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I thought a lot of my oldest boys grandma. We would talk for hours and nothing about his father......she was just a interesting women!
It can be hard for parents to look at their babies as grown ups......
When folks start talking about other people, the conversation is over.....
hahahahahaha or when you are past 20- no dude your no longer a kid ha…
HAHAHAHAHA why not to move to Portland.... do you think they want to keep Portland to themselves ha
I always carry a rope - to pull myself and others back on topic...... How on earth did we get onto this topic hahahaha
I personally do not like seeing animals starve to death therefor I am all for hunting these creatures who over populate.
Educate , educate , educate....... Learning should never be a option. Learning is something one should want for themselves.....
That was a horrible idea... it sounded plausible is the only reason I tried it... now we know!
I personally hate being late to anything. Always felt it was a sign of disrespect.. Might as well tell the person waiting on you to fu@# off
Son; Mom the computer is supposed to bring people together,when facts are it is making folks more isolated..... he has a point
@mbsamaya #morning Sam! Hope you and yours are doing well!
that phone call message I think about when thinking of spending money on someone else,dose not stop me but makes me think twice
and put up a website template sent him passwords and everything for him to take it over. The message I got from him…
This is a message I got from a gallery I hated to hear it was going out of business, so I bought web hosting for the dude and put up CONT
Cash goes real fast for folks living outside, at least if you give food something is going to eat it.Hopefully the folks you give it to...
"thinks for the pizza yesterday you fed like 10 kids living outside", pleasure to do it. I have this thing about giving food instead of cash
So what, rattling off unimportant information that no one cares about but what day is this hahahahahahhaa
red breasted nuthatch. I told the tale of getting this series of shots, well here is one of the photographs.
yellow rumped warbler - this is one of the flock that has been here for several days.
To all the creative folks out there who get, "but your not doing anything".... feel sorry for those folks.They no not know what they say ha
It is legal where we are to tease dogs. The son started cursing and told him we just need to keep training the dogs to ignore such stuff
In a way I am rather happy the son heard those people teasing the dogs....just validates what I have been going through being here alone
Our home is nothing to look at however... had 3 photographs published from the wildlife attracted to our garden..did not have to go anywhere
Anyone anywhere can make their home hospitable to wildlife without to much effort. It does take some effort though....cant be lazy about it
I find it interesting the folks who are surprised of the wildlife we have right here in our town.... obviously never visited the high desert
yellow rumped warbler has shown up to spend the winter with us. Pretty birds!
A distress call is being called out now, talk about birds showing up......
How cute, my one son still has faith. I just hope he has a backup plan.....People talk, action are what is needed
@bgdtcoaching omg thank you, and you have a great day to!! Be careful out there :)
Our dogs howl over several things, people yelling/fighting,the train, when one of us leaves,when a puppy cries..... to name a few things
the dogs started to howl yesterday and the little kids were saying why are the dogs crying... howling is just another form of communication
The boys (#dogs), are finally used to the little kids that moved in next door. Did not take them to long either!
@stephencrose the towhee has just arrived here! Will winter here at home with us . They are more then welcomed too!
@bgdtcoaching wise..... we all have different ways of getting to the same result right :)
Someone reminded me of taking off to photograph a cougar I seen... stopping myself, thinking what am I doing hahahahahaha
hahahahaa, hope this was supposed to be funny......…
@bgdtcoaching Me...... oh wow try and kick it where it counts haha- you?
Notice saying something out loud makes something more .... final. You either do it or are a liar
Been procrastinating repotting and being inside a heliotrope, wait much longer and it will be dead, today is the day!!
@bgdtcoaching Gosh ya, give away control like that..... then blame others. just got to say some peoples children and move on haha
I personally could give a rats ass if someone is gay or not..... hey wait gay means happy right? haha
thus my 50 year old friend, you will remain a teenager to me haha

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