehD show love !
Don't know what the future holds, but I know who holds my future.
Couldn't be anymore proud of @TheONE_Preston that boy going places!
Boiling crab sounds great.
β€œ@Nikkii_Violet: @itsmichaelcarr the switch up King.” Chill.
Santa Barbara tonight though. @Nikkii_Violet 😴
Switch ups so frequent but so unforgettable. You remember that when you wanna switch back.
Found Fall far from where I was. Great weekend spent where most don't get a chance to go.
Go follow the family @TymariehD ! He's back on Twitter lol
Excited about what I'm doing right now. Hopefully you will be too.
I love this weather. Can it stay like this?
That was not an angry tweet lol..
Don't depend on anyone to make shit happen for you. Invest your own time in yourself.
I don't trust women with a million friends.
I had the worst dream ever. It felt so real. I pray that never happens.
Lauryn hill - Ex-Factor
One more cause he couldn't look anymore intelligent lol @TheONE_Preston
Happy birthday little bro love you. Big 18! The boy the man now. Show him love today.
Family couldn't be anymore important to me.
The 2 people I can always count on to be there.. We been through man. I do this for them as much as me πŸ‘
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When the gardeners are in the backyard.
Sean killed 4th quarter..
β€œ@MichaelGeeDoe_: Happy birthday @itsmichaelcarr hope you have a blessed day bruh πŸ™β€ thanks man you too
β€œ@__JN3: @itsmichaelcarr Happy Bday brodie” thanks G
β€œ@fcknnjenn: Happy birthday @itsmichaelcarr πŸ˜ŠπŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽβ€ 😁 thanks
β€œ@sambram: Happy birthday @itsmichaelcarr !” Thanks sam!
β€œ@HallsIsland: Happy Birthday to my brother @itsmichaelcarr ! Be blessed bruh.” Thanks family!