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Classes in Melbourne City tomorrow, feeling kinda lazy though tbh
These bitches love me 💩
Nature is my best friend ✌️🌲
Makeup inspired by Kendall Jenner 💄🌸
Back to the art studio #courses
Classes are over and for the whole train train ride alone, some starbucks because batch it's three minutes away from the building!! 😄
I need to start doing my makeup this good again tbh 💄💋
In my pretty floral pyjamas with freshly dyed red hair 🌸✌️
I want to be blonde again 😕
#throwback on my 2010 holiday to Sri Lanka 🌾🌿
Back in the Art Studio today, I'm going to enjoy this course 😍 #courses #programmes #classes
#RIP Robbin Williams, this guy was my all time favourite actor. I grew up with Jumanji being my favourite movie as a kid (and I can't even count how many times I've watched it.) I've also never watched a movie with him in it that I didn't like, I also feel like a little bit of my childhood was slipp
Train ride home from the big city 🌃🚂
First day at the Art Studio, mum was such a love to drop of some iced coffee at lunch 😍 back there again tomorrow. #programmes #courses #classes
Not gonna lie, but I met a mermaid here once. No joke. 🌊💁
And this bae has still been a little sick now and then, but she's much better than she was the last fee days so that's an improvement. 🐶
Diet? Haha, are those still a thing now?😋...😆...😭
My purple is fading, bro 😔
I'm wearing fancy pants today 😎
Every filter shares a new light #hola 😜
And the weather today in Melbourne is still crap ☔️
Pretty flowers in my backyard 🍃🌷
It is 12:12am and I am wide awake watching episodes of 2 broke girls and eating chocolate flakes because it's a Saturday night and I can do whatever I want apparently and act as stupid as I want so excuse the weirdo sorta typos 😘❤️
This bae has been sick for the past two days, I think she has a tummy virus or something 😿 poor baby, get well soon my little munchie-kins.
Thee queen bitch is here 🙌👑 move out of da way peasants 😛 #miley #wc
#throwback to 2 hair colours ago 💇
That time Kay got though the rubbish... She can't hide the fact she like it too 😾😾😾
Sticks and stones may brake my bones but chains and whips excite me 😏🌹
@GlambertKawa Yeah, its tough but I'm doing very well at it I guess you could say :) how about over there?
Amnesia was on the radio today, I was so happy on the ride home!
About an hours walk around and about, I should start going up to Mount Dandenong every two days again too :)
@GlambertKawa Aw, my little panda :)xo Can't wait for the day that will arrive!
@GlambertKawa Yeah but it won't be as bad as you think, and you're being paid to be there unlike school for where you're stuck going to lol.
Finally some relaxing time, I really need a foot massage but hell who the hell would give me one.
Walked for three hours to nowhere in particular, now I have a salad and a YouTube date so yeah.
@GlambertKawa Yeah I'm applying for a *part time job, gotta earn some cash cause that's what broke teens do around here.
@GlambertKawa I'm gonna start working again in the next few weeks, so yeah, it would be my treat :)
@GlambertKawa Oh I love travelling, and for having the trouble to coming over Australia, do me a favor, and let me buy the ticket for you!:)
@GlambertKawa Gosh, and I cant wait for you!!
@missjodarling No but I pretty much play anything even if I sucked at it haha, I'll check it out! Is it good so far? :)
Facebook games got me addicted bro.
Great, now I want a sundae.