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Two Door Cinema Club!!!
Ready for the Two Door Cinema Club concert! #SanFrancisco #FoxTheatre #TwoDoorCinemaClub #Concert
Took a midterm for my animation class, I think I did goof but I got a B on the actual animation.
You're tempted to hide out today, but reality may not be so fo... More for Virgo
I liked a @YouTube video Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise
@zZombified I believe it's King Piccolo because he becomes Piccolo when he fuzes with that namek to try and defeat frieza
@imhayzl Cats are harmless!!!
So much work needs to be done today, dang mid terms
@M40A3Hell CoD ghosts has an Alien slaying mode instead of Zombies
Keeping your agenda private today may seem like a good idea, b... More for Virgo
@DenialMFZ yeah I've been having a lot of fun, I made a lot of new friends that are in different majors instuff, just A LOT of work lol
They have wild Peacocks! #Peacocks #wild
The City of Ten thousand Buddhas
Your advanced organizational skills are needed to bail someone... More for Virgo
Had some awesome Vegan Sushi today :3
Mooreeee Red Woods!!!
An unresolved relationship issue is on your mind now that you'... More for Virgo
Trippy sealing!!! #stars #universe