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Layla ❤
I could seriously write u a million love letters. The world would run out of paper & ink before u would stop inspiring me. ❤️
Again....kanye has the greatest facial expressions on the planet. I want to FaceTime with him on mute.
I haven't felt much myself lately. What I gotta do to get back my baby?
I'm just gonna lay in my bed && wait to die. I hate being sick. 😩
I'm sorry, but I don't wanna hear about being "real" from some d-list celeb who will do whatever to get famous. Like eat an ass.
Most of y'all can't tho. Bc you care too much about people think about you
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Arab probs 🐫🐫🐫🐫🐫
Lol my Mama gon be in shock cuz they won't have olive oil by the gallon. 😂😂😂😂😂
State sponsored home like a mfer. Remember back in 2014 when u was actin like a hoe? Yuppppp
I tell my mother this all the time. SHE decides now how she gonna live later. U wanna be stank? Okkkk. Bet my petty ass remember.
My mama just straight up ignored my phone I won't be the one to take care of her when she get older. Better get some act right
Retweeted by Layla ❤
I gots morals. Geez. U ppl are so judgmental. U should get fucked with an aids infected dick. #NotHIVButFullBlownAids
Jus cuz I know how to get over doesn't mean I do it.
&& a headband. I got a fuckin headband on, ppl. Shits bad over here.
I'm in a hoodie with my hair up for goodness sake. Like this an emergency. (I needed u to come rescue my heart urgently.)
I'm suing these niggas for my pain & suffering. Bet white ppl don't have these probs. Their friends are punctual.
Wow. I could have died by now. Some friends I got.
Why has everyone not dropped what they're doin to come take care of me? I'm confused....I told these mfs like an hour ago I'm sick.
Stop callin me hot. U only givin me reason to make corny jokes online
Naw, see it's 52 degrees out RT “@VictorMedian: @Ms_Bobo_P you are so hot !”
Haha get it? Cuz I'm actually not hot. It's the literal & not figurative sense of the word. Haha I'm so funny.