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Jill Marie Jones
I was a Baby Bug before...and I guess in a lot of ways, I still am. I say, LOVE Bugs! ...No matter how old you can still DREAM ❤️
Photo: The Amazing @mistyonpointe .....I can reach as high as the sky and beyond. DREAMs are possible! -JMJ
@MsJillMJones girl, I swear I had to record all the shows and have my own marathon of GIRLFRIENDS, LOVE IT@therealgolden47
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:) xo RT @Karen_Yazzie: Loved, loved, loved #Drool with @MsJillMJones and #LauraHarring. The soundtrack is amazing!”
Up & At 'em. Good Morning ❤️ Happy Monday! xo
Good Morning beautiful LOVE Bugs & Butterflies ❤️ Happy Monday! xo
Mi Italiana BFF @yvonnescio #GORG #UBettaWerk ❤️
La mia migliore amica bella Italiana. @yvonnescio #Baci Baci 💋 #GORG
LOVE me sum guac making whoopie with sum tomatoes...(quac is on the side, btw). This is the all U (Or I should say I) can eat, salad. Enjoy :) #texaschickscancook 👍
Pre-game b4 the Main Event! Just a lil sumthin sumthin ;)
"U know how many things in life u wanted & didn't get but u survived? Keep going...if u stop now, the "no" is right." - @Pharrell #TheVoice
And a side of roasted tomatoes :) #YUMZ #texaschickscancook
Kale w/ smoked turkey :) #TexasChicksCanCook
Good morning LOVE Bugs ❤️ Happy Friday!
I guess it's not #tbt anymore but it is #fbf already 💋 #Chicago #Haroldschicken #Giordanospizza #southside #northside #theCubbyBear #LakeMichigan YUP 💋 Still a Texas girl but I LOVE tha Chi ❤️
So proud of my sistas 💋 @traceeellisross @misspersiawhite @therealgolden47 ❤️❤️❤️ #Tbt U Betta Werk! And P ...prettiest wedding photo ever. LOVE LOVE LOVE ❤️❤️❤️
LOVE in tha club. #clubVETvisit
Just had a lil sumthin on my lip. LOL! #AmothersLOVE #kissiekissieATthevetwithmyboo 😘
I've learned more from when I've fallen than when I'm standing straight. Thank you Jesus I didn't learn so much :) xo
What you look'in at?! #Vogue #LifeWithMyBoo
GONE GIRL was amazing! One of the 1st times where I felt the movie was spot on with the book. I give it 👍👍👍 and a weave flip. Lol!
knowing is knowledge. THINK about it ;)
Just a tiny girl from Texas. Tiny person. Full of hope and dreams. Who would have thunk my life would turn out like this. I'm living my dream. I'm LOVE-ing the LOVE of my life. I am blessed ❤️ #tbt
LOVE ... For better or worst, I still will choose you first ❤️ -Musiq
Why are you always scaring people?! LOL! @DylanMcDermott CONGRATS hip hop brutha :) @StalkerCBS #AmericanHorrorStory Great work! xo
I LOVE to cook but I NEVER bake. I think it's my new favorite thing :) LOVE Bugs! Send me ur recipes to try ❤️💋 �
Done & Done!!! #nofilter #rumcake 👍👍👍
Almost done. #nofilter #rumcake
Borrowed from @missgomez32 ...LOVE this ❤️ #sotrue
💋💋💋 @GarcelleBle@MsJillMJonesnes see hi gorgeous ❤️miss you too
Jedi Mind Tricks! it working? LOL!
Watching #Drool with @MsJillMJones her accent in this movie is 👌
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Kiss me I'm Italian 💋 #notreallybutilikewine
11:11 Make a wish ❤️