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James May
I've just done my VAT return and, once again, I've screwed 1p out of the nation's coffers. #TaxDodgingBastard
Not half as glad as we are > “@Admiralbutthead: @MrJamesMay glad I don't drink in your pub. #dullards
Chefs: why is mango chutney a chutney and not a jam? #GreatPubDebates #FromYesterday
I still get perforations. They must love me.
@MrJamesMay oh cock. I'm sure the perforations used to be shaped liked this!
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France: I apologise now for what happens to the 2CV and Renault 4 in episode 2. But I do truly believe they were great. #CarsOfThePeople
And there's a touch of annoying transmission shunt. #SecondSupplementEtcEtc
The Seat Ibiza's steering is rather vague at the straight-ahead. #SupplementToTheCarReview
@MrJamesMay A note to myself “write a haiku tomorrow” found it yesterday
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Cut-out tax discs? Bollox. Make your own perforations with a block of polystyrene, a knitting neeedle and a small mallet. #Standards
The otherwise reasonably agreeable Seat Ibiza is rendered woeful by dint of its dreary diesel engine. #EndOfCarReview
Outstanding. “@LizaMayfield: I have written a Haiku. Trees swaying fiercely Blinding rain lightning strike boom Electrocution”
Autoglym > “@Aizaz_Mazhar: @MrJamesMay What Shampoo do you use ?”
In Rome they kick the crap out of new cars in the showroom, just to get it over with. @ridesandskis @PrincessBagel
Our holiday hire car is a Seat Ibiza. No Sanderos were available. Idiots.
I've reverted to my youth and I once again believe the Countach to be the greatest car ever made. @harrym_evo
No work tomorrow, so why not watch Cars of the people (BBC2, 9pm) and then get completely bladdered to round off a great night. #Plug
Cars of the People.
I'm in Scotland. Breakfast is always good (and big) in Scotland. Vote YES for Scottish breakfast. #ScotchEgg
@MrJamesMay Error 404: Your haiku could not be found. Try again later.
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@MrJamesMay Tidied garage a bit. Can see floor and bit of workbench now
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Finding the Dragons objectionable? Wait until you see what happens to the 2CV. #CarsOfThePeople #LePlug
Just eight hours to go until Cars of the people (BBC2, 9pm). Fill them by completing useful jobs around the house. #RewiredPlug
@MrJamesMay The house of York, a two year reign, the war named after roses. I'd rather watch a show of cars that Mr. May composes.
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There's a massive Richard the Third on Channel 4 at 9pm. Avoid it by watching Cars of the people, BBC2. #YePlug
Cars of the people ptII is available for viewing tonight via the miracle of television. #BBC2 #9pm #Plug
Yawn > “@andrewstogi: As soon as your country becomes back to back world war champs, then you can give us guff.”
OK Americans. It's on the 25th of August. I forgot that you put your dates arse about face. And that's 'ass' to you. #Bah
Are you American? Well done if so, because you can see my Cars of the people doc on 25/8, BBCAmerica. #IncompatiblePlug
Good to see Wiggins back on his bike. But what about cars? Specifically the cars of the people? Tonight, BBC2, 9pm.
Not raining now, but quite gusty. Avoid hat loss by staying in tonight and watching my new series, Cars of the people, BBC2, 9pm.
This is a plug. Cars of the People, the Top Gear spin-off that I've been working on starts TONIGHT on BBC2 at 9pm.
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The rain is clearing up. This has bolloxed my marketing strategy a bit. Watch it anyway, 9pm, BBC2. Sunshine is fleeting.
Even if it's not raining tonight, my new series is a good way to prolong the pleasures of the weekend and forget the approaching toad, work.
Looks like it will rain all day. Might as well stay in tonight and watch my new series on BBC2 at 9pm. #Subtle
Crikey! It's the rozzers! From the past!
Lights Out in an hour. Worth doing, I reckon. #GreatGrandpa
Yes, meant to say; Cars of the people starts on 10th August, BBC2, 9pm. #SupplementToThePlug
Bored? Not on holiday? Hate August? Cheer yourself up with my new three-part series. #Plug via @YouTube
Honda football, Honda football, Gi'e it loadsa wellie. Faster than the actual bike, (If kicked by Balotelli).
I've done an selfie. Unfortunately, I've realised, as a result, that I look like a nob.