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He gone make me quit in a min..
When you saw this dude doing a split in mid air Disney channel was about to drop a Bomb ass movie.
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Ever wonder how different your life would be if that one thing never happened?
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I don't gotta prove shit to anyone..
I don't want your passwords or your phone, I just want the truth whenever I ask you about something 💯
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If you " love " someone, then why tf you talking to someone else???
Yo booty soft, like bunny pussy
That's What I call a Booty Shoot😍😝😛😩💦👅 Lobs to timeline CLICK…
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where there is no struggle, there is no strength
@OfficialKingDre: when you getting dressed but you hear pandora playing your song”😂😭😭OMFG THIS @mufasabaebae
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I feel terrible 😭 I'm such a ass 😂
If stress was a drug, I would be high as fuck.
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Cuffed🔒 or not🔓' if I invested my time⌚& feelings into you😏❤.. It's just certain shit you don't do out of respect✊💯
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Chobot game tonight 😭 hopefully with@SelBREEZY000
Too young to be stressin over unnecessary bullshit
when i peep some shit i won't say a word about it , just know i know .
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One day i hope to have that flawless skin and "perfect" body
I peep shit 👀 and play blind 😎 I hear shit 👂 but act deaf I know shit 💭 and pretend clueless 😶 Don't ever think I don't know nothing💯
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Football game this saturday, and dance next saturday ;P
You'll never be on my level in life. You spend ya money on drugs, I spend mine on education.
Lord give me a sign I promise I'll do the rest🙌
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Why does bad shit always have to happen to me? .-.
If my mom died tomorrow I wouldn't give two shits
Fuck bitches, get money, bird game