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Andrea Bressan
I love partying but being ill is my absolute fucking shit!! I promise I'll stay at Home at least 10 hours! I wdn't stop but I really need it
They just welcomed me with 2 bottles of Cîroc.. is that ok?
My mind is fucked up right now
We don't know where we will be tomorrow!! Some people taking you on the wrong way? Ask yourself if it is really that bad.. #highwaytohell
Nice day out here! Watchin out for summer around those pallaDEUM villas
My veins pumped adrenaline all the day! The dj didnt pull da beat down! Sun+beach+drinks! U can still hear my #MADVIBE from my #SUNBURN 😍🍹🌅🌴
I'm sippin her soul from her eyes no matter what we are the cool kids. #lifesachoice
My sunday should be rehab after friday+saturday late nights but I say no. I wake up and Im already on road! U fool have choosen sleep? #ASIF
Pop another pill make a deal with the D
If your going to be two-faced at least make one of them pretty!!;)
Just finished all my crazy schedule for today!! I'm really tired but I just can't get enough! It all worth it at the end #workhardplayharder
I hate meaningless people.. I stand for/with cool people!!! If ur lame u cant hang with me👊
Suntanning with several drinks side by side.. last day on holiday! Taking it soo easy! #beachday
Booma booma yeee booooma booma yeeeee!!!! When I'm turned on no one's gonna stop meeeee!!!!! ahaha I live for that!!!! #ROUND2 #partylife
@Piercarl0Zanini come ho fatto a non ridere!!! Cazzo voleva non l'ho ancora capito forse lo capirò nei prossimi giorni intanto #buongiorno;)
People won't cope ova my sick beats.. I'm ready to shut that building down!! Me djing+hosting a party could mean anything! #clubrocker
Just been invited to the #artRave!! I love my VIP treatment!! Get your hot roads ready to rumble in 1st row Milan, I'm into the pit! #ARTPOP
Got my niggaz with me so don't get stomped in👊
Come in my bed cuz I got that one international smile😬�
We wake up early cuz we work hard+play hard
@BYTE_THIS Thank youu! Yea we are cool together but what we do everytime we link up is even cooler;)
@barb4life I'm always playin real! We shot the club down+rang da bill!!