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Nicole Barrett
#UNGA Right on Obama. As stated by the Pope regardless of race color or religion, we must recognize that the policy of INCLUSIVENESS WORKS!
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Happening now - Vladimir #Putin addresses the #UNGA. Watch live:
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Dang. #Putin is talking sh%t to us..I mean US. #UNGA #HeIsInOurHouse.
Tax plan from @realDonaldTrump: Cutting taxes for middle Americans, raising tax on hedge fund managers (among other things). @MSNBC now
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WATCH LIVE: GOP candidate Donald Trump unveils his tax plan - @CBSNLive
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Lisa is right, Quad should have just stayed on Lisa kicking Darren's ass. #MarriedToMedicine
'You downed my whole state! ' Whoa. #MarriedToMedicine
Lisa was ready to KILL Quads ass! #MarriedToMedicine
Can't stand the heat? Watch what you say... #NancyLeeGrahn #ViolaDavis
He knows when to fold 'em. Kenny Rogers announces his retirement:
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Ok, so @NancyLeeGrahn blocked me. Girl. You better block ALL of #BlackTwitter. They shamed you to filth. #violadavis
Bet you'll keep ur racist feelings to yourself next time.…
The ladies were ready for #fashionxdallas #fxd ! Special THANKS to #vintagemartinidallas
Wayment. She didn't know she was 'in over her head' when they asked her to help them BUST OUT???! #DATELINE
This woman seems like easy prey for everything. .. #DATELINE
'We buried our child to drug addiction.' -#carlyfiorina #GOPDebate
'40 years ago I smoked Marijuana.'- #JebBush That's just funny. #GOPDebate
Dang. #DonaldTrump just TRASHED the Bush administration. Jeb looks so weak,'he kept us safe.'? A real G would not let that go. #GOPDebate
'Your both successful, Congratulations.' -#ChrisChristie to Trump and #Fiorina
#CarlyFiorina looks really good tonight. Just saying. .. #GOPDebate
At least Rubio has some type of plan.. #GOPDebate
'This is a country where we speak ENGLISH. We must have assimilation.' -#DonaldTrump #GOPDebate
Jeb told Trump to apologize to his wife..Trump said, 'No'. Jeb, that made you look soft... #GOPDebate
Chris Christie KNOWS he's distorting what those videos show abt Planned Parenthood and fetal tissue!!! #GOPDebate
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'I think she has a beautiful face and is a beautiful woman'-#DonaldTrump on #CarlyFiorina
"I will take care of women.!"- Donald Trump #GOPDEBATE Rejoice, Ladies!
Defund Planned Parenthood AND repeal Obamacare?? Might as well just say : DIE WOMEN! #GOPDebate
I'm only here for #DonaldTrump #JebBush and #CarlyFiorina .. The rest look so pitiful up there. . #GOPDebate
'If I wanted it, I would have gotten it. Believe me, I know my people.' Trump to Bush on Florida gambling. #GOPDebate
#BenCarson sounds like he's telling me how much time I have left. I feel sick already.. #GOPDebate
Why are they scared to say, 'NO, I don't want his hand on the button! ' Only @RandPaul #GOPDebate
Never has it been a good idea to say I am billionaire but I am not bragging! Lol only @realDonaldTrump can get away with that! #CNNDebate
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Gov. Huckabee: "Quite happy to be here with all these guys." Hello... @CarlyFiorina!
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Interesting #CarlyFiorina walked out alone. Not chatting with the guys like the others. Get use to it, Sister... #GOPDebate
@NicoleBarrettTV Irving ISD stated prime purpose is to protect. Education not mentioned. Therefore, hire a bodyguard & keep kids from I ISD!
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