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Alex 風
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Why do I find myself, at every summer ending, deleting songs that remind me of people I should forget?
Congrats for the new baby to the hottest mama out there! @FaithKatrina32
So you found "the one?" Awwwww. But isn't he like the 10th "one" this year? Let me know how that goes for you.
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Thanks for all of the support. This year has kicked all kinds of ass. #3XDivasChamp
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Sometimes I wonder how does it feel to get tons of compliments. To have somebody interested about you. I'll never try these things.
I Cavalieri dello Zodiaco: ecco il teaser poster e la nuova data d'uscita -…
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Dear @facebook i don't give a crap about my friends becoming girlfriend and boyfriend so STOP sending notifications about it. Alex
Tira più un qualsiasi "buongiorno/buonanotte" di @PaoloLardaro che un mio qualsiasi selfie 😅
In vendita il portafogli e la placca per la cintura di AJ Lee *Foto*
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Stasera prenoto i biglietti per #wwemilano cioè ci saranno AJ e Seth, potrei morire
Could be today the beginning of something new? Let's see..
L'unica cosa che mi sorprende degli Ema's è che abbiano il coraggio di rifare esibire Jessie, Ariana e Nicki in quello schifo di canzone.
Of course @WWEAJLee looks better it's her baby and this Sunday her baby is coming home #WWENOC #RAW @WWE
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Comunque vabbè, preso malissimo vado in giro e trovo la mia ex, la mia titolare, vecchi colleghi e un cliente che si ricordava di me. Okay.
Non potete capire come reagisce il mio fisico appena parte la seconda parte di Partition di Beyoncé. Un vietato ai <18 proprio.
Went to a brazilian place yesterday night, ate lot of meat and now, 3 in the morning, I'm misteriously up. Go figure.
Grey. Like the color of my soul when I realize I can only count on myself only. And nobody else.
🎉🎊Happy 3t#birthdayay Snorky!🎂🎈 Alcuni degli scatti più belli con Snorky in questi 3 anni
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Hear me Roar un cazzo. I just ran 14,1 km with Nike+. #nikeplus
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Yay! Just bought it from iTunes! @CFOSofficial love it, so dance-y and catchy #BrieMode
Best dream ever. triple h was telling me I had to do a tag team match with @WWEAJLee. My biggest dream inside a dream. Awesome.
#4yearsago my role model @Michaelcopon released his debut song! Still love it to death!
Me everytime i see not so funny Vines #bedtime
Headed to back to Cali today for @GameStop and @WWEgames. If you're near, come by and talk games and wrestling with me for a bit. 1-3pm.
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"No more words. I want to speak in tongues."
This #tekken movie sucks major shit. Where's Xiaoyu? And Hwoarang? No no no 👎
In un'ora mi sono dilettato nei panni di casalingo-barbiere-idraulico. L'ora più produttiva di sempre. Bravo Ale, bravo.
I had a dream my Wrestlemania gear was a sundress and I frog splashed a tortilla chip until it cracked for the win. So...spoiler alert.
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No seriamente, voglio un amico sardo.
50 quintali di legna sistemati. 💪 sono distrutto
Guess what? @Davidburtka and I got married over the weekend. In Italy. Yup, we put the 'n' and 'd' in 'husband'.
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Sipping Prosecco at my cousins party. I'll get drunk in a bit and ruin this whole family atmosphere 👀
Pensatela come volete, per me Enrique Iglesias è uno strafigo, vorrei arrivare alla sua età ed esser così bello!
Assholes always get the best women.
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