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Farid Audee
I was staring at the plant next to my TV during the whole Maroon 5 performance the #VMAs
If you don't see me eating i'm probably in a bad mood.
@FaridAudee I can't wait for new music from you..I like 'motapell'. Great next single
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I got your album for only 3 bucks! @FaridAudee gooood vibes
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You deserve a new body and new life with #Phentermine 37.5 from RxGrade. Try it with me!
I love the music nights where I get rid of old songs and buy lots and lots of new songs/albums. I wait all day to do it. Am i the only one?
Listen to my complete album 'RED BEAT' for free here on Youtube.… …🎶🎵☺️🎶�
Life is like a roller coaster. If you let it. Not if you don't want to. It can only have ups if you wanna. @sallythepope
Checked out @FaridAudee's singles from his album, they're good! Motapell man! Is great
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In hell you need wifi to make music.
@UberFacts: In 2010, Australia banned female ejaculation in porn and small breasts.” @JesusChrisps
Blue seas. Lucid dreams. @sallythepope such a good picture.
I pray for people out there, lacking a belief. Who's soon bound to be lost in a time of forever. Of eternity. I wish everyone good luck.
I feel like i haven't thanked god enough for everything he has given me. For my family, friends, what i love to do. I can't complain.
We're alive briefly.
Just because your a girl doesn't mean you automatically get treated with respect. Act like a bitch and you'll get treated like a bitch.
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I don't think I could ever stab someone, I mean, to be honest I can barely get the straw in a Capri Sun
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The 'Sunshine' era is complete. Now thinking about the 3rd single.
.@Mael_Hashim Next year. Sooo excited for that. It'll be huge. I'll make a big deal out of it for sure.
.@Mael_Hashim Senior in High school. Yes i'm back
.@BohenMars Wanted to do a simple video for a simple song and include a lot of sunshine in it. Also vodka and parties
.@erickrodiguez20 people know me more then the usual human. But no.