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I could really go for a friend like that again but my social standards outside the internet is really shit tbh.
Just curious but is their anyone who would just like to stay up all night watching movies and talking about pretty much anything 'till dawn?
Eating a Vegemite sandwich cause I'm Aussie and don't give a single shit about the fuckers who despise it because imma do what I want.
Shit, I'm gonna bet you that my hair will turn out frizzy as fuck tomorrow morning.
@missjodarling That's freaking awesome! :-)
I spent like three hours drawings so much that my thumb hurts which is a bit of a bitch but it was worth it I guess so yeah.
ohmigod I got some toffee apples from the fruit shack in Dandenong! #drooling
I love how sunny it's been for the past two days but I'll be fucking pissed if it rains and sucks tomorrow when I have classes in the city.
"Why are you so dressed up? You're not going to a fashion show" BITCH THE WORLD IS MY RUNWAY GET OUT OF MY WAY PEASANT
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I need to find a hobby.
All I wanna do is crawl into my covers and watch more and more episodes of anything really.
I feel the need to read a book and yet want to go on tumblr. Tough decision? Haha, I think not! #Tumblring
#ExplainAFilmPlotBadly A dude kills his ex wife and new husband without knowing and then remembers but does nothing and gets away with it.
@ellhoward You're just really awesome and pretty and always seem to surprise me with how stylish and generous you can be! :-)
I could really use that advice right now.
Shit happens, shit goes down; but life goes on for a reason and that reason is to learn from your mistakes and do it better next time.
My day already has managed to be shit and has probably made up my entire mood for the week - and its only 10:34am.
Yeah, it fucking sucks.
You know that frustration you get when you try so hard to pass a level in a game but can never seem to pass it with as many times you try?
Too bad I don't have a blow horn though, cause I'd totally have more fun in the mornings by pissing people off at the start of their day.
Everybody is still asleep and I've been awake since 5:30 this morning which makes me feel sad because I love sleep.
Bands, coffee and the internet are what I live for.
Snapped episodes never seem to fail me on wanting to punch my screen.. how could people be so dimwitted and cruel :|
I need a new television series to obsess over whose got any suggestions??
Breakeven may be an old song to some people but it never gets old to me. #thescript
I hate those type of peoples who judge someone by their physical appearance. Like, stfu and sit down and get to know a person you 'lil shit.
Currently on level 512 of Pet Rescue Saga, I'm killing this shit.
Man with superpowers hides identity with glasses, no ones the wiser #explainafilmplotbadly
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Am I the only one who very rarely gets a pretty awesome selfie that their actually proud of? :/
But no seriously today is the sunniest it's been in a few days, Melbourne has some weird weather.
What a beautiful day to surf the internet :)
@_Starcream Yeah, I guess that's the best way to go c: I'm sick of these natural colors and I guess I need to switch up my style a bit. Thx!
Had to delete that last tweet cause I stopped halfway in thought and fucked up as I continued typing..
@_Starcream yeah maybe i should bleach it blonde first for a better effect?? :/ idk man.
Should I dye my hair blue?? I just dyed it back to my natural color but fuck this I wanna look rad.
I'll always have a thing for Harry Potter, like some people might find it uncool and old and shit but it's a big part of my childhood 'yo.
I felt real hydrated during the middle of the night so all I did for nine hours was watch a Harry Potter marathon and drank a lot of waterr.
Reunited with my crap ass ipod. It's cracked and only the fourth generation but at least I got my old songs back and along with my playlists 👽
I don't know if whether someone has stolen my hair straightener or if I left it somewhere and forgot about it.
Some people just need to not take a joke so seriously, I don't have nor need the time to cool you down bro.
I really wanna new pet like a kitty or a bunny, but the thing is is that I can't get one until I get Kay to get used to other types of animals. She alright with other dogs but not with others so it might take a long while 😟 plus, my parents need convincing 😣
Two days and have been working hard in the art studio ✌️ can't wait for this to come together!
A chocolate addiction is the best sorta addiction.
I feel like the fish from nemo after they escaped from the dentist room bc idk what to do now since voting is over
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Classes in Melbourne City tomorrow, feeling kinda lazy though tbh
These bitches love me 💩
Nature is my best friend ✌️🌲
Makeup inspired by Kendall Jenner 💄🌸