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Ms. Mehgan Sapphire
One thing I when nothing looks or feels like Sapphire-wear lol #radiodivaprobs
New sapphire look coming soon...
@MsRadioSapphire Exactly! Enjoy your long weekend! You are amazing producer and host of very informative show!
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Thank god for the long weekend...oh the stories I will have next week!!! Remember #SapphiresEarplay returns 9/8!!!
"Sexy noises turn me on and on, Talk to me and you can't go wrong"~#SaltNPepa
@TheSingleLife @yanirajohnson @MsRadioSapphire you all are crazy! ms sapphire how do you put up with all of that? LMAO! love yanira laugh
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Because a radio diva doesn't know when to stop working...I'll make it sexy by candlelight #radiolife
Follow my #chocolateradio sisters @GabbyDoll3 @CandiDoll3 and of course @Chocolateradio2 to be updated on all things ChocolateRadio offers
Hey Hey Chocolate Radio Untapped will be back next week on Thursday at 7pst. #Getaddicted #chocolateradio
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@MsRadioSapphire hey thanks for the follow enjoy you on vivid radio and chocolate radio too.
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I'm not ashamed of my job nor ashamed of my show content...doesn't make me a pervert. Just means I help aide your bedroom skills 😜 #radiolife #vividradio #chocolateradio #producersapphire #msradiosapphire #safesex
My lazy look today @VividRadioSXM who's ready for fun content from our favorite girls?!? #vividradio
Another glass of wine #BGC12Reunion #PLL #sisterhoodofhiphop please that's all i need
Just throwing this out there, I think it would be cool if @MsRadioSapphire had @wadeb904 on her show "Sapphire's Earplay"
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Men are fucking lucky their sexy parts don't go at war every month.... #ladyprobs
I know I know but I swear it was worth the wait!!! Budget Sex is here~#SapphiresEarplay…
Missed the fun? Have no fear #SapphiresEarplay is now available for your eargasmic pleasure
Hope y'all enjoyed the sexy antics as always!!! Xoxo
Taking your calls next 661-312-8580 ( @MsRadioSapphire live at
Coming up some tips for you men..."How to get her to trim..." ( @MsRadioSapphire live at
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5 mins!!! Come join me now in the chat xoxox #SapphiresEarplay ( @MsRadioSapphire live at
5 mins!!! Come join me now in the chat xoxox #SapphiresEarplay ( @MsRadioSapphire live at
Y'all ready for an Eargasm?!? #sapphiresearplay coming up next "The Hairy Tip" is the game come and play 9pm PST…
Textationships? Dang @nyomibanxxx taking it to that level!!! (live at
Happy National Kiss & Make Up day!!! Hoping to make up with @dazelleyvette tonight ahahaha ;-) @nyomibanxxx let's make this happen!!!
All my chocolate followers tune in tonight for Ladies Night on @ChocolateXM103 @nyomibanxxx @dazelleyvette @MsRadioSapphire at 5pst#addicted
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Tune in today for Sapphire's Ear play on @ChocolateXM103 get addicted to Chocolate Radio and the Chocolate DOLLS#GabbyDoll @MsRadioSapphire
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Not enough wine in my system to process what happened #TrueToTheEnd #TrueBlood time for #VMA2014 fuckery
💉🍷💀True Blood you've given me bloody life every summer Sunday! #vampirewine #fiftyshadeswine #earlstevensmangomoacato #trueblood #hbo #byebyetb
I don't wanna say to @TrueBloodHBO bye bye #vampiresundays sorry #VMAs this is on HIGH priority
So I guess hair is back? And condom mania!!! Tune in tomorrow night 9pm PST @ChocolateXM103 #chocolateradio #getaddicted
🙌 #oneansonly #100purecrazy there's only one MsRadioSapphire and that's me all the others ain't shit.
@MsRadioSapphire @ChocolateXM103 Just finished listening to your EarPlay from this past monday, KICK ASS AS ALWAYS RADIO SIS!!
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