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Glad Guy likes my creepy crawly friends. He does ask that I not get anymore snakes....or exotic bugs.
I guess some run is going on,the lady I spoke to was going to show up a couple hours away thinking the run was at the river, not the town.
The salem insurance salesmen after he got done laughing about being from down the road,I says do you know where you are calling? HAHAHA
Got a phone call from a insurance salesmen.Claimed he is from down the road,where down the road I asked? Salem Oregon. SALEM......
So, getting a faster router.The company claims the router from them I have now cant handle the speed.Um- so, what have I been paying for?
Frog is visiting Guy haha. I told Guy look up haha
@_peter_beard HAHAHAHA ;) We joke around a lot, specially during stressful situations haha
Thank you so much for the sale on zazzle ;)
Guy gave me his wallet etc. when he went into surgery.Told him dont worry we will just have a new puppy,a few new birds,who knows what else?
OMG the Bend hospital is putting in this pond, stream . Beautiful!! If nothing else when in Bend Oregon walk around the hospital is is NICE
I told Guy what the doctors advice to me was, he says ya my ex wife was a nagger..... hahahahaha
I was told I should start nagging Guy. I says to the doctor what has Guy said about that one?? HAHAHAHAHA
The lady at the hospital told her well if I could find some bags I would walk around and be a bag lady hahahahaha
Surgery went well. What 5-6 hours.... took some of his hip bone and put it into his hand where the blade chopped off that bone.
That time of the day, have a good one. Might be on later who knows?
@grumpy8372 HAHAHAHAHA straight to the point!
Weight loss tip: Don't eat so much, you fat piece of shit.
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@slicknick52 Looking forwards to it! Nice hearing from you!!
First football game of the season and Guy is settled in to watch as much as he can before bedtime. The tv channel freezes........
Around the 2-3rd year of being together Guy perks up, I want to watch sports. Heck I did not even think he liked sports haha
Sports is back on.... not a big sports person myself,however Guy is therefor I try to at least know what is going on for him.
I hate being late to anything. I would rather show up a hour early then be late! Being late is just rude, inconsiderate
#FF @slicknick52 hiya Nick, hope all is well in your world! :)
@MaralaScott #Morning there Marala, hope you have a great day!
Guy turns the channel to his sports and walks away, HELLO
How do you learn anything if you dont ask questions?? HAHAHAHA
Nurse says folks spit out toothpaste. True, however doesn't it absorb into the skin? Medical folks HATE me haha
So I asked the nurse since toothpaste is full of sugars etc. why is it ok to brush teeth before surgery but not put on lotion??
I will be bringing my camera and my favorite lens in my camera backpack today.Most folks have no clue what the bp is unless they to do photo
We are tippers, if either Guy or I get good service we will tip. I am still going to make more coffee before we leave .....
"The loop", when getting my point across I will enter "the loop", zone. Guy laughs when I do this. I do get my point across hahahaha
I do my best proofreading after I hit send.
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@JazmineTheAcorn It is sad, love or hate you got to give her credit for paving the way for other female comics though :)
I had seen who is using one of the bird houses, a frog haha! Photographed him looking out, good thing we do not have frog eating birds here
I confronted a gossiper yesterday, watching her squirm was entertaining!
"Be open minded", ever really think what this really means? Leave your door open 24 hours some day, what will you find in your home?
Guy says the tree looks funny, but the sunlight can now get through at least haha
I tackled some of the limbs of one of the pine trees.I may not be able to cut the big limps down but I sure can take off the needles haha
A sheriff passed by while I was collecting seeds and watering yesterday just grinning and waving. I thought my goodness he is happy haha
@VeoVon It also had much more cocaine in it then it does now. @MaybeKerr
I never hear folks saying they are proud aspirin users, or hey lets have a aspirin party!! HAHAHAHAHA ok ok it is early ha
I do not allow the cat to go to the bathroom on the floor, jump on counters with poopy paws,claw me till I bleed I am such a horrible person