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Giovanna Fletcher
For those who missed it - here’s my first official ‘Dear…’ video. I’ve joined the madness! Xx
Check out Buzz’s pre-walkers from @Hugandhatch… Cuuuute! I love dinky things! Xx
How adorable are these from @lisahugandhatch... Sooo cute! Xx
You can get the eBook of #XmasBAM from @iBooks here:, or from @amazon here: 6 DAYS TO GOOOO!xx
Order an exclusive physical copy of @MrsGiFletcher's Christmas with Billy & Me here: Out 6 Nov
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You can pre-order the physical copy of Christmas with Billy and Me on the @Waterstones website:… Xxx
I've joined the club! Yay! Here it is, my first official 'Dear...' video: Dear Tom - The One When I Bake
Thanks to everyone who’s subscribed to my YouTube channel! They’ll be something new up in the morning… xx
@MrsGiFletcher A little intro to anti-gravity yoga... Thought you'd like the emphasis on fun! :) #TweetMeActive
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🎅🎁🎄⛄🎅🎁🎄⛄🎅🎁🎄⛄🎅 🎅🎁🎄⛄🎅🎁🎄⛄🎅🎁🎄⛄🎅 Today is.. ONLY 8 WEEKS TO CHRISTMAS!!! 🎅🎁🎄⛄🎅@MrsGiFletcher 🎅🎁🎄⛄🎅🎁🎄⛄🎅🎁🎄⛄🎅 @MrsGiFletcher 😝👌🐸
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Mooooorning! What’s new? Did I miss anything exciting while I was dreaming all sorts of crazy dreams? Xxx
IF we happen to do future McBusted shows you'll get priority access if you order #McBustedTheAlbum on Amazon!!
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Did you guys see my Dear Gi video?! @tommcfly and I are now welcoming @MrsGiFletcher into our little video project!…
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Can’t believe this was only a year ago… What a special year it’s been tommcfly. ❤️👧👶👱…ZYf xxx
Get My Look... Beauty / Fashion Tutorial:… This is actually genious. @MrsGiFletcher is the loveliest lady! #mustwatch
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Thank you @CarrieHFletcher for my lovely introduction!… Now what do I do?! Aaah... Xx
Thanks for all the vlog love. I tend to get giddy when you guys are around!😉 Hope you find this insightful.
@MrsGiFletcher just per ordered my copy of billy and me at Christmas from @Waterstones excited waiting for them to text me now.
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New video going up may be a Dear Gi (@MrsGiFletcher) ...but then again it may not be...
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NEW Coffee With Gi is up for you to enjoy... so, enjoy! You Asked, I Answered! Another giddy one. ;-) via @YouTube xx
Thanks for all the lovely comments - and a huge thank you to @CarrieHFletcher for allowing me on her channel!!!Xxx ❤️
Beautiful & totally relatable! 💙 RT@CarrieHFletcherr: Another guest Letter To Autumn today from@MrsGiFletcherr !!
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@CarrieHFletcher: Another guest Letter To Autumn today from the wonderful @MrsGiFletcher !!” a pleasure to be asked!
If you like really super cool awesome music by 6 less really super cool awesome guys then this is your lucky day.
Retweeted by Giovanna Fletcher Check it out!! Pre order from Amazon and you will get exclusive pre order for the next McBusted tour Wohooo 👌
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@DebbieFletcher: @MrsGiFletcher ‘’@UberFacts · Pentheraphobia is the fear of one’s Mother-in-Law.‘’” I totally have that. Haaaaa!!! Xx
You guys are awesome!! Thank you so much. #CoffeeWithGi #AskGi xxx
…use the hashtag #AskGi so I can find them. Mwaaaaah! Xxx
Guys, I need your input for this week’s #CoffeeWithGi. Give me option questions like “Coffee or Tea” and I’ll answer as many as I can…
Mondays are blog days! Check out what we’ve been up to… Xx @hellomag
Check out Giovanna @MrsGiFletcher's new blog post: 'Our anniversary and my new book!'
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Yep, exclusive physical copies of #ChristmasWithBillyandMe (wow, long hashtag!) will be available from @Waterstones 😁
SOME NEWS... So, you know Christmas with Billy and Me was meant to be an eBook exclusive?! Well, it's not now! You'll also be able to get it from till points in Waterstones from November 6th! I got my copy today... I loooove it!! 🎉😍❤️ xxx
If you pre-order our album it will make me very happy and smiley all day. Like this 😁�
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This might just be the best album you pre-order today…
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Me and my little monster. ❤️👧👶💙 He cracks me up! Xxx
Oh yeeeeeeah! Pre-ordered the hubby's next album! Go team McBusted! 😁❤️🎸🎶🎧 xx
I love sharing our lives with you wonderful lot. ❤️👶👧👱
I’m in bed with @LindseyKelk… Not literally, unfortunately. But good enough. ;-) xx
In bed reading at 9:38... #winning #bookworm #knackered