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Andrea Bressan
Beyond believe about the news @robinwilliams.. Hero from childhood!! My always and forever captain.
Out n about!!! The view from the fountain is the shit👌
Good day out there!! Let's this other incredible day begin😉#LoveMyLifee#letsgoo
I love you Barcelona! Had so much fun playing for you all last night at @Atlantida_BCN! What an…
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Getting myself on point to party with Paris tonight at her #FoamAndDiamonds party! @Atlantida_BCN Grand Opening! @ParisHilton are you ready?
My right now view:) I love the mood of this city!! @ Sagrada Família
Tonight I'm in a very very nice place with a very very nice girl;) Tonight is the grand opening BARCELONA!! #FoamAndDiamonds
La gente esta muy loca!!!! #landed 😁🇪🇸
Awesome night!!! Swimming first, breakfast second and then to the airport flying to the next city for some amazing parties! #VIDALOCA 🇫🇷✈️🇪🇸
This taxi driver is crazy!! Real madness.. into the club in 5 min! #CavesDuRoy
At the Hotel just finished my workout for today.. let's eat something and then ready to PARTY!!! 🇫🇷#FrenchRivieraLifeife
Jetting off.. #StTropez 😎🏄🌴☀️🍹
Enjoy your mediocre life
Ok so just finished buying half of the stores now workout time! Getting my body on point for next week's schedule;) #workhardplayHARDED
Suntan and gym as a lifestyle.. beach by day, party by night! #lifesachoice
Shooting CO2 cannons from the mainstage!! Entertaining people as a lifestyle
Rehab to be ready for tonight!! Shooting CO2 cannons and sippin some good drinks in the upper area! U can find me always behind the djs #VIP
We can't stop and we won't stop!! Celebrating with the bosses
@Tujamo_ we don't mind!! We're ready to welcome you in @villabonin and kill a super party asap!! Get well soon bud
Ready to have another very great night!!! Hey guys it's friday! #tgif