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Kelsie ⚓
I just want Boys Night Out back.
Everybody yeahhhhh rock yo bodyyyy yeah
Springbreak fohhhheva.
Made it to happy hour with only a minute to spare. #sonic #nerdslushlife
no sorry i can't come to school tomorrow it's a national holiday
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Little baby oreos are heaven.
Jessica Simpson was in an episode of The Twilight Zone.
South Park date by myself.
No one is going to text me.
I am beyond bored. Someone text me.
No tours are coming near me. #thestruggleisreal
I'm still mad Mona is dead.
“The Little Rascals” recreated their movie poster 20 years later
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Detention is on Netflix. I am beyond happy.
I already regret cutting my hair.
Got these babies for $4. This is one of the reasons I love my job.
If you complain about water in Africa when you see someone do the ALS challenge then you're a joke.
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Pumpkin spiiiiiiice frappe <333
Hello Eric, have some chips because you're totally not fat at all.
I wish I was mean enough to screen shot these snapchats.
Can someone please invent teleportation already??
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My anaconda don't.... my anaconda don't...
The Lord is testing me.
Recording acoustic EPs of songs, and not changing how the song is arranged at all.
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standing at the side of the stage during other bands sets
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Liking their own band's facebook statuses
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Leaving their gear on stage after their set to go talk to their friends
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Chocolate fountain is my best friend.
@wodywee I got real lucky with this one.
@honeyglow__ we did huuur today
I know this was filmed in the 90s but whyyyyyy #fashionfallout
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Watching Goosebumbs for the first time with @Kelsie182 😱
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Being a sweet angel. @honeyglow__
Invader Zim and Are You Afraid of the Dark because going back to sleep is impossible. #nickreboot