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Andrea Bressan
Back from a breathtaking Sea Journey☀️⛵️🌊 So ready to f party with my partner-in-crime this weekend🎉 She's back from Ibiza@ParisHiltonton
Lying in the sun with water under me☀️🌊 lovely afternoon#CatamaranLifee
Sun Drinks and Girls👌💯❤️
There is no elevator to success.. you have to take the fucking stairs!!
In my happy place😄 Do something that makes you sweat💦
Too much of a lazy raining Sunday😴💤💤
Make me expose chicks I'm too busy..✋💯
Champions do, yeah champions do...❌💯🎉💶💶💶
Let's go to the club😎
If she has my head, she already had my heart❤️
I make it rain on you hoes 💯💯💯💃💃
Sometimes you are too busy looking for things that really don't matter. Stop and reevaluate your whole life, love on top! #1LOVE #LOVEMYLIFE
Love being always on top👍🔥🔥
Work Hard.. Play HARDER!!!💯💯💯💯💯
Even when I'm bored I look back and understand how much grateful I have to be.... don't ever take anything for granted! THE LORD IS SO GOOD👌
Headed to my mothafuckin clubb🙌🙌🔊🔊
yes.. Yes.. YES!💯👌
Raging right in front of my ex with another girl tonight.. it's gonna be fun for that b-😘#partyproblemss#summerseasonn
Nothing to loose?? Are you really sure of what you're saying? Stop the drama and love your life. And if you don't like it.. change it👌💯
I love the fine life💯🎉❤️🍹
I can't believe what I did for love
Money make the difference💯💯💯
Words are so easy to say.. you got to show me love❌❤️
When I say to think green.. you know what I mean💯💯💯💶💴💵💶💴💵
I will never ever have enough of it
So tired I need some sleep😵😴
No matter what.. LOVE like you've never been hurt.
Where my party people AT?????🎉🎉🎉🎉💯💯🔝
Everyday I die just a little more inside
Happyness is such a cool thing as long as you have it
So strange how a place can change your life. Many memories. Everybody they're all going, girls too. No one is stayin we're all in the making
At the end of a perfect day, a perfect night follows!!😍❤️💕#goodnightght
Always making the most out of the night💯�
Getting my body on point before leaving for the best-party-ever part 2.. building my very own Empire one party at a time💯🎶
Bad bitches sending me nudes via Snapchat.. maybe you forgot I can still do screenshots💥 Now you playin my game or Im making u play#IGOTYOUU
Even when you leave, anyway, don't ever forget to say thank you for everything..
You are rocking with the best!💯#ohyeahh
So fresh out there!!☔️☁️☁️ Perfect for a killer workout�#fitfamm
Dedicate your day to who makes you smile even at night❤️
Inside the Dj booth👌 We own the party🙌
Don't need no drama.. just do whatever the fuck you want to! Live for the moment. No future plans. No regrets✌️
When everybody wants your body.. let's jack!

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