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You are thriving in your creative element now and are eager to... More for Virgo
Starting my midterms at school next week. Zombie mode activated.
@FrankieJaxTKP awesome xD just talking to a teacher then my friends giving me a ride home
@FrankieJaxTKP I’ll be home soon ;D
Openly sharing your feelings today has a direct impact on your... More for Virgo
The intensity of your feelings begins to cool today, but this ... More for Virgo
@Advic3 so true lol mine expired xD
The world premiere of David Levy's new short film PLUG is starting soon!
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At the PLUG event at Gnomon. The short was awesome! The art at the gallery is great! #PLUGmovie
Met Dylan Cole tonight! What a tall guy and amazing artist haha
You would be quite content these days if people left you alone... More for Virgo
3D model for my room is coming along. This couch is probably the biggest pain in the ass
Although you think you know exactly what you want today, your ... More for Virgo
My roommate and and our friend is rapping and creating sick beats and rapping lol
It might seem as if you have been quietly planning forever, bu... More for Virgo
You could be feeling as if you are stuck in a corner with no c... More for Virgo
"what happened here was a miracle and i want you to fucking acknowledge that"
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Doing perspective drawings and watching pulp fiction with my roommates lol
You could become so consumed with your desire to acquire somet... More for Virgo
@XBLDrama more like sixteen hours lol
@XBLDrama I’ve been at school from 8-12 these past three weeks lol
Can I just please go home 😩
A potential 4th roommate has scheduled an appointment to meet me and my other roommates tomorrow and I’m like I have school from 8-7 lol
Since you typically have high expectations for yourself, you c... More for Virgo
The Uber app is awesome lol xD
Your sleep may have been a bit restless last night with the Mo... More for Virgo
You can't easily explain your behavior today because your acti... More for Virgo
@KaitlinWitcher My roommates do this to me😑
Can fruit just be black and white
Matching the focal length of a camera in Maya makes me want to punch a wall
The overwhelming uncertainty of your life could undermine your... More for Virgo
Two Door Cinema Club!!!
Ready for the Two Door Cinema Club concert! #SanFrancisco #FoxTheatre #TwoDoorCinemaClub #Concert
Took a midterm for my animation class, I think I did goof but I got a B on the actual animation.
You're tempted to hide out today, but reality may not be so fo... More for Virgo
I liked a @YouTube video Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise
@zZombified I believe it's King Piccolo because he becomes Piccolo when he fuzes with that namek to try and defeat frieza
@imhayzl Cats are harmless!!!
So much work needs to be done today, dang mid terms
@M40A3Hell CoD ghosts has an Alien slaying mode instead of Zombies
Keeping your agenda private today may seem like a good idea, b... More for Virgo
@DenialMFZ yeah I've been having a lot of fun, I made a lot of new friends that are in different majors instuff, just A LOT of work lol
They have wild Peacocks! #Peacocks #wild