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I want to get rid of my jet black and go back to blue hair like in here, what you guys think?
🍍 Love this shirt I bought the other day and wore yesterday 🍍
🌸 relaxing 🌸
2014 has been a pretty shit and fucked up year for me tbh.
"Babe it's not you, it's me." Movies gotta be more original nowadays cause this saying is so old it was probably invented before evolution.
I need some more fake lashes, hate how mine are so naturally short- even WITH mascara 😐
Nah, he was a lil' angel.. spilled his entire bottle of milk for me to clean up but still a real angel 🙈👌
Today all I did was babysit and even the baby seemed to not wanna be with me. 💩
I feel like a real girly girl right now so I think I'll just chill back and pretend I totally didn't brag about those bikinis 😶
Summer needs to hurry the hell up because this seasons new bikinis are actually really cute 😍
🍍 Pineapple shirt �
🍍 Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?? 🍍
🌸 Babysitting 🌸
Coffee and biscuits.
When I lose my hair straightener its like Leonardo da Vinci losing his paintbrush midway through creating Mona Lisa.
I miss my morning lattes in the big city.
I'm really lacking on trying to go through an anti makeup day to give my face a break. I have some ugly face tho.
Holla ✌️
I need a nice bubble bath this afternoon, mostly because it's a nice way too eat cake and listen to music.
Breaking news; nobody gives a fuck.
Some bitches need to chill, fighting over something not important is just pathetic and humiliating. At least learn how to fight properly.
I got bruise pinch marks all up my arm from a fight earlier this morning -.-
Thanks for the opportunity! Had such a great time in class and meeting new people, 😊✌️
My artwork at the gallery, thanks to signal for letting me in on such an amazing project, glad to have…
Live photo of where I am now!Ready for the exhibition tonight for where my own artwork will be displaying! #Evolution
Haters who rely on your sadness to make their day better can go suck a dick.
Of course in my opinion, so please no fangirls debating on which of their and my idols are better :-)
Good to know my dad has some good music taste for back in my childhood to still be in love with the best kick ass girl band ever! :D
Listening to the Veronicas like I did back in 2005 when I was as little as 7, this band has been the longest one I've loved ever since!
Exhibition is on tonight! tbh I'm feeling a tad bit too tired to go but it has my artwork displaying so I gotta I guess, I'll tweet pics :)
Melbourne needs a sunset like this again 😍
Some people and their ability to read my mind makes me confused on whether I should appreciate them more or debate on throwing a brick at em
I feel like some ice cream cake for breakfast, because y'know imma gangster who don't follow the rules.
Yay for common sense..?
But then again after all the shit she had to put up with me, I'd say I should be owing her a ton tbh.
My mum totally owes me for this.
Not even 8am yet and I'm online looking through real estate market and waiting for a call from an agent.
Oh my gosh I've had this thing for far too long, I even have the soundtrack to Inception wtf.
So many songs I have on my iPod that I don't even listen to, I just deleted a Hannah Montana album although I adore Bangerz.
Just think; I can actually possibly walk to the biggest mall in the Southern Hemisphere! 💁 I'm gonna get wasted in Chadstone Shopping Centre
Going house shopping today, we wanna look for one in Chadstone 🙊
@GlambertKawa okay I got it! 😊now take your number off because you never know what creeps may take note of it!
Watching creepy Danger Dolan videos, I KNOW NO FEAR... Unless you throw a spider in my face, then that shit will scare me.. 😶
@GlambertKawa you know me too well, haha 👌
It's that time of the month again 😣 Stupid cramps and mood swings 😑
Been watching @ddlovato's music videos whilst going through my old closet, totally fell in love with them all over again!