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PSST! We've got a present for you. IT'S THE BEST BITS OF LAST NIGHT'S EP! Aren't we lovely?
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SEX ADVICE ALERT!!! Reporting from the shag pad, here's the low down on their favourite room:
OI-OI! Here's @HolyMoly's verdict on ep six! (Warning: There's a lot of talk about 'dipping'.)
This week's ep saw new lad Kyle put an end to Holly's sassy streak. Here's the story so far:
"One person’s frog is another person’s prince," says Vicky, wishing ex Ricci "luck" in love:
As @Marniegshore celebrates her one year Geordieversary, we check out her wardrobe:
WHEY AYE! Listen to all the BANGING CHOONS from the latest ep of Geordie Shore right here:
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HA HA! Find out who Aaron would neck: Gaz or Aaron? And what kinky sex act he'd be up for:
OMG! Marnie likes Aaron now? Sassy Holly's no more? Get all the goss from the diary room:
RT if you're still BUZZIN' over #GeordieShore last night! Catch up on the best bits here:
Missed last night's Geordie Shore? Nae bother, pet. Here are the Top 10 Moments from ep 6!
Charlotte with straws in her hair is so funny hahaha #GeordieShore
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Already can't wait for next weeks Geordie shore 😂💁#GeordieShoreore
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AARON & MARNIE! HOLLY & KYLE! Get the latest on all the DRAMA direct from the diary room!
SOOO… Everyone havin’ fun in Iceland then?! #GeordieShore
Who’s BUZZIN’ for the Geordies to hit ICELAND?! TOON TAKEOVER! RT!
.@Marniegshore meeting @GazGShore’s Grandad… WELL! This is all a little bit awkward, isn’t it?! #GeordieShore
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