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@bgrmosaic To bad you were not around us....
@chiltonr Growing up in NYC, really wasn't a need to learn to drive (for me). Even the country part of Barbados, got around fine by bus.
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NeighborImpact- I wonder if the church here who has been providing food to people for years gets help?…
@bgrmosaic Oh that portland flea market should be getting under way soon?? They dont go yr round right??
Nice to see something changing... I wonder, will we ever have a place for cats?…
Not quite sure what the second sheriff's suv was doing following the first sheriffs suv as they were chasing the dude through our area?
This went on for a while here.. The dude should think about taking up driving on a track,zooming by here....…
@bgrmosaic It was SO COLD over here this morning OMG!! The door was wide open, but still haha
@bgrmosaic BTW when is spring getting here??
@bgrmosaic Oh is everything named or related to the Willamette?
That dove my sons cat killed? That cat brought it inside the son said and put it into his food bowl.... cats!
@bgrmosaic Everything where I grew up is related somehow to the river :)
@bgrmosaic Thought perhaps you were traveling again :)
@bgrmosaic The Willamette valley is named because of the Willamette river :) You may not have? I think of Eugene when I here of willamette
@bgrmosaic Morning there Brian, Willamette Valley?
I wonder if this breeder will breed in the future? What is to stop this breeder?…
"What do you want for dinner"? I dont know, what are you hungry for? I dont know......
Oh that is right, the walking dead is on tonight.... last one for a while!
Time got away from me.... Darn thing always have to tie it down!
Just used Tweepi's Flush to unfollow 0 tweeps who weren't following me back.
Doing some local research.Find it interesting the local websites are not owned by locals at all... very interesting.