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Muscle & Fitness
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High rep, low rep, full body, split--everyone has their idea of what works best. We combine the best in one program.
This move is a must for building a barn door back. Here's how to do its variations right.
Holy squat! Watch this Troy senior squat a superhuman 810 pounds.
What about you? If you're willing to lift some "heavy-ass" weight, we've got just the workout.
Ready to attack your delts. Check out five of our favorite techniques - and the mini-programs to go with them.
Crank up your metabolism to torch more fat. Start with these basic approaches.
Muscle & Fitness is celebrating 75 years! We take a trip down memory lane with 20 of our most iconic covers.
What's more important to you - gaining size or strength? Here are three methods to develop both.
Feed your noon snack attack with muscle-building fuel. These #healthysnacks will satisfy your cravings guilt-free.
Biceps not as big as you want? Correct these curling missteps and you'll be sportin' sleeve-busting guns in no time.
Take advantage of spring weather while sculpting a perfect summer six-pack with these no-equipment outdoor ab moves.
Destroy fat and get lean for T-shirt season with this M&F-approved tabata interval.
There's no easy way to burn fat and get ripped for beach season. Bust a fat-burning plateau with this diet fix.
Want to improve your bench press? This easy hack will have you pushing more weight in no time.
Amp up your cardio training without losing your muscle gains. Here's how.
Forget traditional set and rep schemes. Change things up and watch your strength gains skyrocket.
Get stacked to lose for the summer with this fat-shredding supplement combo.
Go ahead, cheat on your diet. But before you pick up that donut, learn how to cheat right.
Get in fighting shape and drop body fat with this intense conditioning workout.
Arnold Schwarzenegger celebrates Earth Day with a cause that's close to his heart.
Want a physique like this? Follow this champion's lead and you'll be on your way.
Switch up your shrug technique by replacing the barbell and dumbbells with this machine.
Have you got what it takes to join the 1000 lb. club? Here's what you'll need.
See how many reps you can get out of this brutal squat routine.
Calves still not turning to cows? Get 'em growing with these lower leg pounding exercises.