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ms shaheen hamadani
video - Israel belongs to the Rothschilds: via @YouTube
.@UNESCO continue 2 cover 4 #Saudi Monarchy who is planning 2 demolish Islamic landmarks including the house of Prophet Mohamed in Medina
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US MP fears return of hundreds of ISIL-linked Americans…
To really combat terror, end support for Saudi Arabia via @ShareThis
AUDIO Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 9/1/14: Obama Has No Middle East Strategy...: via @YouTube
Alex Jones most brilliant 06 minutes of 2014: via @YouTube
صحفي إسرائيلي: هذا ما يؤكد ان العد التنازلي لتدمير إسرائيل قد بدأ
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تفاصيل جديدة في قضية إعتداء عضو «هيئة»على بريطاني: سيارة «مصفحة» تنقذه!
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صحفي إسرائيلي: إسرائيل كان يمكنها أن تقود الشرق الأوسط فى التخلص من الإرهاب!
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"شيرا" وأخواتها .. لماذا يرفضن استدعاء الجيش في إسرائيل؟
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الإنديبندنت: نقل قبر الرسول مخاطرة قد تحدث انقساما جديدا بين المسلمين
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"الكرتون" يهاجم العاهل السعودي و"الدولة الإسلامية"
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#Saudi proposal to move Prophet Mohamed’s Tomb to an unmarked grave. Could lead to back lash from world's moslems -…
VIDEO - #Bahrainis have protested demanding the downfall of the al Khalifa Regime - via @ShareThis #uae #saudi #gcc
VIDEO - The #Syria army inflicts losses on militants throughout the country - via @ShareThis #gcc #qatar #saudi #uk
@msHamadani It's all resources war. Never forget what we have in our lands, that's why they are going for the NWO full capacity.
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@YouTube - #US Qatar would like the instability in Syria to continue so the #Iran Friendship Pipeline never gets built - @fanazer
@YouTube - offered $bns to Putin to stop supporting Assad, & even threatened his country with terror attacks but Putin refused. Nato Saudi
@YouTube - has spents $bn trying to remove Assad, major petroleum companies would have benefitted from a Qatar gas pipeline. Bandar Sultan
@YouTube - global economic power a competition for #Saudi. #Qatar was not given permission by Assad to run a gas pipeline through Syria &
@YouTube - Iran to run the FriendShip pipeline through #Syria to transport gas through Syria to major markets. This would turn Iran into a
@YouTube - The chemical weapons were provided by #SaudiArabia which also paid salaries of some rebels. Assad had signed a deal to allow
@YouTube - The #Syrian rebels admit they were responsible for Sarin gas attacks in Syria, which were done as a pretext to bomb Assad.
General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned - Seven Countries In Five Years: via @YouTube
VIDEO (5min) #Syria what is really going on in the region Oil / Gas pipeline agendas - via @YouTube #eu #uk #usa #un
العرب::Tripoli under control of Libya Dawn Islamists as #Libya chaos deepens via @alarabonline… #uae #cairo #mosul
العرب::تنظيم أنصار الشريعة ينقلب على ميليشيات 'فجر ليبيا' via @alarabonline…
video - comment with George Galloway - #ISIL terror continues in #Iraq, & #Syria via @ShareThis #gcc #damascus #mosul
VIDEO - Galloway condemns #Westminster’s silence over his vicious assault by a pro #Zionist attacker via @ShareThis
How to support Palestine & What should u boycott, Join the #BDS movement and make an impact!…
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#Saudis risk of new Muslim division and backlash, with the proposal to move Prophet Mohamed’s Tomb-… #eu #uk #usa #gcc
@msHamadani - Don't miss the part where he calls the #Hezbollah hating #Saudi cleric a RETARD ! - #uae #riyadh #oman #kuwait #qatar #manama
VIDEO: #Lebanese MP clarifies US, Israel, Saudi, Qatar, Turkey consortium’s plots which make Mideast a BLOODBATH
VIDEO - Free Syrian Army rebels surrender to #Syrian Army & confess about infighting among fighters: via @YouTube
VIDEO:#Saudi King Warns the West: ISIL Will Reach Europe in 1 mth & US in 2 Mths- LET'S HOPE THEY VISIT SAUDI FIRST !
photo #ISIL Islamic State Field Commander Captured: #Iraqi Army Advancing Near #Sinjar | #uk #europe #newyork #texas
video FreeSyriaArmy Cleric Claims al-Qaeda was Created by #Assad in #Syria and Later Joins #ISIL - via @YouTube
video First Interview with George Galloway MP Since Violent Attack: via @YouTube
Jabhat al Nusra with stolen UN vehicles, including mine resistant APC.
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