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here we are in October cant believe September passed so quickly !! I notice the dreaded C word is getting bantered about a bit
#AliceGross has been found, dreadful for all involved with the angels now x
Jst saw a pic of Victoria Beckham wearing a Fedora, only now I've finished laughing, so now her
Sad to see dog breeder savaged by his own american bulldogs, what is it coming to with these agressive breeds.
#DowntonAbbey mm not quite catching me yet.
#OurGirl brilliant piece of TV !!!
See Jenn Lopez busy spreading her legs and showing her ass in the name of music, where have the classy singers gone?
Well done to Jo Whiting on his massive win, way to go
Read Bear Grylis proposed to his wife naked with the ring stuck between the cheeks of his ass, he needs lessons on romance
Saw a pic of a woman who paid 12k for 3 boobs, is she for real? #awful #badtaste
song of the dragon available at #amazon
Loved the nan who found a 5ft cannabis plant in her garden lol
OOh Dave Lee Travis found guilty #bbc #abolishtvlicence
Very much enjoyed BBC drama #OurGirl love Lacey turner
One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity."
"Be thankful for the sound of birds chirping in the morning, it means that you are alive."
#ScotlandDecides well so far its just many no votes, so far I have yet to see a yes !!!
a real nip in the air this morning have a great day everyone
To reach your goals, you need to live for only three people: First, God. Second, Yourself. And finally, Nobody."
we are a group of dog lovers from #wales we run weekly conformation classes for pedigree dogs follow us for hints & tip and everything dog !
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how fantastic have people been in the aftermath of the Manchester dogs home fire !!
Mondays are coming around to quickly have a good week
Tips for writers: Identify The Heart Of Your Story See Things Differently Opposites Attract Craft A Strong Title Shorter Is Sweeter
#Friday woo hoo its been a long week morning world have a great day !!
Manchester dogs home devastated !!!!! Many tears being shed here !!!!
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#ellenmarch wants to officially retire and write more #hot romance !!
my website contains all my ramblings !
cold this morning have a great day x
good morning have a great day love ellen x
long day time for a cheeky #vodka have a great evening
#Monday mornings I hate them... especially with an autumn nip in the air !!
Today is Richmond dog shoe enjoy sorry doggy friends I cant be there !!
#fridayreads check out #promises and of course #hisgirlfriday happy reading !!!
ah its Friday & relax !!!! xxx
#JoanRivers bloody legend !!! Have a ball up there lady & make um all laugh xx
#GBBO so norm has gone bless him !! There's a few shining stars there #martha is fab for her age. Shame about #diana though. My money is on