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Mr Bill
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All abortion is horrendous... Where are the blacks on this❓
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How would you like to look at this for four or eight years?
Voters overlooked BO's lack of foreign affair experience or any experience and it continues to come back to haunt them
The really bad thing about immigration- nearly all immigrants come from the same country. This can't be legal to take OUR country
Surprise - Tech industry happy with #immigration changes that will make them more $
Retweeted by Mr Bill Federation for American Immigration Reform - hosted by Kimbia
Pro-Amnesty Senators Push for Military DREAM Act Yet another back door attempt at control o fAmerica
Florida Legislature Panders to Illegal Alien Lobby, Passes Law License and Tuition Bills
All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenthood-Jennifer Senior Good read for today's parents
Giants of the near future-China and India with the US falling behind. We buy everything from China, source out to India Wake up America
On KTCS series "Latino"-the changing face of Washington" How far will they go? "Is anybody there? Does anybody care?" from"1776"
In the past year I have filled out several gov't forms asking if I am Hispanic or non Hispanic-Why?
So many of the people who want to end poverty and hunger have a big house and four cars in the drive. Unless you give all you are a hypocrit
Are we all ready for Cinco de stinko Americans celebrating the demise of their culture and disregard for their heritage
Most politicians run on a platform of "change" Didn't anyone ever get it right?
Clippers own.-a prick and scumbag(we can say these words now), racist BAD swift /severe punishment we're so afraid of being called racist
Megyn Kelly On Proposed Monitoring Of "Hate Speech"…
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"The path to citizenship" for the "undocumented" what a lofty goal-what a bunch of bull-we don't need more job takers or more democrats
just saw a white guy working the counter at the post office. Normally only foreigners will do these high paying jobs "no one else wants"
"Soon the Liberal Progressives will be assigning each of us a political officer to enforce what they think is politically acceptable."
Gays,lesbians,transr, etc. make up only 3.4% of the US population yet they have power over the church, the boy scouts, and so much more