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Muscle & Fitness
Get the hell out of your comfort zone if you're really committed to progress. Here's how:
Wrestling and bodybuilding have always gone hand-in-hand. We look at our favorite bodybuilders-turned-pro wrestlers.
Develop your upper pecs with these two chest-pumping workouts.
Hammer your back with 3 killer moves that's sure to get it growing.
Try this simple technique for expanding your sleeve circumference.
There's more than one way to carve out a shredded six-pack.
Keep things tense to keep your pecs growing.
Don't freak out your coworkers, and don't make these beginner mistakes.
Get a leg up on building bigger wheels and torching more fat.
Got what it takes to #reform your body and habits? This 90-day program from @TrinkFitness and @GNC is for you:
Hell yeah your arms can get bigger.
Pressed for time? You can still get in a solid workout. Here's how.
The may sound healthy, but these are foods you should avoid as much as possible.
A true test of strength. Dedicate the next four weeks to building a bigger, badder bench press with this program.
Are you ready to go hard this leg day? Grab your puke bucket and go for it!
Legs won't grow? You can conquer your genetics to pack some size onto your hams.
We're ready, are you? You'll need some serious motivation for this workout:
Which comes first? The cardio or the weights? We answer this eternal gym question.
We break down how to get the best protein powder for your money.
Are you overdoing the antioxidants? Are they messing with your gains? We've got the answer.
Get in the fast lane to growth with these pro tips.
Shoulder hurts when you bench? We've got the prescription you need.
You'll be making the same call after doing this workout.
Make sure you're getting plenty of the big 3 along and the right supps to fuel your workouts.
Are you winging each workout? Here's why it's vital to have a plan each time you hit the gym.
To lock out or not. Here's what the expert says.
Turn things upside down for sparking new delt growth.
Don't buy these myths when it comes to the king of leg moves.
Total body shredding as easy as 1, 2, 3.
Don't miss out on more muscle by overlooking this lifting technique.
Just finished your workout? Now do these for max. gains.
#Repost from @TheRock with repostapp --- Whatever your training method.. be an absolute relentless…
Dedicate the next two days to building the big, boulder biceps you've always wanted. No kidding.
To train for true strength and mass this bulking season, ensure these essential moves are in your workout. Are they?
You WON'T believe how long this guy had to hold a plank on his way to obliterating the world record. Just wow...
Here's a workout that'll get you a block-hard six-pack:
Conor McGregor put his fists where his mouth is and delivered on his promise to knock out Dustin Poirier.
Here's one good reason to get your ass up extra early for a workout. And once you're there:
Get The Rock's boulder shoulders.
Treat your tris to an all-out assault with these forgotten moves.
You're in your physical prime. Here's why it's so important to get in great shape.
Sooner or later you're gonna feel it. Here's what you'll want to do when that time comes.
Find the perfect balance for constructing boulder shoulders.
What's the best number of exercises to do per workout? We've got the answer.
Pair your healthy diet with these stomach shredding moves for some killer washboard abs.
Build balanced, thick triceps in no-time flat.
More muscle mass and crazy conditioning in just 15 minutes. Here's all you need.
It's Chest Day. Time to get to work.
There's no dispute. You'll need to do these to get more muscle.