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Farid Audee
I'm sorry @RynWeaver for insulting you, you're actually a dope artist. And I like your album.
People need to buy music again.
JUST IN: Adele's new album '25' will not be made available to streaming platforms like Spotify & Apple Music - NY Times
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.@Adele, please DON'T put your new album on any streaming device. #Adele25
Teenagers scare the living shit outta me.
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I wanna get rich enough to get a great massage whenever the fuck I want.
me: *uses Instagram* me: *closes Instagram* me: *opens Instagram* me: *closes Instagram*
Me when I'm in school
GUYS! Finding Dory TRAILER is out now! You heard it from me, sluts.…
to everyone saying that UFO is just a missle: that's 👏🏾 what 👏🏾 they 👏🏾 want 👏🏾 you 👏🏾 to 👏🏾 think 👏🏾
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When the government says "that wasn't a UFO it was a military missile"
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Donald Trump is hosting SNL tonight. Please DONT tune in. Let's not applaud his racist and discriminatory ways.
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.@AppleMusic randomly changed my songs from explicit to clean like who do you think I am? You don't know me.
My new album Euphoric Knights is NOW available on Pandora. Just search Farid Audee or Euphoric Knights and add it to your stations ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
Halloween Costume Idea: Stay home and tell everyone you were a ghost
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Craving pumpkins was an Ireland thing & now it's an american tradition. Maybe we should celebrate stealing things and claiming them as ours
are we all going to ignore the fact that we are celebrating GHOSTS AND DEMONS.
maybe pumpkins just want to be eaten and not stabbed
Am I The Only One That Doesn't Like Halloween
#RespectForJustin my ass. These 14 year olds need to lay off the internet. Where are their parents?
This is so cool. I've always wanted to go to the Grammys to watch. So jealous of @vahetirakyan. Are you going this year? 💯
My song #Absinthe is now on my Soundcloud page and on VEVO. ☺️☺️☺️☺️
Just posted a snippet of new music on my Snapchat follow me @ 'FaridAudee' ☺️👀
Make sure you check out our incredibly talented Mixerati Member @FaridAudee amazing #EDM album #EuphoricKnights
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I don't think I've told you my new favorite band. @saintnomura by @saintnosnhoj. They sent me some of their alternative fashion clothing before they even made it public on their store! Is lit! Show their official account love by following for me! 😉
What if Adele's new album is actually called ' . . . '
What I do before going to sleep: go on my phone What I do after waking up: go on my phone
When Farid Audee's song #Absinthe drops on youtube and soundcloud.... #MADNESSSS
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Music meets fitness! Follow -> @kymusic @kymusic @kymusic @kymusic
Hey did you wear that shirt yesterday? Yes? Did anyone see you wearing it? No? You did not wear that shirt yesterday.
Listen to 'Listen to the Music' now on @Vevo 😋…b
My pizza had so much cheese on it it melted and got stuck to the plate and the whole thing got ripped off :(
Take a look at @FaridAudee's new #edm album called 'Euphoric Knights' on itunes! Also available on spotify 🎶🎼
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Typhoon by Farid Audee tho.. 👏🏼🎶🎶 so g#edm##amazingsongsong
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Get my new album #EuphoricKnights Special Edition on iTunes ☺️ #EDM
I have about 20 tweets saved as drafts and they'll never see the light of day.
"Had a dream it was 3.45 that something was in my room. Woke up at 3.44 and heard the cupboard door creak." - USA
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How come I only find things to do on the internet after 2 am
The best. Thank you @NICKIMINAJ for always delivering with excellence. Buy #TheHillsRemix

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