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@rahuljais092 Well it is time for me to get going.... have a great day and thank you for the chat. Always makes things go nicer!
@rahuljais092 That is counting all the women who are pregnant, or can be. Cats, dogs, horses, cattle birds hahahahahaha
@rahuljais092 How many folks live in your town?
@rahuljais092 This is a joke of rural, small town Americans say.....
@rahuljais092 Give something for this town to talk about right?
@rahuljais092 I say if meeting in the real world and you get a sentence out of me you are doing good haha
@rahuljais092 Oh shoot I talk with folks on here from the next town over I have never met in real life.funny thing the computer vs real life
@rahuljais092 Well thank you. The longer you are on here the more folks will find you :)
@rahuljais092 You think?? You have not been on here that long have you?
@rahuljais092 I would never get anything done if I dint haha
@Mrs_Roadrunner I've got this, haven't washed up in a while, I'm sure I'm cultivating alien life right now a little closer to home
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@rahuljais092 OIC, well ask around where you live?
@rahuljais092 Yep, that is how many folks did it.....
@rahuljais092 OIC so in truth you do not want to do something on your own??
What do you feel like eating for lunch, I ask Guy. I dont know.... I wonder how does one cook that?
@rahuljais092 mmmmmmm whose support? I thought you wanted to do something on your own?
Interesting.... Nearby Alien Planet May Be Capable of Supporting Life…
@rahuljais092 Interesting, why do you need to know someone??
Interesting way to advertise. Keeping a eye on your pet is another alternative?…
@rahuljais092 No time like the present right?