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Isis King
Congrats to my boo @camillemcdonald for giving birth to a healthy baby girl! #Antm #topmodel #allstars #FirstTimeMom
Thank God I dodged a bullet, you turned out to be the best thing I never had xoxo
I just did a natural bridal look on the sweetest young lady, now she is off to get married!…
I fight a battle everyday Against discouragement and fear Some folk always stands in my way The path ahead is never clear. #warfair
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Hanging with one of my fav couples. sethfossstudio samuellaraujo
I need to print this out and place it on my ceiling above the bed. Hope it inspires you too! Be…
Sign this petition to encourage media to change terrorist group name!! PLEASE!
"I just want good people to win..."
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PATIENCE is paramount to happiness, PATIENCE allows you to LIVE IN THE MOMENT, PATIENCE is the embodiment of all will be revealed in time!
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I KNOW for a fact that I'm going to be VERY SUCCESSFUL....but I'm prepared to WAIT ON IT, EVERYTHING IS AS IT SHOULD BE!
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The long journey to having my own show forced me to cultivate other talents which in turn have led me to #LifeWithVision! #Patience
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WAIT ON IT...your calling, your life's destiny, you can't RUSH WHAT'S RIGHT!
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Who are you at your core, How are you perceived, How do you want to be perceived? #LifeWithVision
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A man can't be with a woman unless is money is right supposedly, but what about his SPIRIT!
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This Terrorist group w/my name, UGH It drives me crazy. All families across the World who lost loved ones due to ISIS, you're in my prayers.
Just saw Let's Be Cops.... SOOO FUNNNNNY!! Go see it!!! #letsBeCops #NewGirl
Im completely well this is so funny I can't get the laugh out done.
Fear can Prevent you from doing a lot of things….But dont let it Prevent you from doing the Right Thing…#MissJ's Wisdom Wednesday.
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I pray to see World Peace in this lifetime.
It is our duty to fight! It is our duty to win! We must love each other & protect each other! @HunterLourdes
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Breakfast! I made a hot cereal w/oatmeal, chia seeds, and quinoa, topped w/granola and alittle soy…
Sometime we have to just pull back the canopy, get up out the bed, and face this cruel world. Have a…
The sexiest video I've seen all year. @NICKIMINAJ. #Anaconda:
Spent the day cleaning my place.......sometimes you have to sit down and take a break xoxo
Is it weird that I'm an adult and want this? Like if it came in white....I would completely order it…
Happy Bday to a woman who means so much to me. When we were selected to be a duo Product Specialist…
Although I dont know spanish @MsJoseline good job the song & video me like! Follow your dreams! La Negra… via @YouTube
Cooked for my dinner guess in prep for @ANTMTEAM premiere tonight! Green salad, gluten free garlic…
Make sure you check out the season premiere of @CW_ANTM #topmodel tonight! The guys this season @tyrabanks are.....HOTTT
My nutritionist healthycitysoul is going to be so proud of me! My homework was to start building my…