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Megan Soffer
@sanfrancisco hills = legs and booty on πŸ”₯ Might as well enjoy the view from the top. #mosaicsteps #onlyinsf
#whpmyoasis πŸ’™
Demonstration better than conversation.
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Wild and f r e e. The dogs in @sanfrancisco are some of the happiest I've ever seen; #dogfriendly city is an understatement. Today I got to watch some pups chase each other along the beach and swim at Crissy Field. I can't wait to bring @mayaandava here. #onlyinsf
My mac is finally like, "listen.....". Currently deleting 142,000+ files 😩
2 years ago I ran the half marathon over this bridge. This morning I rode by bike over the same path to Sausalito. @sanfrancisco, I like you. #onlyinsf
Don't let yourself talk you out of doing the things that you want to do.
Float like a butterfly... Also, loving the update. Good work, @instagram!
"Yeah man, it's tough. When you have the time you don't have money; when you have money it's hard to find the time."
Thanks for having us, @twitter! And for the chicken and waffles. #engage
Set expectations with your C-suite about demand gen. A funnel has to happen between a tweet to your consumers and conversion. #engage
The average number of connected devices per user in the U.S. is 4. It's projected that this number will increase to 9 by 2018. #engage
70% of business buyers watch video in their path to purchase. #engage #twitterforb2b
B2B tweets give a 38% lift in the likelihood of users to visit a B2B website. Mobile exposure = greater lift. #engage #TwitterForB2B
44% of biz buyers use a #mobile device while researching a business purchase. #engage #TwitterForB2B
Ratio of mobile web use vs mobile app use --> 14% vs 86%. #engage #TwitterForB2B
238 days, 247 mass shootings. America needs to WAKE UP to the realities of our gun addiction. (pic via @seancarasso)
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Coming soon: a "black box" environment where extracted "outside in, inside out" data will be used to positively impact lives. #engage
Someone needs to team up with IBM to figure out how we stop the Kardashians... Using @twitter data, of course #engage
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#socialmedia as a platform doesn't get the credit it deserves, but "outside in, inside out" data is impacting how we all live. #engage
.@twitter and @IBM deliver local intelligence based on regional indicators. "Outside in, inside out" data used to predict trends. #engage
.@twitter has helped monitor and surface conversations around the spread of health concerns like #Ebola and food borne illnesses. #engage
"@twitter enables a better understanding of the pulse of the planet and marketing trends to improve biz decisions." -@jasonbreed #engage
On average, consumers expect to receive a response to their inquiries on social media within an hour - businesses must act quickly. #engage
Be fact-based. Use #socialmedia and external data to help your business learn more, do more, and act more quickly. #engage
B2C2B = Business to Consumer to Business. Mobile is largely driving this evolving business model. #engage
#TwitterforB2B Consumers want to buy software the same way they buy consumer goods -- why #mobile is becoming so important. #engage
The B2B ecosystem is changing ($1.2 Trillion/yr). Was top-down; is now bottom-up. #engage
#Socialmedia is an opportunity to create easily digestible and hyper-relevant content for your target audience. Be seamless; #engage.
Don't look for direct ROI from leadgen at tradeshows. Leverage @twitter to optimize and humanize interactions with the customer. #engage
Branding and awareness isn't a defensible line item in budgets anymore. Twitter = de facto channel to nurture relevant content. #engage
#TwitterForB2B Think about the customer first (duh!) Where do they come from? What do they actually want to consume? #engage
Use @twitter to amplify voice, messaging and storylines, and to provide clarity, information and community. #engage
.@twitter is a vital tool when purposed for/during events. It bridges the gap between brands & people - and eliminates booth babes 😜#engagee
Purchase flow doesn't happen through text. SHOW your product or service through visuals that #engage your target audience. #TwitterForB2B
On average, people check their phones 115 times per day (or about 15x's per hour). #Engage
Good morning πŸ’™ #riseandgrind
The Bay is Bae. #onlyinsf
So much cultural fusion in #sanfran! I love it!
Hello, #SanFran. You are so beautiful.
I hope you'll get a chance to see every mountain top view that you want to, and that you'll get to swim in as many rivers as you can. I hope that you'll savor every piece of poultry that you can get your paws on (whether it's yours or mine). Sticks, too. I hope you feel the same warmth that you give
5 hour flight and I forgot My headphones. @VirginAmerica coming through in the clutch. πŸ™ŒπŸ» 🎧
Late nights and early flights.
On this day in 1998, @MsLaurynHill releases her debut solo 'The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.' πŸ™Œ#HipHopHistoryyJ
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The days are getting shorter :(
Perfection. #VSCOcam
"Experience is never limited and it is never complete; it is an immense sensibility, a kind of huge spider web of the finest silken threads suspended in the chamber of the consciousness, and catching every airborne particle in its tissue." - Henry James #ExploreInPixels

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