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Muscle & Fitness
Yes, you can get a killer workout in close quarters.
Carve killer abs sitting or standing with this V-cut routine.
Let's start gaining! Here's a sample meal plan for anyone looking to pack on some muscle.
This is a workout guaranteed to bring the pain:
Looking for a program to achieve your mass goals? Want to enter to win $60k in prizes, too? We've got you covered:
Say good morning with these tips to correctly performing the good morning.
Are you ready to go beast mode this weekend? Here's the workout for you:
Craving a late-night snack? Eat guilt-free with this muscle-building snack recipe.
There's more to the lunge than you think. Lunge to new strength with these variations on the lunge.
Amp up your power surge for stronger lifts.
Eat these to help lessen the pain.
Bend this way for better results
Keep this mantra in mind when plowing through this routine.
Can't make it to the gym this weekend? You can still get in a great workout.
Ever try this technique for adding on more muscle mass?
Width matters...especially on the bench.
If there's one move you need to master it's this one.
Is your body built for performance beyond the gym and in the bedroom? Make these simple fixes.
Don't trust 'em if they're spouting this garbage .
You're forgetting these less common power moves. Get on them now.
Leg workouts. Our favorite. Get your puke bucket ready with this intense leg routine.
Hot: When your girlfriend can kick your ass, and you're OK with it. Here's how to keep up:
What does it take to become a fitness success story? Nick DiPietro can tell you.
Get the tools to build a new you delivered to your doorstep. See what's inside the September Jacked-In-a- Box.
The F-word. You hate it. But good news, you can stop fearing fat.
The best way to train through pain is to do this.
Muscle growth hit a wall? It's high time you used this technique.
There's still time to showcase these show-off muscles.
It's the only way you'll get through this workout.
See how this dieting approach can vault your body shredding results.
What's this best method for adding more muscle and strength? This one.
Fitness expert James Grage has answers to a ton of your workout questions:
Who will be in Vegas with us for the 2014 Olympia? We are ready for an awesome weekend.
@M_Ryan02: Thursday night! #riseup” Football time!!!!
Who's coming to the #Olympia expo tomorrow? COME TO THE cutler_nutrition booth #1319! I'll be there!!!!
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Want to torch fat fast? Grab some rope and get to work.
Elevate your 1RM to new heights.
No more excuses for missing your workouts.
Put away the bandana. This is the only Shredder you'll ever need to go up against:
Want super abs? Then superset.
To become a god, you have to eat like one. This is the meal plan The Rock relied on to become Hercules.
Are your pecs looking more like moobs? Get a rock-hard chest with these pro tips.
Here are some more gym rules you should be following:
Did you skip leg day this week? Make up for it with this brutal squat workout.
Start your day with all the flavor of this is a muscle-building shake.
You've never tried this unconventional upper body workout. Do it in the comfort of your own home today.
Heavy weight or high volume? Here's the answer for bigger shoulders.