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Hectic days 😓 should start using Twitter more often
Bebe Rexha and her music is fucking awesome, how did I just only discover her when she started working with Havana Brown?!
Debating on blowing all my money on candy or more movies hbu
Gloomy days call for reading novels and eating donuts in bed 🍩
Getting used to this snapchat thing, add me if you want; kayliegear
Bored as fuck and I wanna go home already, my phone can't take much longer gah.
@GlambertKawa I'll talk to you tonight a little later! Don't wanna get into that bad habit of not talking for weeks again.
I'm just doing some work on my computer whilst listening to horror audio stories on YouTube. At least it makes working more interesting.
@GlambertKawa I guess I was sorta born with it 💁
If my future boyf doesnt cry when i walk down the aisle im going to turn straight around and not say my vows
Retweeted by mickala
BBHMM has got to be the most explicit music video I've watched in a while but wow, Rihanna looking flawless as ever 💅
Can we just talk about how great of a friend I have? @GlambertKawa 💕
So yeah, another day spent at my boring household.
I'm just waiting for this fucking weather to get better. Like, I'm all game with "sweater weather" but I don't wanna walk around in the rain
At least I'm occupied with my laptop so it's actually not much different from any other night.
I cracked my neck stretching this afternoon and now I'm sore in bed.
Leftover pizza for breakfast... I'm not complaining 🍕
Homemade pizza and movies tonight 😍
Lush is the most awesome store I've come across in a long time like my gosh 😍o
I feel like eating cake for breakfast.
My old one was full of spam and perves.
made a new kik; kayliegear
Couldn't get out so much since the rain kept pouring unfortunately.
Decided to go for a drive in nowhere in particular 🌿�a5
Ate. Too. Much. 😪
The windows are all fogged up this morning, not sure if I want to go anywhere outside now 😳
Whenever you're having a day where you can't be bothered to do your makeup, just pull on some cool shades & you good.
4:30am and I'm like 👀
Having a Simpsons marathon tonight too, feeling my inner 10 year old self pop out 🙈
Having the first family cooked meal in a while cause we all want different things and shit. Finally decided something we all wanted 🎉😄
Lip allergy making a comeback again. It looks like really shitty lip liner but that's just my skin being a bitch.
Listening to scary stories on YouTube from a various amount of channels. My personal favourite is Mr. Nightmare 💀✌️
June feels like it's gonna be an 'okay' month I guess.
Coffee and garlic bread for breakfast. No one come near me for a kiss unless you want to taste garlic breath before I brush my teeth 💁
I fall asleep in the most awkward positions.
It's amazing how messy my room can get after a few days of cleaning it spotless smeh; 😕
Gonna head out for some breaky, or brunch at this point of the day. 😊
Face and makeup for today 💅Z
Sipping on some Gloria Jeans coffee 👌☕
Get some more liquid eyeliner even though I probably didn't need to but whatevs.
Ready to head out but my mums too busy on skype with people 👽
Well, I guess the hell part was irrelevant but you get the point.
Walking in maxi dress with a closed hoodie this morning... don't necessarily care about the weird looks because it's cold as hell outside.
Kinda soaked in dog fur now.
I seriously need some coffee right about now.
Early in the morning after having an already late night 💀

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