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Doreen Edwardss
The best and fastest way to know you are dying is when you start googling your symptoms lol
Belasco lounge,,,,happening this weekend!!!!!
sleep is all over me when i really want to study!!!!!!!
That one person you #musttalkto,,,,,,,lollest
Gdnyt sweet pals,,,,sweet dreams from above,REM to say a word to God b4 sleeping.
RT @Toxikmusesi: Haha kwani ni loan ya mshwari.Nop ya NBK Lol
RT @Toxikmusesi: Haha we kaa RT @MusebeDoreen .lollest staki mtoto sahi.acha nkae kae,nkitaka atakuja.
RT @Toxikmusesi: Slow, at work. Mine ain't any better woke up in a lazy mood.
RT @Toxikmusesi: Haha ts alredy planned during ths mnth .lollest staki mtoto sahi.
Kumbe when one is iddle is when one gets tired most!!! # fact.
As a #Gemini you are easily bored by anything which is repetitive.
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Based on a psychological study, a crush only lasts for a maximum of 4 months. If it exceeds, you are already in love.
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For a moment I thought your mind is a garbage bin,,,# nothingmadesence!!!
#Gemini don't care if it's 1am, 2am 3am, or 4am. If you call and they care about you...they will answer.
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