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Well shoot, got my list of things to do and what am I doing?? Yep chatting haha
$1.00 a minute to talk on the phone, sure would like to have what they are smoking!! HAHAHAHA My goodness.....
We had another news worthy suicide.... I sure wished it was not so taboo to talk about death,perhaps these folks would feel no need to die?
Neighbors walking their dogs again this morning. The lady always says at least hi. Seams pretty nice. They must live here in town somewhere?
Thank you for the sale at cafepress ! Hope you enjoy your purchase!…
I think with what is going on these days, if I were a child in public school... I would be suspended ALL the time haha
@fotofill Ya they really do leave people alone.Have had several encounters with them.
@fotofill I do recall one gal who lived here for a short time, she was so afraid of the coyotes I felt bad for her!
Oh boy were the coyotes noisy last night geesh!!
Morning thought, keeping your mind open allows anything to walk right in......someone said this to me yrs ago it stuck haha
@murtaghse Do a lot of folks ride motorcycles where you live??
Weekend internet connection = lousy right now......
@murtaghse Almost over here, so they best get what riding they can in right?
@Camgart Ya, thought about that..... been quite a while already
Really want to go get my lunch,however cat is laying on me... Someone is not going to be happy here in a minute.....
@murtaghse HAHA ;) Amazing how many folks ride bikes here, specially this time of the year.
@murtaghse Oh they are quite popular here, however I did not look that closely :)
My goodness sounds like a whole heard of motorcycles going through town, oh wait they are haha
I do believe we have another species of frogs out at the pond? These are tiny,little itty bitty ones that just look different in their faces
Fixed the darn gate.... should last awhile? Longer if knot head would stop ramming it......
Visitor stopped by. About to loose his home to foreclosure... felt bad for him!
@JazmineTheAcorn Hoping things get better for you!
The Madras Oregon Erickson Air Museum is opening up! $5 will get you in to see the cool planes!
Good Morning! Hope everyone has some fun this weekend!
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Telling on myself, looking for the phone as I was talking on it.... I just laughed and laughed hahaha The lady must of thought I was nuts ha
The English Mastiff is not called a knot head for nothing.....They use that hard head as a ramming tool.....reminds me of a goat ha
One of my chores today. Fix the gate, my nice dog who gives me kisses and loves rammed the gate so hard I have to now fix it.......
Saw that Noah movie.I can understand the religious peoples bitch about it. However, just a movie.As I told Guy,bushes really dont talk haha
Should tell this lady we had a jesus in high school. Did not know him, doubt she would get my humor though haha
Interesting..... Feds' ADA sign-off stings Bend's disabled…
Then we have a added tax,not much but .... Gas pains: Oregonians pay premium at pump…
Hummingbird is at the window, I wonder if this means the little one is thirsty and telling me to get out there and water?
@mazher50 :) Hope your day is going well!!
Never understood these "bucket lists". If you want to do something, DO IT. Put "later", in the bucket and put a darn lid on the bucket....
If you've got a good family around you, you'll be alright......
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That beetle must have hitched a ride on one of the dogs inside the house?? Yes I placed it outside where it belongs....
I woke and almost stepped on a dung beetle. If you know what these beetles are,they are not small. How on earth did it get where it was??
Ying Yang ...... this is one of my more popular thoughts. I must say it to myself several times everyday.
My bones are claiming it is a cold morning here on our part of the high desert of Oregon haha,sad laugh haha
Morning thought, dumping ice water can put some folks into a seizure.