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Farid Audee
Over 2,000 tweets mentioning @verified and including #VerifyFaridAudee! That's amazing! Thank you much. If you want to help out RT or tweet!
Dear @twitter & @verified, verify @FaridAudee. 1,120 verified accs follow him. Album on iTunes charts.Millions of Views #VerifyFaridAudee 14
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It's coming... Where's the warmth of Taiwan when I need it.?
Off for a while.. Planning out the new MV. After my new Music Video for the next single #Motapell I got some exciting news.. New 🎵?
@FaridAudee your track MOTAPELL got me crazyyy good choice for last single 🎶🎵🙌
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New website up now, I've put so much effort in it, & buy my 3rd single here thank youu 🙌
The sky is open, where are we going??
Seriously, thank you to everyone using #VerifyFaridAudee. It's the top 'Verify' hashtag worldwide! @verified.. lmao.
Most of my conversations include unnecessary sarcasm and saying 'what' even if I've heard the question.
If you want to help me get @verified, then RT, or Fav! Thank you to everyone tweeting #VerifyFaridAudee🙏💙
Sometimes i get frustrated when i can't finish a track. (First and last selfie i'll ever take)
..but have you tried running away from your problems?
I have a love hate relationship with @kaskade bc he is a total slut but his music tho..
Summer is over, meaning Farid Audee's album #RedBeat is going back to $4.99. Get it for $3 before it's too late!
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I really prefer to stay low-key, leave people clueless so they can assume whatever they want. I don't care.
If you're on Twitter from 1A.M - 3A.M we can become best friends. Hi best friend. Let's talk about how tired we are yet not really.
Absinthe is the devil's sweat.
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What I eat for the day is the highlight of my day.
I fucking hate rain like really I don't like it unless it makes some of these cool pretty colorful things people call 'Rainbows'.
Downloaded @FaridAudee's new single track Sunshine it's good mate
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Do u ever want to throw a party at ur house but you end up not doing it because u don't want the idiots who think they own the school to go.
Who remembers this bitch that brought you daily nightmares as a kid??
I think @FaridAudee needs a verified badge. He has an album on the Top 20 iTuness dance. @verified lets get workin' #VerifyFaridAudee 18
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Quick! You don't have enough time! Do cool things, travel, do dumb things, do smart things, make an album, do what you love before you die!
Light SHINES it's brightest with more darkness. Remember.
Throwback to Taiwan, the golden days.
I was staring at the plant next to my TV during the whole Maroon 5 performance the #VMAs
If you don't see me eating i'm probably in a bad mood.
@FaridAudee I can't wait for new music from you..I like 'motapell'. Great next single
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I got your album for only 3 bucks! @FaridAudee gooood vibes
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You deserve a new body and new life with #Phentermine 37.5 from RxGrade. Try it with me!
I love the music nights where I get rid of old songs and buy lots and lots of new songs/albums. I wait all day to do it. Am i the only one?
Listen to my complete album 'RED BEAT' for free here on Youtube.… …🎶🎵☺️🎶�
Life is like a roller coaster. If you let it. Not if you don't want to. It can only have ups if you wanna. @sallythepope
Checked out @FaridAudee's singles from his album, they're good! Motapell man! Is great
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In hell you need wifi to make music.
“@UberFacts: In 2010, Australia banned female ejaculation in porn and small breasts.” @JesusChrisps
Blue seas. Lucid dreams. @sallythepope such a good picture.
I pray for people out there, lacking a belief. Who's soon bound to be lost in a time of forever. Of eternity. I wish everyone good luck.
I feel like i haven't thanked god enough for everything he has given me. For my family, friends, what i love to do. I can't complain.
We're alive briefly.
Just because your a girl doesn't mean you automatically get treated with respect. Act like a bitch and you'll get treated like a bitch.
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I don't think I could ever stab someone, I mean, to be honest I can barely get the straw in a Capri Sun
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The 'Sunshine' era is complete. Now thinking about the 3rd single.