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"Take a moment to enjoy the meanwhile..take some time and listen to stories found within the cracks of a comfortable and expected routine."
down payments on karma.
sometimes i wish luke james was still luke boyd. #writersthatcansing
kamille leai in @SatisfactionUSA.........yes.
everyone has something they want to quit.. RT @Quitthat Quit That is now live on the iOS App Store. Check it out!
aim with your heart, not your eyes.
Sometimes I just want a rush.
i feel like people's handwriting says a lot about them.
The redesigned VSCO® Journal. Streamlined & simplified.
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get out of that comfort zone of yours.
4 continents in one year. not bad.
🙌 RT@AristotleBAMM I shot vids 4 NaS, designed tea bottles for Jay x Mariah & fed over 2k hungry NYrs w/ no investor or backing.#BYANYMEANSS
Rare. 🔥 #vscocam #tbt
My trainer is keepin it all the way real today. Putting me in check 😓
Tower of Babel. And a lot of biz just being left out on the table.
She's ready. 🍂 #vscocam #tbt
tell me some good instagram accounts to follow..
10 signs you were born to be an entrepreneur
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20 hour work days. that can't be healthy. i'm sorry, body.
email etiquette.
get me outta here!!
Technology should be designed to create more time and space for human beings to do what we do best, not to spend more time with technology.
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i woulda been found out too easily. tats would give me away.
no one would of known that was jill if her face didn't show. she got (arguably) unlucky.
Counting down the days..can't wait to get back. #ExploreIndia #vscocam
You're never "missing out" when you're spending time getting your sh*t together. The mall, parties, club, etc. will ALWAYS be there.
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Understand that you are your own gas pedal & brake in this life, but be smart enough to know what hanging w/lazy, aimless people will do.
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swear i'll make it worth it.
bae. RT @Forbes Mariska Hargitay remains the second-highest earning television actress:
really awesome. RT @MassAppeal Professor Teaches Course Centered Around @kendricklamar's "Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City" |
Designers Can Now Access Over 40k Patterns and Textiles with The Textile Hive at Digitally
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Hate getting passport photos taken.
After the rain, the sun shines down a brighter day. #vscocam
Clouds are too cool. #vscocam
It's so hard to get 8 full hours of sleep each night.
songwriters are underrated, period. but many are reaching for the spotlight as headliner artists. focus on your own shine.
Getting your temples rubbed to the melody of the rain >
Frame of mind. #vscocam
Stars aligning and multiplying.
Metaphors for life everywhere.
Sometime it's good to just forget about whatever it is you're doing in the moment and be thankful. #vscocam #vsco
Getting a little better every day.
ha! i believe it. RT @BehanceTeam @SoulfulShea We can only hope to slow him down.
Let us collectively refuse to share any photo/video intentionally released by ISIS for propaganda. #ISISmediaBlackout
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