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Amanda Anis
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You can't take it all these faces never keeping it real, I know exactly how you feel🎵
Bantu like link ini yahw… makasih^^ — Key
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Watch your 👀 dude.
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I'm single because... • I already have food • People are confusing as heck • I'm never good enough • The person I like, never likes me back
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Mandaa,Followback yaww :D — Sudaah:3
Writing a song about a girl I hardly know... I feel like it's gonna be a good one ❤️
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Apa yang ada di pikiran Anda? — Ada yg mau nraktir?
Just wondering who s that be.
Search on google images "quotes about bitch" and the whole pictures are totally you.👎
Berapa nomor keberuntunganmu? — 2 mungkin
when u sneeze in front of ur pet and they look at u like you’ve just offended their great ancestors
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Pria melupakan tetapi tidak pernah memaafkan. Sedangkan Wanita memaafkan tetapi tidak pernah melupakan.
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Salah. Selalu salah.
Andai lamanya idup bisa milih. Andai.