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Kelsie ⚓
Just the cutest little baby in the world.
Little nugget is loving her new swing and might even fall asleep during the day time.
Today we got a swing, a stroller that comes with a car seat, and a Moby to baby wear. It had been successful. :)
Must protect the tiny human.
I'm not ashamed to admit that I miss forever the sickest kids more than I missed Blink-182 when they went on hiatus.
Sweet little ball of fur.
Trying to catch that sweet smile. She's growing so fast, and considering everything she's been through I believe she's very advanced. She's the love of my life.
I was able to run some errands thanks to my grandparents being in town and they helped me by watching the baby. It's crazy how much your life changes when you have a child, you don't have much time to yourself... But you end up not really wanting it when you actually get it.
All the candy for me. The trick or treaters lost out big time. We have the good candy.
Little punks first pair of shoes. Thank you Hibbett Sports, always my go to for shoes.
Me as a baby, and Jennie-Austin now.
Happy happy happy happy Birthday to my best friend Samantha. You're the jelly to my peanut butter, a wonderful mother, a voice like an angel, and a heart of gold. I love you to pluto and back. <3 @honeyglow__
Are You Afraid Of The Dark at 4 in the morning probably wasn't the best idea.
A miracle has happened, she is being really chill and watching Halloween town.
Just call him "The Baby Whisperer". She missed her Daddy... He had the magic touch to get her to stop crying. @wodywee
Getting ready to cheer for Grandpa's game. Go Bears Go!
I got to hold baby Em my sweet little niece for the first time tonight. I love @honeyglow__ and @jerdenfernch so much, two of the greatest people I've ever known.
Thankful to see my best friend today. @honeyglow__
You are so cute. I can't believe you're mine.
Two of my favorite little ladies. @tate.lakennn
As soon as I put her down she's going to wake up. Bet on it.
Why is Fall Out Boy going to be on the CMA Awards. Is that like a gimmick to get people to watch it?
Just being really cute. #dailyjennieaustin
Sleepy little football. @wodywee
Smiling in her sleep with Dad. @wodywee
I need these towels for little bae. #thefunthatllneverenditsadventuretime
I know I post a lot of pictures of her, but she is so beautiful. #sorrynotsorry
I'm beginning to have the biggest AHS obsession ever. Netflix has been my bff lately.
We are enjoying our Golden Girls on this beautiful Sunday. :)
She is loving High School Musical, just like her Mom.
Ryan Murphy can do no wrong.
I've watched 14 hours of AHS in the past two days.
Chanel-O-Ween... I am dying thank you Scream Queens for that sly dig at Taylor Swift. (even though I love Taylor)
My sweet little niece. I love you Emery, @honeyglow__ @jerdenfernch
The most beautiful little girl in the world. @wodywee
The playlist of champions.
Finally watching the first season of AHS all the way through.

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