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Kelsie ⚓
Merry Christmas to me. The benefits of working at a sporting goods store and knowing when awesome things go on sale.
2 hours till freedom and a good night out. Turn down for what.
Never lose sight of what means most to you no matter what tries to stop you...
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All warm and snuggly like a little gremlin. Gizmo is feeling much better.
This is exactly why I only have like 5 friends.
I love when people creep on my twitter and send folks screenshots. You're the real MVP jerk. Apparently I can't have friends.
Adventures in babysitting. The tale of the fried ice-cream ft. Makenna.
I lost 100 followers on instagram. Laaaaaame. #shizweeeeeaaaak
These people are freaking crazy. It's the "normal" ones who are evil.
Poor poor Pepper
AHS is evil right now.
I need you Finn onesie. I need you bad.
Seriously making mom get me this toothbrush for Christmas.
My little frands. <3 #jakethedog #finnthehuman #adventuretime
Library of Congress declares Ferris Bueller part of America's national heritage
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If I don't get the Veronica Mars movie for Christmas I will probably cry.
Aaron Carter is always throwing his number up on the Internet. Probably not the best idea. That's how folks get kidnapped.
Man I'm being super emo.
Why can't Dean, Sam, and Castiel, all just get along. Like why. Why. Why.
Season Finales are so stressful.
Supernatural 💁
I'm ready for the beach. Even if it is freezing I'm getting in the water. Idec
I'm honestly surprised this huge couch chair thing has not fallen out of the truck.
I'm being a twitter philosopher because I'm bored.
"Having the confidence to move forward is half the battle."
I've been in a truck for 7 hours today. Thankfully not all in a row.
I freaking hate Seth Rollins. #johncenafangirl
We got Steven's house in Oxford cleaned and cleaned out. Now we just gotta pray the bungee cords don't snap as we travel back to Conway. This will be a fun ride back. Bye Mississippi. :( @smcampb2
A mini road trip to Ole Miss could be fun tomorrow. See the most beautiful campus in the world.
Come buy shoes from me and make the day go by faster. I'm here till 7. Woohoo.
Chinese round 2. I'm trying sushi. #yolo Then Supernatural time because my brother is back. :)
In a week and two days I'll be on the way home. Bless.
Honest. Let's make. This night last forever. Forever. And ever. Let's make this last forever.
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tell me that you love me, and it'll be alright.
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Babes @__younglegs @conanxjohnsonx
@conanxjohnsonx got me the best Christmas present everrrrr.
I want an inflatable chair like in the 90s.
Rugrats on tv =no sleep.
We got all of this for $20. #winning @hannahstewart2
Being pop punk and stuff.