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There's a Pendleton store at the pdx airport 😍
As soon as August hits summer is over to me. The summer needs to slow down, the winter kind of went on for 9 months.
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need a punching bag. or to borrow someone's face.
sometimes you just have to say FUCK IT and lay the truth on people heavy.
She can, too. #vscocam
I can stand it. #vscocam
"I write songs because I know they'll beat longer than my heart will."
A summer storm is coming :)
You don't need an excuse. #justgoshoot
you need + people around you that will ask you the hard questions. the ones you've been avoiding, or maybe never even thought of.
Kindness Is So Sexy In A Woman.
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Brain food. #vscocam
stupid sleeping pattern.
can't wait to hit the west coast this week :)
Good vibes & supportive people..
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"Your art is like a muscle, and you gotta work it if u wanna get ripped."
Like wildflowers; you must allow yourself to grow in all the places that people thought you never would. -E.V. #vscocam
people love to knock on other people's hustle when their own isn't workin out so well...ok, do ya thing...
i am me. hate it or love it.
If you want it, take it.