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мιcкαℓα gεαя
I also met another bae today, but this one has brown/blonde hair 😍🙊
Flowers in the forest 💐
Went for a hike up in mount Danadenong like I used to do every week but now with a busy schedule very rarely 😔 anyway, look at this little buddy I met! He came right up to me for a pat 😄
Morning 😊✌️
I'd love a pet tiger, I'd at least love to look after one at the zoo 🐯🐯🐯
Dad drove me up to Mount Dandenong today for some photos, let's just say finding a dead kangaroo besides the road was not on the to-do list.
My neck is doing a weird thing 🌸 black lipstick yo ✌️
Flowers in my yard 🌷🌷
"Wait, we had homework?!"
What colour should I dye my hair next?! 😄 #bluehair
At Chadstone right now, gonna do some major photography work for my course :(
I'm still waiting for the day I am legal to get tattoos 😩🙌
Totally worth dying my hair jet black on the top to fit better with the blue, still the brown looked cool too.
Where's the middle finger emoji whenever you feel like flipping someone off?
I actually love @TheEllenShow's Anaconda edit better than the original, she's so freaking funny! xD
@missjodarling Yeah, I was up in the city yesterday but after meeting someone there I just bought lunch and went home. I'm soooo productive.
do you ever really hate someone but you still continue to stalk their social media although it pisses you off?
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The perks of ditching your old iPod Shuffle >> Rediscovering songs I haven't heard in YEARS. It's like Christmas every morning in here :D
@missjodarling collage that's gonna be a backdrop to my portrait. I might post it on facebook today since I have friends wondering too :)
@missjodarling I'm doing Art in Signal which I really like but starting off at this point I need to have 400 original photographs for a (c)
I hate combing my hair through really rough knots grr
@missjodarling Yes, I still have classes on the school holidays which really sucks
@missjodarling Sweet, I have classes in the city and on these school holidays I'm expecting to see them after class.
People who know me in real life can yell at me to wash my own dishes but I think we all know that its never gonna happen off by heart.
Long train rides into the city is really relaxing when you sit by the window and hear your music blast out of your earplugs.
@missjodarling I haven't been to Knox in ages too but I'd have to do a bit of travelling to get there, probably worth it though! :)
I really wanna come home one day with a sleeve full of tattoos and watch my mothers reaction blast out of this world.
@missjodarling I can't decide between Chadstone and The Glen Central.. or maybe Knox;; ermahgerd -.-
I'm thinking of getting a septum piercing
Thinking of going out to Chadstone today but maybe not? :x
There should be a rehab center for chocolate addicts, like I can't go on a steady diet when it comes to these little shitters.
@emiitomato Happy birthday, have a great one!
Supposed to be doing some homework up until it hits Tuesday but I can't even be bothered to give the slightest attention.
Suddenly I just realised my expectations on guys around me are pretty shitty 😳
I can't even remember the last time I had a crush that wasn't a celebrity tbh
Smiling at my enemies is probably the best moments I've ever lived for in my life. #hatersgonnahate
That time my friends gave me a horrible eyebrow wax 😐 still didn't stop me from taking selfies
I hate those days when I spend so much time straightening my hair and then it starts raining. 😤
@JoHerrstedt: ✨” you're so beautiful it's unfair 🌹👌☺️
If someone screws you over, screw them over twice as hard. Revenge is the best medicine, you can forgive and forget later 💁
Totally gonna stick with blue hair for a while, loving this ❤️❤️
But look at me in my cool shades bro 😎 I am a dork though so don't be fooled!
Yesterday was hell though, got kicked in the back by some douchebag I share a course with. He tried to kick someone else but got me 😑
Walked in the city for ages today, found a lot of cool shops. I also walked passed an adult cinema...
I'm a dork in disguise, don't blow my cover - I'm trying to act "cool". 😎✌️
You gotta admit that Mother Nature does have some beautiful features (along with some bad ones FYI) but my golly sunshine is by far my favorite 😍 it's like the filter of life... 🙌🌞