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Terry McMillan
bookswriting 249,885 followers
I wish potato chips weren't so tasty.
Some things, including people, outlive their usefulness.
I love Trick or Treaters.
I need to change this picture since it's fall. I gave that dress to a young lady at the resort in Jamaica.
I don't know why folks like sandwiches made out of hard, crunchy, sour dough bread, especially when you have to open 10" for a bite!
For Halloween I'm going to buy myself a whole new outfit, including shoes, and when asked who I am I'll say, "Looking Good!"
You can learn almost anything in a book.
Smile at an older person when passing them on the sidewalk. Such as myself!
When you bend over backwards for the same folks, you're the one who usually falls.
Spend quality time with your children so they grow up to become quality adults.
It's a shame that ignorant people don't know they're ignorant. And most of them can't spell.
Life is a song, so sing it. Or, at least hum.
I have been criticized for encouraging people to vote. This is why ignorance is so expensive.
Have a sensational, sensual, salivating Saturday everybody. Hum if you don't feel like singing it. ;-)
Good to be home. Now. For laundry. My drug of choice today.
50 million votes can change lives. Just like it does on American Idol and some of those other ridiculous shows on TV.
Some people are too ignorant to understand that voting gives you power.
Some folks make excuses for everything they do in order to make themselves feel better. It almost always backfires.
People who are apathetic have no idea of their power to change that.
You don't need to look good to vote.
If you can take the time to rummage through a sale to find a pair of Louboutins or Michael Kors or etc etc & don't vote: ignorant.
I have no respect for people who don't vote. Unless they live in a state where the right has been snatched from them.
I'm excited about voting. Anyone who doesn't vote shouldn't complain when new rights are taken away for us.
I think guns are phallic for some men. Too bad water pistols don't do it for them.
When you're asleep and there's a warm body next to you, the first thing you do if you hear a burglar, is touch them. Stay right here. Duh.
I wonder what Oscar Pistorious is doing? His running days are over. He didn't have me fooled. Not for one minute.
I wonder how George Zimmerman sleeps at night. Probably with help.
I believe folks who go on these shooting sprees aren't crazy. Just the opposite. This includes police.
The internet is no substitute for parental love.
Pay closer attention to your children.
I'm so tired of people who feel omnipotent and yet so angry they can just arbitrarily go on shooting sprees. No regard for human life. Sad.
Home. But deep into the lives of people I invented to the point they not only feel real, but their problems are my problems. #amwriting
Where I'm writing. Sometimes you have to move in order to be still. (Negril, Jamaica)
If Democrats lose the Senate, it'll be 1959 all over again in America.
If Democrats lose the Senate, I might stay in Jamaica!!!
21 days to election day! My ballot is being fedexed to me here in Jamaica.I write. I swim. I write. I nap. Progress. #amwriting PLEASE VOTE!
Have a great October everybody. Trick or Treat. Be somebody's lollipop!
Don't ever water it down.
I would rather add up to something than end up being a minus.
Everything we do is cumulative.
Taking a baby step is better than taking no step at all.
There is a reason why we need vacations.
It's downright pathetic when ignorant people think they can outsmart and outwit you. Some we know personally.
Do what you can. Don't worry about what you can't.
There are many reasons why progress is so slow. Think of one.
Throw your hands up in the air when you're dancing. Not about your life.
We have more power than we think. Some of us just don't use it. And they're the ones who whine the most and the loudest.
Negativity has a lot to do with why so many of us live like we're in quicksand.