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Chilling with my new friend at the orphanage. Ya'll can't mess with us..haha these kids are just great and fun to be around. #deuces #nysc #corpers #abuja #abujanigeria #orphanage #kids #communityservice #children #life #africa #charity #onelove
Currently at an orphanage in a village in #abuja #nigeria with my fellow NYSC corp members. Glad the kids love the toys and the good stuffs. It feels nice making a change and even better getting others involved.
Mr X at 17. Damn it's crazy how time flies so anything you wanna do in life you better #JustDoIt like #Nike. #ThrowBackThursday #tbt #Me #S.O.P #Xcel #BeYourself #EastLondon #Salute
Many "live for today cause tomorrow ain't promised" but what if tomorrow comes what you gonna do with your broke ass?
Never look back unless you're planning to go that direction.
Don't sit at my table if you ain't bringing nothing to it.
I post the first thing that comes to my head and my imagination has no filter. #nofilter #power #music #rhymes #boredom #relationships #love #tweet #twitter #lol #head #metaphor
Relationship is like Voltron or Power Rangers play your part or it's DEAD, so baby if am forming arms and forming legs best give me HEAD :).
#WeLiveInAWorld where your own kind would kill you for cash but wouldn't put the gun up in a revolution to yell "victory at last"
Cleveland brown is real ya'll lol. #familyguy #animation #seth #macfarlane #stewie #petergriffin #brian #loisgriffin #cartoon #lmao
Here's the circle of life- you're born, you grow and then you die: what happens in between is up to you.
We live in a world where people make the most money cause of the name they made in the past when their quality of work sucks major balls.
@josie_love28: @MrXofficial Preachhhhh lol 😊” haha :)#PastorXmodee
I choose to be a leader and not a follower cause its very hard to see if you sit behind the light.
Never lie to someone who trusts you and never trust someone who lies to you.
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A dream will only be a dream unless you wake up and make it a reality.
To whom it may concern....
The world is OURS!! If you don't know who WE are then you're at the bottom of the good chain.
I blame the members for being so ignorant..
Work hard, play harder and bump the shit outta the sound system. Now that's how to take a break from the office. #drinks #chronic #hookah #shisha #chillin #music #kidInk #breezy
"Fashion" in the 21st century is getting more complicated by the day..
The Hall of what? 🙈 Nigga u need to pick up a book yourself. I would expose your name Einstein but let's keep that between us even though one of ur followers is gonna do that anyway 😂 lol. #dumbtweets #twitter #holocaust #slavery #funny #lame
More important than talent, strength or knowledge is the ability 2 laugh @ yourself & enjoy the pursuit of your dreams. Amy Grant #D2D_Quote
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It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light. Aristotle Onassis
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When you do something out of love, you don't count the cost.
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Leadership is not about titles, positions or flow charts; it is about one life influencing another.
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@TaurusIsMagic: #Taurus's can be lazy when choosing partners and pick someone they don't really want.” TRUE...sort of lol
Climb the mountain so you can see the world, not so the world can see you.
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I swear these Nigerian men love to make so much noise that only 0.1% of the arguments actually ends in a fight. Real Gz move in silence #Smh
What do you think Is this helping people or exploiting them? Thoughts...…
Everything with a beginning surely has an end except we're sometimes too blind to see when the end is near.
@Kelaris90: @MrXofficial all good. U ever coming back? Or u staying there” here for now but imma be visiting often b, London is still homex
@Kelaris90: @MrXofficial u still alive? How u doing” Am nice b, still chillin in beautiful Africa. Hope you're good x
"I slept with your best-friend but I was thinking about you the whole time" lol people on #JerrySpringer are cray lol
SMALL changes can make a BIG difference.
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Man murders his friend and then asks Siri where to dump the body. Like page and share.…
"Men lie, women lie, numbers don't" really? Well those number calculation system were created by men and women so best believe they lie too.
What a way to go after such great accomplishments. Thanks for the laughter Robin such an incredible actor and character. "Mrs Doubtfire" is still a #classic damn I love that film. My heart and prayers goes to your family. #RIPRobinWilliams
So so sad to hear the news about Robin Williams..such a great actor and comedian;  he spent his life…
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A brilliant man was lost who maybe needed more help than was realised #RIPRobinWilliams those who wish for £ and fame. There is more to life
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Success is counted sweetest by those who never succeed. - Emily Dickinson
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R.I.P. Robin Williams. He made us laugh and even now he's, gone his legacy of hilarity endures on film. Death, the final joke is on you.
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He was such an incredible actor, I still remember his crazy performance in "Mrs Doubtfire" #classic #RIPRobinWilliams
You can't expect to have love in your life if you don't spread it and preach it. #HappySunday
Never stress over anyone who isn't stressin' over you 👌 ..fuck em
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Your mind can only do what you train it to do, train it to be positive and that's what you'll get.