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Andrea Bressan
Back to work. I'll sleep when I'm dead.
I don't need to waste more time with you.. #2cool4u
Yes! RT @MrAndreaBressan: Fuck that bitch and push everything to the limits!!👊
Retweeted by Andrea Bressan
Fuck that bitch and push everything to the limits!!👊
Hello december, you're the last one so be the best one!
merkandkremont in the building! Very good+down to earth artists! Nice night👍
Living in a dream and u just came in to say hi..
Partying is a serious thing.. right behind the dj booth tonight! It's merkandkremont, B-!
Tonight no drama involved!! This is gonna be SUPER! Ready to kill an amazing party right behind the the dj booth. Dj set by @MerkandKremont!
Life is a game but it's not fair.. I brake the rules and I don't fucking care at all!! Ladies and gentlements.. THE SHOW MUST GO ON🙌�#PARTYTY
I'm not bossy. I'm the boss.
Live life to the fullest✈️
The way I kill all the problems.. no one can do it the way I do! I live fast.. I am gonna die young
Been wondering why I never dream at night... I finally got it! Because I dream big all day long!!! #LOVEMYLIFE
I get what I want. I do what I feel.
Things always gettin better! Only thing u have to do is #TRUSTIN
I love that feeling! Partying with amazing people+friends! Last night was AWESOME #OnStageLife
Love waking up on the floor in the afternoon with that peach-vodka-redbull-pussy skin taste❤️
Constant shallowness leads to evil.
Ready to have another amazing night with those people who first gave me a lift in this business.. #PARTYLIFE🙌
Pumping music as the loudest boost while Im slapping bitches asses.. dont know if the world is ready for my nightlife style
Love is something u'll always have to regret at some point.. so get da fuck up and kill that vibe! I will always have only #ONELOVE #fuqonly
A song never fit in my life so closely.. in every fucking line. Playing it at the club while my soul is rejecting it…
Risk it all, always win! Life's a choice
Never been that happy!!!😄 Always in a good mood!! Be positive people!
Great Opening! They inviting me to get that bounce🙌
I can't stand people saying Mondays or Tuesdays sucks.. mine are always great and very successful! Maybe it's ur life that sucks #STFU
Let's start the week!! Be the hardest, always!!👊
Someting's being really disturbing
Woah I will never forget these nights+these moments❤️ #bestmemories #goodnight
Are you ready for the weekend!??
I'm mr trumpsta, aka get her number. No I will never love her I just really wanna f her🔝
Good morning everyone! Let's kill another day! Do your best to make it happen #killinit
I workout really hard cause completely exhausting myself is the most relaxing part of my day. #bosslife
Let's go out n have some serious fun! #IAMTHEBOSS👊💯�
Ready to make another BIG NIGHT!! With my fave people!! Booked the best area of the club! This will be GREAT! #PartyLife #IAMTHEBOSS
So many things happening in these days.. can't even tell you ahah ur fuckin with the best!!💯💯💯 this is my business nigg#bosslifeife
I need to sleep.. but there is one reason that got me out of bed #goodmorning
Fake people make me laugh a lot