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Matthew Frazier
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Can't wait to see @WWEAaLLday21 and @BigCassWWE on #RAW someday. Might just be my favorite tag team! Make it happen @WWE @WWENXT
I've decided when my hair starts to gray I'm just going to start dying it all kinds of wild colors. #whynot #haircolor
Kit Harrington was spotted in Belfast! Hair intact. Praise be to the old Gods and the new. #hairwatch
Watching WWEBattleground a little late. @XavierWoodsPhD is always entertaining!
Today at work I'm getting paid to do pretty much nothing. Easiest $16.51 an hour I've ever made. Need some #ESO in the workplace.
Watching #raw after work. Man can @HeymanHustle hype a crowd. Best talker in the business.
I've never been so upset over a TV show character in my life. #GoTSeason5Finale #GameofThronesFinale #GameofThrones
Time for that 16 hour double shift. I'll try not to die.
About to get off work and finish getting ask caught up on #Grimm
Let's not forget. Curtis Axel technically won the rumble. #RoyalRumble
So my cousin picked up a murder charge today. Glad I turned out normal.
Definitely about to quit my job. #bullshit
You know you were gaming on point when 3 people accuse you of hacking. #Gamer #OP #TTT
I've got maggots in my scrotum. #bookofmormon
Feelings can be confusing. Lol
Just got done crying like a baby to the #HIMYMFinale ..... Sad days.
The Daenerys chapters in A Song Of Ice and Fire bore me. It's all look at me! I'm a Khaleesi! My least favorite character #teamsnow
Shooting a dog makes you worthless. Especially when its still a pup....
Yes... I cried during the notebook. #EAD @Se7enDivine
I don't want to live on this planet anymore... #disgusted
Another school shooting at Purdue. What's wrong with people? Has society really convinced so many people that killing is the only solution?
Just had the saddest dream ever... So sad I woke up trembling. This is weird...
If you add up all the sleep I get in a week it equals out to how much most people sleep in a single night. #tiredpeopleproblems
If you can't install flash on your own linux machine... you shouldn't be using linux.
I'm about to start an 11 hour work day with about 2 hours of sleep. #goodenoughiguess
Wow. I went from no 4G to this? Nice! !!
Somebody! Please get this poor girl a computer mouse @Se7enDivine #minelife
It's so weird how you don't see someone for years and you're fine. All it takes is passing them once to fuck you up. #reallife #truth
Somebody today asked me what my job was... I responded the only way I know how... "I am the law!" #fuckyea #badass
really #wondertrade? I send a #Dratini, you give me a #Pidgey. I hate you.
Sometimes I wish I knew how to buy people gifts. #badatthis
#booty... Now that's something I can really get behind! XD
I prefer pizza than some people.
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You let your guard down for 1 night... People are so cutthroat. #worthless
#ThingsIGetAlot "You play #MTG ? Isn't that a kids game?" No... no it's not.
I was going to be a Pokemon Master for Halloween, but I already am one.
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Retweet if you've been playing Pokémon since Gen 1
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#PerksOfDatingMe If I get annoying throw a gameboy near me. I'll be occupied fo Days.
Life is full of awkward moments. Good think I'm a fan of awkward!
#pokemon #nuzlocke challenge #update. My #snorlax named Biggie died.. #Tears were shed, #hearts were broken, oh the #feels. #RIP Biggie

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