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Let's play the blame game ...
I can like you Think you so fine But if you got a shitty personality Standards low You can go from 10 to 2 real quick
Why tf do I text some people Bruh ...
I hate niggas Bruh
Rockstar bitch call me Elvis
Ima get some Heely's
Can you niggas stop with that shit man That ironic depressed boy shit is sooo lame, gay, etc
I'm my own Bae No sus
I chose this picture to go in the year book 😭
I can't wait to see Thea I'm so ready to fight her
public announcement: trevon was the first to call me pook, so yeah 💕😅 thank him.
Retweeted by chong qui
@YUNGSXPHIV: public announcement: trevon was the first to call me pook, so yeah 💕😅 thank him.” ☺️
I hate myself Good night
I grew a love for country music 🌚
@TrevonWasHere: “@ThatDellyGirl_: “@kid_aries: 3 days till hell 😩” a 4 😕” not even a 4s”Damn no iOS 8?? 😕
Retweeted by chong qui
@ThatDellyGirl_: “@kid_aries: 3 days till hell 😩” a 4 😕” not even a 4s
Fuck school, nigga got Cocaine to move ...
The bops and thots of coast always bothering me
I'll try I'll try
That awkward moment when you realize this isn't @b1vckbxy
This nigga air balled a floater ...
I thought Paul Gasol was finna lay it up like a bitch ...but I stand corrected #BullsNation
Wtf was that Noah? Fuck you bringing the ball up and tryna pass for? If you don't get yo ass in my paint and get some rebounds
Noah need to be benched for that dumb shut ..
Why is Derrick Rose so raw OMG ..
Instead of spending money on those shitty commercials about feeding hungry children about using that to feed them
I wanna go to fletcher
You gonna see all the "Cav" fans during playoffs
Tie game Come on Bulls
Derrick Rose got faster
Down by 7 come on Bulls
@ThatDellyGirl_: niggas love shoes thats too small”
Photo collages so childish
The times I'm so serious, you think I'm silly
I need to go to a hospital Bruh
Memories made in the coldest winter
You do you and I'm just gonna be fine
I bet you I have the world record for most disasters to happen in ones life ..