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The Hunger Games: Meowkingjay. @midnight #CatMovies
Okay, bye baseball! It's almost @midnight EAST COAST! So tonight's Hashtag War is #CatMovies! Play now & while u watch the show!
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Better call EVERYONE...@mrbobodenkirk (AKA one of our favourite humans ever) is on #Conan tonight! 12:30E/9:30P, Canada.
It's a @brokenlizard takeover on @midnight! A new episode with @jaychandrasekha @HeffernanRules and @SteveLemme starts in an hour.
Loo loo loo… use this stencil to carve your very own Butters pumpkin!
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SHOCK AND OUTRAGE. #Drones @SouthPark
The hobby of flying drones is new and exciting, how can you not be into it? #Drones #SouthPark #TheMagicBush
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"I am drone hobby enthusiast. I would never violate the drone hobbyist code of conduct." #SouthPark
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"Like we're not going to tell Kenny we have a f***** drone!" #SouthPark
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Whoa. #Drones on @SouthPark! This is a game changer.
The new South Park episode starts right now!
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#FeelinGoodOnAWednesday...RT if you're watching new @SouthPark with us in a half-hour!
@Much: Hear @TPAIN WITHOUT auto-tune:” bruh, I've been saying how good he is without auto tune and no one listens!
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#TreehouseOfHorror on right now! Happy b-day to @TheSimpsons' Dan Castellaneta - the voice behind the legend.
Hear @TPAIN WITHOUT auto-tune:
“We can spy on everyone!” Watch Cartman and Butters go drone crazy in tonight’s brand new #SouthPark.
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We're so excited to be nominated for @LogoTV's #NEWNOWNEXT awards! You can vote right here bee tee dubs
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TONIGHT @midnight's got Super Troopers @jaychandrasekha, @HeffernanRules & @SteveLemme! The exclamation point means we just peed a little!
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New @SouthPark with Butters, Cartman and a drone at 10E/7P. Preview:
@TheRealSonReal + Jay Z + Biggie + Dre & Eminem & now Tupac "I Aint Mad At Cha" #ThankYou @Much
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Thanks to @TheRealSonReal for his picks! Here's the full list:… (Finishing the hour with some hip hop classics, BTW.)
#NowPlaying 'Forgot About Dre' on our @TheRealSonReal playlist! (Fact: SonReal helped performed this one at our #MMVA after party.)
#nowplaying on @Much "I'd Do Anything For Love But I Won't Do That" - @RealMeatLoaf (ACTUALLY!!) #CuratedBySonReal @TheRealSonReal
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Two words: Meat. Loaf. RT @TheRealSonReal Everything playing on @Much right now was curated by ME! Watch it. #Preach
@Much @TheRealSonReal If he picked all his own music that'd be honestly so amazing! Just can't get enough of the guy! 👍�#SonRealTakeoverer
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Kicking off a playlist (in 5min) handpicked by @TheRealSonReal with his must-see new video for #Preach! Tune in to see everywhere HE go.
Watch the magical reunion between #Conan and Max Weinberg (and a performance by @beck):…
Canada! The new album 'Heartstrings' by @itsmeleighton is on iTunes now - stream it in full here:… xoxo
Curated #Videoflow by @TheRealSonReal tonight! See his picks (including @michaeljackson @drdre and more) at 6E/3P.
Daniel received some SUPER SCARY tweets last week - watch his priceless reactions on Tosh.0 here:… #Tosh
Finally! After 2 weeks of nothingness, #SouthPark returns with a new episode tonight! @Much
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At 3pm PST, #Preach will premiere on @Much followed by a full hour of music videos I CHOSE, to play! Tune in!!
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Happy birthday Tove Lo! 🎂 Watch her intvw w/ And this
Tonight's guests on #Conan (12:30E/9:30P) are @aplusk (he invented Twitter), @Krystenritter (she's a B) and music from @beck (not a winner.)
Bram Stocks App's Dracula #MillennialMonsters @midnight
Almost @midnight EAST COAST! Tonight's Hashtag War? #MillennialMonsters! Play now & while u watch our sweet ass show!
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Tonight on @midnight, @DougBenson makes his 12th appearance on the show! One more and it'll be a BAKED DOZEN (zing!)
"What does a scallop look like...when it's alive?" - @danieltosh (This is a good question and we don't have an answer.) #Tosh
See if your scary tweets end up on a new episode of #Tosh, on right now! #TrickOrTweet #ItsAPun #GetIt
Can Daniel survive in the wilderness naked and afraid? Find out tonight on an all-new #Tosh.
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Instagram's not working right now, so you'll just have to imagine the food and cats for a few minutes. #StayStrong
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Your homework before new #Tosh at 10E/7P - watch Max fall out of his kayak and try not to laugh:… #WebRedemption