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Not sure if she says good morning or why did you wake me up sis. πŸ’©
Love is in the air especially around my new shirt 😍
So my dad drove me to the middle of no where just to get vegetables that he could have gotten from the supermarket near us but okay.
My nirvana shirt arrived today!! 😍
I just entered a @polyvore contest: What's on Your Wishlist? #polyvorewishlist #contestentry #contestentry...
I just entered a @polyvore contest: Last Minute Beauty Travel Kit #travelingbeauty #polyvoreStyle
I dare you to watch it in the dark way past midnight, haha that's what I did two nights ago when I didn't want to sleep πŸ’
I've also watched a shit load of Ghost Adventure episodes, and it is FANTASTIC.
OKay, so many days later and I say fuck the blonde I need some blue in my hair, oh and yes my icon looks really derpy haha.
This evening looks pretty dull, hopefully when the sunset kicks in it'll start glowing my windows like this again. πŸ’•
Let's try this again- good night and sleep tight, from me and my baby cakes πŸ’•
If you're not already you can go follow my tumblr, I post tropical and indie and follow similar blogs back πŸ’•
πŸ’© This was meant to be a selfie of my chilling in bed but I started going into a coughing fit and the camera cut off my face πŸ’©
Lip allergy kicking back up again like the son of a bitch lives there. So not happy.
πŸ† You know I love me some leopard prints πŸ†
I see pretty things ✨
Cold weather days be like;
Not so heavy in the makeup today, debating on going jogging later on but honestly think I'm gonna put it off till tomorrow perhaps. πŸ’€
Last night in my backyard πŸ’ž
Omfg, Elle. How do you look so good after being discharged from the hospital?? Glad to see your okay though, the world lost a hidden shiny star for a few days straight! πŸ’ž
No one does tear ducts better than Johanna, but nonetheless a perfect aspiration ✌️ also gonna ditch the eyelash extensions, because it's annoying with how I can only wear them once and then keep on buying.
My sleepy bubba 🌸✌️
Letters to Emerald πŸ’ž
She's probably chasing squirrels in her dream, why else would she sleep with her teeth out? πŸ’©
Morning snack, of course with one of my favourite fruits. πŸ‰ #watermelon
The Melbourne sky today at sun down! Can you believe this picture was actually taken in my backyard?? My new home is awesome! I can totally get better pics of sunsets now πŸ™ŠπŸ‘
"Well, this bitch been gone for a half hour so imma just sneak in her room, get comfortable and take over her bed like mother fuckin boss!" πŸ’©
I already see some approval on my allergy, at least my lips don't sting anymore πŸ’€
The Rhonna Design Apps defiantly make magic, better go download it yourself and start decorating yourself with imaginary flower bands πŸ™Š
Getting the best vibe in my new bedroom, I had to often take selfies behind my curtain to get full focus and something close to a good quality selfie, now with my non broken/shitty curtains i can pose wherever I want in my room and not worrying about the quality! πŸ‘
The frozen mango drink from @hungryjacksau is pure gold! πŸ‘Œ
Pretty much a lazy and sick morning in bed, hanging with my bud Kay and rewatching Hansel & Gretel "Witch Hunters" ✌️🍍
So now I absolutely wanna be a blondie again, which is why my icon is an old selfie of mine πŸ’©
Today is finally the day; #wednesday, moving and out we go πŸ™Š
Leaving everything for tomorrow because I honestly had a bad morning with things I'd rather not talk about, packed all things in my room anyway so I'm pretty okay to be free. #tuesday
Aw, so apparently a 100+ people were killed in Sri Lanka recently. That's where my mum is from so I honestly hope for the best πŸ™
Especially since I keep fucking doing it.
Today I've decided to not tape boxes up since I occasionally still need to get stuff out so it'll be annoying to keep making this mistake.
Moving in a few days and still so much packing to do πŸ™ˆ
I want to get rid of my jet black and go back to blue hair like in here, what you guys think?
🍍 Love this shirt I bought the other day and wore yesterday 🍍
🌸 relaxing 🌸
2014 has been a pretty shit and fucked up year for me tbh.
"Babe it's not you, it's me." Movies gotta be more original nowadays cause this saying is so old it was probably invented before evolution.