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Mothafuckas can pen point every flaw about you but when it comes to them the pen stop WORKIN all of a sudden.
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I don't have to tell you shit. Who are you!???
When you know exactly who you want...
Once You Get Attached To Someone 😩👫💍😈😻 , Its Soooo Hard To Break Away From Them ..😁🙈but nobody really wants too,cause they make you happy😻💑🔒
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I saw you.. 😳 i wanted you.. 😱 i got you.. 😬 i liked you.. 👫 i loved you.. 💏 now i ain't losing you.. 💑🔐🔑👌"
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Selnasty birthday is saturday (: teehee
My grades are lookin real good!
i care too much but dont give a fuck at the same time
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Obvious that you don't give 2 shits about me 😂😂✌️
Only one person can have me go from this 😍😘 to this 😩😰😔 then this 😤😡😒 And be right back to this 💏💋😘😍💋💘❤️👅💦💑
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Making my christmas list el oh el
Finally gonna get my permit lmao
Feels good to know that someone's there for you ☺️
Doesn't take that much to get into a HBCU😂
when someone who fucked you over texts you like nothing happened
Retweeted by ➰ƳɛℓℓσωMɛℓℓσω➰
I don't even know anymore 😒
Only people who can make me happy when I'm feeling down >> #tbt about a week ago @airamp00 @mufasabae 😂😭�
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Girls look at other girl's asses more than guys do tbh😂
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Hunger kills more than Ebola but it's not considered a significant problem since rich people can't die of it.
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This is gonna end tomorrow 👌👏
Something's coming (: just wait 😏
If we're together 👫💏 We gon act silly 😜😂😋 We gon act freaky👅💦🐱 We gon be loyal ✊💯🔐 We gon be hated 😒👥😱 WE gon be US 😘💯💏💑💍
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You can say what tf you want to 😂👏 if you keep talkin shit about me then you must love me! 💁💁💁 my name stay in ya mouth👏👏💁