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When my kids would say mom I'm cold.... put on some more cloths haha Now just to tell myself that haha
@AKbirder Dang this sucks! Hope they remember you next June!
@zelenasutopia True.... Ever try wild rice?? That is my favorite of the rices.
@zelenasutopia OIC, ya very unpredictable....
@zelenasutopia What is the main thing you do, I see several things listen on your profile.
@minterestingf It is said those with faults that irritate you most are because you have them yourself......
"It is easy to see the faults of other. It is hard to see our own." - Buddha
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@zelenasutopia OMG ya, need your car for work!!
@zelenasutopia Well do you really need to ? Depends how we make rice,noodles and potatoes right :) haha
@zelenasutopia OIC , that is what happened to it? OUCH, hope you all were ok?
@zelenasutopia OIC dieting, wish you well :)
@zelenasutopia Oh wow, mine too ! Why do you have to give them up??
I never thought about how hard it is to try to give up rice, pasta, and potatoes. I think those must be half of my diet.
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My old man dog I have had him most his life,anyhoo I will tell him to give me a break and he stops what he is doing haha
@zelenasutopia oic. You have your car issue figured out??
All my protesting, then begging has had no effect.... winter is still coming HAHA
@zelenasutopia Did you ? COOL , bird or car?
@zelenasutopia Oh wow, hope things look up for you soon!!
Neighbor cut down the scrub jays trees.So, this scrub jay and family has moved into our tree. Thus screaming at me...
So apparently I am no longer allowed to go to the front door and take photographs of the birds without a scrub jay screaming at me....
@bgrmosaic We have several spots over here that omg they look horrible do to this kind of stuff. Saddens me every time I see such "art".
@bgrmosaic I dont agree to this type of "art", one bit....
OMG wild birds sitting inside the house in comfort eating at the window..... kind of taking advantage of things arent we??
Perhaps I am taking voting to seriously? Reading over issues etc..? Lady on the news this morning said she just guesses.....
If it is not made by man, leave it be, at least they know who is doing it! Paintings in national parks…
Be careful driving in Oregon! Analysis: Wildlife crashes rise sharply in Oregon…
Off my sons cat goes to hunt quail...If feeding wildlife,be smart about it! Not out in the open....Provide places for them to hide at least!
@Camgart Right on, sometimes they just want the low down. Dont have time to watch...... :)
Birds of Prey are all around here. Had a harrier flying low checking out the place just yesterday. Quail will bring in such birds.....
OMG my son came to me and says mom,your spelling is offal!! He sounded just like my mother when he said that haha
Guy just dose not have time to waste on such things as movies.So I will watch a movie he is not interested in then tell him the synopsis ha
My thoughts tend to run rather quickly. At times I dont write all my thought but just a part of it and it is like WHAT are you talking about
I thought my oldest son was calling! This son brings me the phone and nope political.I flipped off the son and we laughed......
For all those political callers out there. Some of us do go to bed what you consider early.Call after bed time is not the greatest idea ha
#FF #Morning from the high desert of Oregon!
Hoverfly a beneficial insect to the garden on a cosmos flower bloom
I find birds quite remarkable.Not only has this one adapted to the head of the sunflower,but uses gravity to shuck
Oh that is right.... football tonight. This means I have to find something to do when the sun goes down haha
This was my only all white producing cosmos plant this year.
When it got cooler outside this painted daisy just came to life!
@Camgart Not sure I cant, but anyhoo there are fledglings in that flock, they are rather cute!
@Camgart OMG Kath we have a lot of them here!!
In that quail shot, those are the tumble weeds the cat was hiding behind ready to pounce on a bird, I ruined it I am so mean......
This is one of the birds we have here. The little warbler stopped long enough for a photo!
I spoke of a neighbor feeding the quail in the road, well here are some of the quail