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Tre kareem
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Worst feeling Doing the best you could Still not good enough ...
it sucks when you got a bunch of shit on your mind and no one to tell it to
Nothin in my life works out ... Even when I give my all
Fooled me one time Shame on you Fooled me twice Can't put the blame on you
β€œ@TheyLoveCo_: No, It ain't no looking back.”
Should I go for 2 points or go in Overtime?
β€œ@NastyNiggaPlank: @TrevonWasHere be grateful you have arms fam” Lmfaoo
I wish the Harlem Shake was still in style that's the only dance I know how to do tbh All that Naenae & Yeet shit I can't do at all
Who wants some Christmas Cookies Thursday? I'll make you some in culinary 🌚 First Coast students only
My mom should've had sex with another nigga cause now I'm stuck with this shitty facial hair that grows back within 4 days
I need a haircut weekly I hate my life
Last quoted tweet is how I feel tbh
β€œ@WavesandCrowns: Hate boys who degrade & disrespect girls. Hate girls who keep falling for the duplicated apologies.”
β€œ@GRlMDAREAPER: Who's better?” Kobe cause he rapin hoes
I want a 2bunz shit that shit clean tbh & she fine as fuck
β€œ@_therealamate: HoodRICH😼�” but live in a trailer park
I be needing someone all the time
I do promise to make it all worth it though
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β€œ@SAILherr: Really need someone to talk to..”
If you're not trying, I'm still going to give you my best, so that when i finally leave you can't say that i didn't try
plot twist: you're not temporary
I expect nothing & still get let down πŸ˜…
Dick too long to be single
My worst habit is letting things bother me that shouldn't.
All I need is someone who won’t give up on me
Fuck Feelings πŸ˜‚
I don't even look cute tbh lmfao
The longer my hair the finer I get
Golden State not winning going to the finals
My hair getting longer ..
I took selfies for yo bitch ... She don't even wanna fuck with you now
May 2nd Floyd taking that L
28 Grams was more weak
β€œ@wizkhalifa: Pt. 2” Bruh you aggravating
I hate Ashanti πŸ’€πŸ’€ Idk how Tatum talk to her at school
Ima be one of those dads who all my daughters friends like ..
All my exes can eat a dick tbh πŸ™‡
Bruh I hate when people say "you not a real fan if you don't know his birthday" I like his music Fuck his life tbh
That was some bullshit πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I hope somebody beat your ass so bad you get a scar on yo face that make you stop being so cute ... & nobody will want Ya ass I h8 ex baes
β€œ@DBU_RAY: Seems as if nobody wants me but its All good tho”
β€œ@aariesthegod: I hate crying πŸ˜’β€ well then don't do it ? Logical common sense
Why people be like 😷😷😷 "you smoke mid?" What's wrong with mid ? I don't smoke so I don't know this kinda stuff just curious
A white girl called me "that hot black guy from Twitter" πŸ’€
β€œ@Randeshaxo: I just want him to be bae, but he playing. πŸ™‡β€ he not playing he jus don't want you