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Aizat Amdan
Another fruitful visit, thank you Sabah.
Salam orang Sabah. Malam ni jgn lupa dengar @ERAFMSABAH jam 10. @MuhdAizatAmdan akan berborak bersama dgn DJ Kim. :)
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Selamat pagi Kota Kinabalu.. @MuhdAizatAmdan akan live on air di @suriafmsabah jam 8pagi hari ini.. Tune in guys!
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@iM4Ufm: #NowPlaying4U We'll be happy by @MuhdAizatAmdan & @ZeeAvi ”thumbs up @iM4Ufm.... Keep listening peeps!
It saddens me to see scenes like this. Sometimes I questioned myself, who are really the oppressors and the oppressed? We can change and I believe we can truly be the best of creatures. Let's make that change now, go out and pick up a piece of trash on the floor. Simple acts make huge impacts. We hu
Jumpa malam nnt orang-orang di Sipitang!
Believing everything we find online is rather immature. There is much lies being spread in a very appealing way. Learn to distinguish.
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Happy 57th Negaraku!
Aizat Amdan akan membuat persembahan di Pesta GATA pd 31 Aug 2014 di Sipitang Sabah. Datang la beramai ramai!
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Dptkan cd & merchs @MuhdAizatAmdan @AmirJahari @GoGerila @takaharasuiko @tonawarna di Festival GATA Sipitang 2014, Sipitang Sabah esok.
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IEMs and Avioms are crucial monitoring tool for musicians, make sure you have competent sound engineers behind the desk. #soundstuff
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Hai everyone, lets make random plans like a trip to Sipitang, Sabah today! WOHOOOooo
We are hiring. We urgently need 120 3D Animators & 30 2D Animators. Pls email to
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@MuhdAizatAmdan akan membuat persembahan di Festival Antarabangsa GATA Sipitang 2014 pd 31 Aug 201 di Sipitang Sabah…
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"Tenangkan Punggung Anda"! Single Seterusnya Dari Takahara Suiko aka The Venopian Solitude
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Censorship rendered the 'bontot' to oblivion. Kitorang dah hantar lagu pegi radio. Kalau nak try, request lagu 'Tenangkan', full title.
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Gambar lawa-kena post-hidup indah. Terima kasih @safuanshafie7
Tell-how BlackBerry device keeps you connected-less than 20 words-deadline-6thSept-cepatweh-!#StopMissingOut #BlackBerryMY
We get to hang & rockout. Upload a creative selfie with your BlackBerry device onto #StopMissingOut #BlackBerryMY
Sonang sket nak share.
Instead of assuming people are evil, lets assume they haven't acquired the knowledge or they're just lazy. Positive sket. Sket je.
Kalau bumi dah jadi kampung, masa depan dah jadi rumahtangga ye dak? #titleLaguRandom
Woah, agak random tapi interesting haha.…
Dengar lagu Warisan @MuhdAizatAmdan & Suki kat HotFM tadi..what a change..soothing & calm..their voice compliment each other..luv it..
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Happy birthday la couple yg tight sampai bday sama date @LinaMastura & @ruviyamin cepat2 la seal the deal!
I pray and hope, tonights gathering will uplift the spirit of everyone as mine has. Love one another for a better future. #MEDINA2014
As much as i love meeting and taking pics with everyone, i & you know its impossible to do it. Tq, UITM Lendu for tonight! #MEDINA2014
by @aizzatfadzil "Aizat Amdan dah sampai pai pai pai pai pai pai pai #MEDINA2014 #MH17 #GAZA #TRIBUTE" Dah pai pai pai pai
@MuhdAizatAmdan x dpt jmpe abg aizat. .. ingtkan nk selfie mlm nnty
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Jumpa malam ni warga UITM Lendu. #TributeToGaza
On the lookout for a band with KILLER songs. Send me your demos for a project I'm doing called #DirectAccess. I will record & produce FREE
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"To all Malaysians, welcome home." will have an entirely new and different meaning tomorrow. Al-Fatihah. #MH17 #BERKABUNG
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Pasti berjaya di @kge_studio
Kategori burung paling hensem dalam dunia jatuh kepada Hud-hud. Tanya sama itu hud-hud...lailailailailailailailailailai