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Jay Manuel
makeup tv show makeup artist 993,524 followers
#sharing 😊 RT@LaulaTheWantedd:@mrjaymanuell's "starting the week off right" tweets are the first thing I check on Mondays.#alwaysonpointt 👌👍
I have 2 remind myself of that from time 2 time! RT @EarlBarcelo: 'Don't label yourself, it limits who you are.' - @mrjaymanuel #inspiration
Starting the week off right... When we define ourselves, we stop the flow of creativity. You may think a label helps others see you, but it hides who you really are. #freedom #wakeup #live #now
"Can you be the space of what's happening right now" - @EckhartTolle #wisdom #beyond Free yourself of expectation! #presence will set U free
Journey beyond labels! RT @EckhartTolle: @Oprah's power comes from not playing a role. She doesn't have an on-screen persona. She's herself.
Always! If I'm traveling, I DVR it! 😉 RT@DevlinHuxtablee:@mrjaymanuell@EckhartTollee@HealthyTVV@Oprahh Never knew Jay Manuel watched!!! wow.
I love this! 😊 RT@EckhartTollee:@HealthyTVV@Oprahh True confidence is feeling the power of your own presence. It is not the ego.#ANewEarthh
@mrjaymanuel Always give your fullest attention to the task at hand. Don't make the present moment a means to an end. #ANewEarth
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#truth RT @EckhartTolle: When you feel your own presence, then you are not playing a role. #ANewEarth
Is it my Ego that is tired of the label fashion expert? @EckhartTolle how do I connect 2 everyone free of my form while I work? #ANewEarth
I want to thrive beyond the imposed veneer of my work life & need 2 break free! @EckhartTolle That's not all I am! #ANewEarth
I shape others form/self image while seeing the oneness in all. @EckhartTolle TV wants 2 label me just a fashion expert...😳#ANewEarthh
#ANewEarth helped awaken me in the midst of personal tragedy. @EckhartTolle & @Oprah how do I go back 2 work in TV the land of Ego?
Digging into Chapter 4 and the role of the ego! Retweet if you are present! #ANewEarth
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A blessing... 🙏 RT@EckhartTollee: Good to be back with you@Oprahh and all tweethearts :)#ANewEarthh
"We become what we pay attention to" I know this for sure. @suemonkkidd and what you give your attention to expands. #SuperSoulSunday
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#ANewEarth is a gift of awakening! @EckhartTolle @Oprah thx 4 blessing us w/ the series on @OWNTV 🙏 Chapter 4 today after@SuperSoulSundayy
Do you feel "Homesick at home"? I love this question that helps U find your TRUE calling! #SuperSoulSunday @OWNTV
Neo hears everything.... 😜 #dachshund #puppylovers
#TMI #Thursday Anyone know what's going on here? #Ouch #KeepingItReal ( #BTW medical procedure not wax)
#runway 2 #redcarpet in @Gucci Just because it's #spring doesn't mean U can't rock B&W! #menstyle #mensfashion Photography tip: I look shorter than the model because I was shot from a higher angle & he's the shorter one. Use low angles when U want to cheat your proportions in photographs. 😉
The look @adampichi has on his face when I outbid him at the #JeffreyFashionCares charity event! #score 😜
#Tip #Tuesday Stop carrying the weight of expectation. Free yourself of #labels ! #ANewEarth #EckhartTolle
What does this mean? The Mask You Live In - Can you imagine a world free of labels?