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Hey I have to work in the morning
Who wants to chill with me and Charles
Belleville; wanna be rappers, pregnant teens, and a lot of pussies
I hit an Asian lady with a shopping cart today
I looked so fucking thug today
Nigga we didn't make it
Someone pick us up or chill with us...we're stranded in downtown belleville #hookerseverywhere
Party at mcdicks on dundas #byob
Who wants to chill fuck
I hate the spoiled rich faggots that give everything given to them
Last night Dakoda picked me flowers but picked like the soil and roots too #cutestcouple2k14
Retweeted by dick
Hey mom id like to thank you for vacuuming my room this morning...while I was sleeping
#levitation where are my legs #illusion #chrisangel
I wish Joycelyn would marry me #clogs
Sneaking out is a scary experience
The city bus has some neat characters on it
So dakodas inside the bar enjoyin a pitcher of beer an I'm stuck outside not allowed in an were both not even 19 #dumbwaitress #fuckyou
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If a girl puts pictures with her friends on tinder, chances are she's the fat one
The only activity in belleville to do is meth
If a see one more "Dm sliding" tweet, I'm gunna start sliding some uppercuts
I wanna have a fun night #whosdown
Omg some peoples voices are so fucking annoying...SHUT THE FUCK, I'm gunna duct tape your face
I'm amazed at how fucked the young kids are nowadays...progressively getting worse and worse
The boys got served at the bar last night #pitchers 4 #pictures
@faithhickey2: Round of applause for the parents of hot boys 👏👅”shoutout t@momom an@dadad
I slither into the dm's like a snake
Plot twist: billy Sliding into the dm's
@JoycelynBrooke: @Alyssa_Morin17 tell them to slide out because they used the wrong YOUR”#chout
Got served at the bar tonight #pitchers4days
I hate racis people
@JoycelynBrooke: Andrew stop”buddy has a bigger vagina than his scooter
Or if your parents have made you their bitch and don't let you do anything #suckstobeyou
If your summer has consisted of mainly video games or some other pussy activity, I feel extremely bad for you...cause I've had a great time
I'm dressed like an African American
I don't answer my cellphone cause I'm an asshole
I hate the faggots who comment on every girls instagram photo and think there getting MAADDDD pussy
Selfie for Michael Denison
Need to go to the beach soon
I've seen more food in an Ethiopians fridge than mine
I don't have a girlfriend because there aren't any skinny girls who enjoy food as much as me