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Muscle & Fitness
Is this the workout LeBron used with his clean diet?
Just starting out? No sweat. Actually, scratch that. Lots of sweat.
What the Hulk looks like when he stops working out... Make sure this doesn't happen to you:
Another reason to watch UFC.
Go heavy to build some pant-spliiting, tree trunks's getting back up to crush finish off workouts like this.
Hit two major body parts with one efficient move.
The quickest path to shredded abs is...
These things aren't in the gym for show. Use them!
Add an upper deck to your shoulders.
Focus on this number for monster wheels.
If this won't get your guns growing, nothing will.
Stop being a slave to these four squatting "rules." Get the truth about how to squat for your needs.
Arm day getting too easy? Here's your solution.
The pizza, beer, and cake diet? We like the sound of that. But how does IIFYM really work?
Don't let her show you up! Here's a muscle-building squat program for you.
This is what you want for breakfast today.
It's late, you're hungry, now what?
Save some time on your wheel building workouts.
Here's how to hammer out some monster pythons.
Wipe on some washboard abs with this one move.
Fire on all cylinders each time you step up for a big lift.
Break out the stopwatch and give this muscle building technique a try.
Do 'em all to get the get the biggest bang for your workout buck.
Look good in a sweater this fall.
Expand your mind to expand your muscle.
Before he was the massive Dothraki leader, Jason Momoa was a lean young actor ready for his big break:
We don't know about you, but we're f&*ing hungry this week. Satisfy your iron hunger:
Take a load off next time you hit the gym.
Can't get to the gym this weekend? Grab a band a get to work.
Push your show-off muscles to the limit.
Check out @xoxrenee & @simona_carmel in their first comp! Amazing physiques
Burn the fat without the time-killing, traditional cardio.
Build your own work of art with this muscle chiseling program.
They make today's games even better.
Cause double-sized isn't enough.
Just because Summer is over, doesn't mean you can forget about these foods.
Jolt some life into your stale chest routine for greater growth.
Hit one side at a time for greater gains.
So nice, you'll do it twice.
If you are diligent with your diet, make sure you train your abs correctly to reap the rewards of your discipline.
You need to have a strong back for what life throws at you.
These tips are for very experienced lifters only. Be warned.
Satisfy those greasy-spoon cravings without undermining your progress.
The words "easy" and "workout" should never go together. Hard is where it's at.