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Terry McMillan
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Please don't forget about me. I will continue to wish nothing but the best for all of you during my absence. Thrive. And kick ass!
Will be off Twitter until late September. No Internet where I'll be sequestering from the real world in order to create my own. #amwriting
I have the utmost respect for Senator Bernie Sanders. He's an Independent. Especially in his thinking. Hallelujah.
And the beat goes on. Goodnight all. Sleep like a baby after a warm bath. Dream in yellow.
There are a lot of people who know they're wrong and what they believe in is hypocritical but they prefer to subscribe to it anyway.
You can't be understood if you're trying to explain why you're angry when you're up against an infantry of armed police officers.
I am not going to miss David Gregory on Meet the Press. #DavidGregorysNextJob
The mayor (lower case) of Ferguson must be a Republican if he thinks the police officers have been doing a good job handling this.
Gobble. Gobble. I smell lunch. Have a thoughtful and thankful afternoon everybody. Find something to ywist and shout about.
I'll be glad when race doesn't matter.
I need a nap. I'm aching.
If you're black and you hurt or kill or harm another black person, that's not only racist but a form of self-hatred. Malcolm & Martin knew.
There are black racists, too. No doubt about it. Sad, too.
As if we're too stupid to see the truth.
Racist hate admitting they're racist. Like sociopaths, they know how turn it around so that the victims are the guilty ones.
Racism is still a cancer in America.
Missouri is a red state, so nothing they do surprises me.
When the KKK marched and protested did they get teargassed?
I'm still haunted by 2013 police killing of 13-year-old #AndyLopez in Cali. He was walking with a toy gun. No…
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What about the people who have health issues? What about their reaction to the teargas? This ain't Syria.
The police want someone to get really pissed off. They're thinking: "Go ahead. Make our day." This ain't Hollywood.
And the police who shot and killed Michael Brown is on administrative paid leave? For doing a good deed or what? Sick.
The police in Ferguson seem as if they're itching to shoot more than teargas. Those guns make something in their pants grow.
There is no drug that intoxicates you as long as love does.
A novel is a continuous dream on paper.
Have a wicked Wednesday evening everybody. Woo someone. Or. Be wooed. Just make sure it's not memorex!
"Because I Followed Your Lead" is another one I've dropped. But I like it. Anybody can have it. For like a dollar! :-)
Remember, I write fiction. Which means I lie for a living. But. With the hope that you, the reader, believe it, enough to identify.
I'm not keeping that title for anything. Titles are powerful and suggest or imply what may be obvious, but then again, maybe not.
"Answer the Damn Phone!" Thought that would be a good chapter title. But changed my mind.
Have a tender Tuesday tonight Tweeters. Whisper something.
It's taco Tuesday. But I'm having salmon.
Almost anyone can be replaced. Except parents and children.
Don't let anyone talk you into thinking you can't live without them. Hell yeah you can.
You should know you're loving the wrong person when they make you feel bad more than they make you feel good.
Don't ever give up on your heart. As corny as that sounds.
Forever can be short.
It is difficult to accept that someone you thought would be in your life forever is no longer in it.
It is hard to describe what it feels like when you stop loving someone.
I'm also not a black man, whom some police seem to enjoy killing.
A policeman stopped me for no reason because I was driving a Range Rover. I told him I was going to report him. He changed his mind.
For some police officers, the badge and those guns makes them feel omnipotent. But they're just evil. Which makes them what?
Too many police get away with murder.