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Kelsie Campbell
I'm 10 again. #ilovethe90s #cucumbermelon #bathandbodyworks
He is mad he can't get into Tate's room to eat all the cat food. It is hilarious. @taterbugtot @smcampb2
Recent Google Searches: How to make money off starting a full time @falloutboy cover band
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Maybe somehow we can turn this around and get Sheamus to shave that awful beard thing. #CancelWWENetwork
I guess you could say I'm salty because who I wanted to win didn't win. But Seth Rollins is boring and scummy. #CancelWWENetwork
Time for another free month for new subscribers. #CancelWWENetwork
"We know what the fans want." I guess not though. Hahahaha #CancelWWENetwork
............ And #CancelWWENetwork is trending again hahahahahaha
I honestly wouldn't be surprised if #CancelWWENetwork started trending again.
Smiley wiley. The most perfect dog in the world. He has a hard life being the cutest dog in existence.
oitnb... wyd rn nicky has to come back
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I've learned that people do not like it when you correct their grammar or spelling.
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oh that's just great now i'm in a blood feud with hayley from paramore.
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Sweet little unhealthy babe.
There is a crow that is right outside of our door that won't move... Don't know if it's hurt... Or what.. But it's creepy.
When you make the perfect hotdog.
Tate dipped her cheesestick in queso dip. Hahahahaha @taterbugtot
Saw this sticker outside of Stickyz and it made me homesick. Only a few more weeks till we are back in Florida/Mississippi.
Strawberry Shortcake life.
National Donut Day. Krispy Kreme is life.
This is really neat..thanks @moshua_ray
I'm so excited that two of my favorite people are getting married. <3 @bsquared03
I love John Cena so much. Haters gonna hate hate hate.
You're beautiful it's true.
Saturday Night Live is legit not funny at all anymore.
When you get bored with your hair and think that bangs are a good idea. We shall see.
Spending time with my favorite little man is the best way to end the day. #coachthemaltipo #bae #dimepiece #hangingwithbae #puplife
The Boyz 4 Now episode of Bob's Burgers will forever be the best piece of programming ever. It really be like that.
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The Authority just keeps getting lamer and lamer and lamer.
Lana and Ziggler give me life.
I am way too excited about this.
my mood is way more than 140 characters rn
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When a tiny dog takes your spot.
I'm not being a fan girl, but I will not tolerate you or anyone trash talking someone you don't personally know just because of a story.
I'm very sad about all the Set It Off drama. I love all those guys so much.... This situation sucks.
"You look like an Instagram filter."
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I will always support @SetItOff in all that they do. I'm very proud of them for their decision and for being strong enough to do it. 143

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