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ms shaheen hamadani
@ NaderHasan63 Blocked in Bahrain maybe.
I recognise #UAE wants pic of its female air force pilot to serve as statement but hv they anticipated/addressed potential threats to her?
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#UAE: Postponement of trial of human rights defender Osama al-Najjar
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Happy birthday @DrAlRoken! Take heart from knowing our thoughts and support are with you. #UAE @AmnestyUAE
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Happy birthday brother Dr. Mohammed Al-Roken @DrAlRoken! Freedom will prevailed in #UAE
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Old friend, @DrAlRoken Still cannot understand why #UAE jailed you. Astonishing. Happy birthday & freedom ASAP @AmnestyUAE In solidarity.
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#Iran dismisses #UAE remarks on it's 3 islands Abu Musa and Greater & Lesser Tumbs - via @ShareThis
آثار الغارات الصليبية-الخليجية وانتشال المدنيين المسلمين من تحت الانقاض بعد ضرب كفرديان (داعش غير موجودة) #????
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استشهاد العديد من المدنيين بينهم أطفال في غارات التحالف الدولي على الرقة وريفي إدلب وحلب ! اللهم انتقم ممن قتلهم يا عزيز يا جبار..
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مظاهرة في كفرتخاريم في إدلب تهاجم أمريكا وآل سعود ويهتف المتظاهرين بدولة إسلامية (هؤلاء من يحاربهم آل سعود الخونة)
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عاجل : بيان اعلان قيام حركة تحرير جزيرة العرب وبداية انطلاق الثورة
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@LockheedMartin - The coalition strikes on #ISIL & other militants in #Iraq & #Syria will be goods news for your business.
Updated map of Damascus following SAA takeover of Adra. Red = SAA Green = rebels Olive = contested Purple = truce
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#UAE FM says #ISIL Takfiris are a false representation of #Islam - Yet UAE finances Terrorists - via @ShareThis
video -'UK arms sale to #Bahrain triples' says Activist Nabeel Rajab. UK sold $30bn arms in 2013 - via @ShareThis
#Zionists have a history of creating disasters to use to their advantage. #ISIL the latest disaster. via @ShareThis
Alternate media success such as RT & PressTV panics neocons - via @ShareThis
video - Imprisoned Without Trial in #Dubai - #UAE - bounced checks - property collapse - violent jails - via @YouTube
video-The Geopolitics of World War III: via @YouTube Oil sold in $ -( 2000 Sadam Hussain planned to sell Oil in EURO
Syria what is really going on and why- #Iran's "frienship" gas pipeline through #Syria - a THREAT : via @YouTube
The #US and its Coalition Created, Trained and Funded #IS: Political Analyst… via @ria_novosti
@Isham_AlAssad - #Saudi agreed to join the coalition on condition that #Syrian govt was removed. #Gulf wants a #Qatar pipeline through Syria
This #US air strikes in #Syria has nothing to do with fighting #ISIS. is 4 ensure #SaudiArabia’s regional dominance.…
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Have you seen those Hezbollah commandos? They're some intimidating guys. God bless them.
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The Rebel Website - Saudi ex-officer set to topple Al Saud…
#America's #ISIL plans ‘to fail’ in #Syria . As moderate militants share same ideology as #ISIL - via @ShareThis
Khorasan leader’s death suggested in militant tweets via @AlArabiya_Eng
Airstrikes against #ISIL is futile, without boots on the ground says top #British general - via @AlArabiya_Eng
@_TurkeyNews - Ofcourse it will take years as western Oil companies loot the #Iraqi Oil and multinationals enter to control business.
@_TurkeyNews - Hmm. 13,000 #US troops to be deployed in #Iraq . Thought Obama said "NO BOOTS ON THE GROUND" What about the head chopping ??
@_TurkeyNews #Qatar has given $20mn to al Nusra Front -al Qaeda affiliate. #Qatar has joined the anti #ISIL coalition. I am kind of CONFUSED
Great Satan US Airstrike Kills Seven Civilians in Iraq, Including Children
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Saudi ex-officer forms liberation movement for Arabian Peninsula
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داعـش.. التي وحّدت العالم… via @AlBayanNews
Illegal alcohol, gambling and pornography still rife in #AbuDhabi labour camps | The National… via @TheNationalUAE
شام ريف ادلب آثار الدمار جراء غارات التحالف الدولي على بلدة كفردريان 23 ...: via @YouTube video Civilians BOMBED
شام ريف ادلب كفردريان ثورة الأحرار المدنيون لا ينقصهم قتلة دوليون 26 9 2...: via @YouTube
Protests Held Across #Syria in Opposition to Strikes Against Islamic State Militants… via @WSJ
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Danish Police Are Trying to Rehabilitate Jihadists Returning From Syria - VICE News #Syria
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شاهد.. الفارسة السعودية " العنود " التى تحدت السلطات وحيرت النشطاء .. أميرة أم ثائرة via @watan_usa
فارسة الثمامة في اليوم الوطني: via @YouTube
«مريم المنصوري» الطريق إلى المجد مفروش بدماء السوريين via @watan_usa
هؤلاء هم المسؤولون العرب الذين اجتمعوا سرا مع ليفني بنيويورك via @watan_usa #syria #damascus #aleppo #iraq #baghdad