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Anybody got call of duty on PS3 preferably Mw3 or BO2 & trying to hop on
People have a "squad" mentality because their personality is fragmented, they're looking for pieces of themselves in others to feel whole.
I hate when people ask you to show them their name in your phone just to say "you just changed that"
I would have so many friends if I didn't hand out the truth instead hand out compliments
Thank you so so much for showing your true colors
These Instagram models are nothing but trouble
I don't care what nobody say .. Lil Wayne still one of the top rappers in the game
I understand there is racism going on in the world, but niggas be basically asking the cops to react ..
If some blacks beat up a white for being racist's okay But if a bunch of whites jumped on a black for being racist It's a problem
I'm tired of ignorant people trying to argue with me...
White people go through the same thing black people do its just the only difference is It's not recorded and nobody care
In all honesty, all you have to do is follow police orders ...
She didn't do anything illegal so she had the right to stay in the car…
Ima break that shit
I hate my moms boyfriend . This nigga got a fucking Beat pill playing it in the kitchen like somebody wanna hear that lame ass music ALL DAY
You know I'm finally rich ... But ain't a damn thang gone change
Capo was really the only rapper under Sosa that was raw
Finally Rich the best thing Chief Keef will ever do
So many things have been left unsaid but I've come to the conclusion that it's better to swallow bees than to throw up butterflies
I'm still learning
To know that your phone is in your hand 24/7 and you cant text me back irritates me.
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Anybody know how to view the photos in your iCloud storage ?
😂😂😂 when I thought you was about to be nice…sXdhN
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Daily reminder to all the ladies out there ❤️ someone might need this
Yall don't care what happens to america, just as long as the next president is white Even though she full of shit
Do you know what Hillary Clinton was apart of? And what she's gonna do when she becomes president?…
Best NBA Player •Round of 32• RT for Derrick Rose FAV for Chris Bosh
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You're no longer welcome in Toronto, @MeekMill.
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#MeekBeLike Ray J ain't even hit it first
Somebody need to expose you then ..…
No matter how much love you show ppl, the one time you don't, they"ll show their true feelings. #Salute
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#MeekMill Lil Romeo ain't really go to ICDC college
Dear Barbz, My husband Drake and I have decided to have our marriage annulled. We'll maintain joint custody. Luv, HB
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Which club? I'll pull up and throw a bottle of piss on your garbage ass…
Drake was flying Kaurruche out to Toronto & Chris ain't know You think he can't take back a bitch he been had…

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