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I didn't think it was even possible to get even more ignorant that what you already have 😐
Only thing I'm excited for tomorrow when I get home is taco 😍
People who snore really fuck me off
As soon as the weather picks, up of course I start to get a cold 😒
I'll never understand how some people can just go to sleep instantly. I normally have to be lying like an hour before I can sleep :|
Can't be dealing with walking everywhere, so tiring
I really can't revise in the house, ugh 😒
Wish I was motivated enough to go running or something 👊
My heads killing me 😒
Three exams on Friday the 13th, yay..
Don't know how I'm going to get up in the morning 😭
I actually think Ashleigh's drunken video was quite funny, she just didnt have mama Zoe there for guidance @Zoel58 hahaha #bbashleigh
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Everyone making a big deal out of Ashleigh being drunk on big brother, not going to lie, I found it hilarious 💁
Knowing I can sleep now is great 🙌
If I look at geology any longer I'll either become a fossil or a rock
I have my brother so whipped, have him doing stuff for me because "I'm revising" 😂😂😂
Michael Bublé though 😍
Feel so sick this day 😭
Fucked up on my biology paper big time 😒
I'm going to magically turn into ATP if I look at respiration any longer
Don't have the motivation to revise anymore 😐
Hate having heartburn 😩
Lesson learnt: do not leave biology past papers until the day before the exam 😭🔫
Biology exam tomorrow, just shoot me 😒🔫
I don't care about football, I just want to watch BGT