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Megan Soffer
can't expect results from the work you're not doing.
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Tonight's cadence: lightening and thunder, accompanied by rain tap dancing on the window pane.
"When we were children, we used to think that when we grew up, we would no longer be vulnerable. But to grow up is to accept vulnerability. To be alive is to be vulnerable." - Madeleine L'Engle #mayaandava
What are you grateful for?
The wise know all the whys, and make you find the hows on your own.
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Sometimes you just gotta reach out and grab what you want, even when they tell you not to.
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Wherever the wind takes me.. #VSCOcam
"Love is not selective, desire is selective. In love, there are no strangers." #LoveWins #WHP🌈
"Love is not selective, desire is selective. In love, there are no strangers." #LoveWins πŸ’™
The little things are the big things.
Notice Barack was able to deliver speeches on gay right and race within hours? Proving you don't have to support 1 cause over the other.
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Watching people us #applepay at the airport...People are going to go into crazy debt.
Photo: It’s not that easy to get out of my head..guess that’s a good thing when you want something so bad....
It's not that easy to get out of my head..guess that's a good thing when you want something so bad. #VSCOcam
Don't forget that obstacles are opportunities. #mayaandava
#Chicago is gloomy, but breakfast is glorious. Good morning. #VSCOcam
Been thinking DC has been way too hot this summer...shouldn't be complaining. Chicago, you are cold and gloomy. ☁️
Raise your paw if you're ready for the weekend already. ☝🏻️🐾
Someone you know isn't rooting for you, while someone you don't even know IS. Keep grinding !
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Slept like a baby. Thank you @thompsonhotels. #VSCOcam
sometimes it's about being in the right place at the right time, but it's always about the preparation to seize an opportunity.
Art is not dead. #VSCOcam
I want it. Going to get it.
Everyday you create the life you live, either by what you choose to do or what you choose to put off.
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Taylor, please fix the following: 1. Racist police officers 2. Legalizing gay marriage 3. End the 'Taken' franchise (it's absurd)
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Smooth last minute booking with @HiltonWash. Room upgrade ftw. Thanks Merisa!
Yes. "Yes" to all the adventures; "yes" to all the uncertainties, to all the chances. "Yes" because I've learned that when you go out in search of adventure, most of the time you don't find exactly what you were looking for or accomplish all that you initially intended to. But in traveling, you find
Happy #FathersDay to all the male figures that are guiding the next generations, and to all of the…
DC has suddenly turned into a rainforest. Every day like clockwork. 😣 #VSCOcam
Wet. πŸ” #VSCOcam #WHPlowaltitude
Universe, I want to go to France, Czech and Italy this fall. Work with me, I'll work for you. Yours truly.
A lot of people would rather you be agreeable than right. F that.
Thankful for the people and conversations that help me recharge.
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Mood. #VSCOcam
also, wow at #MumbaiRains. the past couple of times i went there, water felt like a prized possession.
the rain is pounding so hard on the windows. rhythm.
πŸ„πŸ½ #outdoorwomen
Crazy how adrenaline makes you feel everything and nothing at the same time.
Art continues to remind us that human beings still matter in a world where money talks the loudest, and computers try to know all about us.
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πŸ‘… #gopro
realizing you're in charge of your own happiness changes everything.
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You ever get so mad you just go numb?
Those that get it tend to take risks. Those that are learning tend to watch and ask questions. Those that are stuck sit around and talk.
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