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Ken Emanuelson
Yesterday. As of yesterday, October 15th, it became the CDC protocol to add "have you been to W. Africa?" to the screening protocols.
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Concealed Carry Means Fewer Murders, Says New Study… #2A #pjnet
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Liberals at the CDC spent millions studying guns as a threat to public health in an attempt to ban them. Meanwhile, they didn't study Ebola.
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The Goal Is To Make Christianity A Hate Crime: City of Houston demands pastors turn over sermons: @cebeach @dwilezol…
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Early voting in Texas starts MONDAY! Please help us FIRE CLAY JENKINS!…
These are the Kurdish female fighters Erodgan calls 'terrorists', fighting on the frontlines against #ISIS in Kobane
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A second health care worker has tested positive for Ebola
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ABC Poll: Nearly 7-In-10 Americans Want Flight Restrictions From #Ebola Countries… #tcot
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Second case of confirmed Ebola transmission in Dallas -…
Checking out the new @TacoJoint in Richardson.
@manicornot it's the Arabic symbol for "Christian."
@mrclean2012 signing books #13hours #Benghazi at barns&noble1029wbayareablvd Webster tax at 7pm
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@x5xAlexanderx5x that's simply a lie on your part. What you say is completely untrue. You should be ashamed of yourself.
@x5xAlexanderx5x In my experience, the people who throw around "LIAR" are generally those with the lowest ethics, accusing w/o facts.
Muslim mob beats a Muslim woman. Her crime? She wants to end slaughter of cows & sheep as animal sacrifice during Eid…
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Oil and trouble: tumbling commodity prices suggest the world economy could be slowing down
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Vatican City won't accept refugees but @Pontifex demands Europe accept migrants despite unemployment -… #tcot #NRx
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CDC Chief: Banning Travel From Ebola-Hit Countries Would Be “Wrong”. Wrong for who?
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Dept of Homeland Security (Immigration) official Took Bribes to Approve Applications…
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@x5xAlexanderx5x you really are a silly little fellow. I'll certainly admit when I'm wrong (rare, but it has happened.)
@Chrisyahahha @TheUnenthusiast yes, because that's what you've been taught to "know" (i.e., believe fervently) all your life.
@Chrisyahahha @TheUnenthusiast the things you "know" are the things in which you have the most fervent faith or belief.
@idebunkforme You can attack me with all the ad hominems you like...but you'll still be wrong.
@Chrisyahahha @TheUnenthusiast "knowledge" is merely a set of beliefs.
@x5xAlexanderx5x "atheist" isn't YOUR word. It's just a word. Free to all, to be defined however one likes.
@x5xAlexanderx5x ...but, AGAIN, you are free to define words however you like. It's still a free country.
@x5xAlexanderx5x No, I don't agree. 1. By my usage, "belief in a god" = "theISM." "Theist" = "person adhering to theism."
@x5xAlexanderx5x and as noted, you can make up your own personal definitions, if you like.
@x5xAlexanderx5x yet again, the meaning you give a word is the meaning you give it, not some universal meaning.
@idebunkforme You could really use a basic reading comprehension course. "can" <> "did."
@idebunkforme I never said you made up any words. If I had, that'd be easy to show, right? But you can't, so you call names. #SillyBoy
@x5xAlexanderx5x BTW, does your mommy know the mean things you type on her computer?
@x5xAlexanderx5x again, I realize this is way past what you've covered in pre-k, but there's no one "correct" definition of a word.
@idebunkforme Do you even know what "lying" means? Are they covering that in pre-school these days?
Progressives are quite fond of using "everybody knows" and "it's common sense" arguments to bolster their unsupported claims.
How to drive a Progressive (even more) nuts: demand the same level of proof for HER assertions as she demands for YOURS. #QED
Obama & Holder spread Illegals throughout every state and all of the sudden new unknown viruses are popping up n every state in the country.
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CDC Spokesman Admits Screening Inadequate, Won't Ban Flights From Liberia via @BreitbartNews
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#ScienceNeil Tyson finally admits fabricating his oft-repeated moronic Bush "quote"; His apology? "My bad"…
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Just realizing I've been shopping and eating at places all around Ebola carrier's apartment last 2 weeks. Awesome.
@idebunkforme Good question. Personally, I'd like to know why moms let kids like you on the computer unsupervised.
@x5xAlexanderx5x more than willing to admit I'm wrong--when I'm wrong. If I'm wrong, the dictionary's wrong. Go talk to them.
Why is U.S. granting visas to people in epidemic hot zones?…