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WhatsApp for Android IOS users can now hide 'last seen' notification @sohaib_ptl @lajjamehta @nabilvirani @seemajassani @Decloned_iTaz
Why some,people have wrong belief of that they are good singers and irritate others, fuck shut up and let me work.
Hahaha "@YediLady: I bet Mark Zuckerberg has some gujju genes. -_-"
Some friends and level of friendship with them starts sinking, when they start assuming themselves as a star or something even in friendship
People have drastically changed. Things have changed, der exists now a huge gap of attitude and insecurity in this friendship now.
The amazing pinepale sandwich, yummy at manek chok
Enjoying my trip to Gujarat (@ Manek Chowk Khau Gali)
Done with six cup of coffee still waiting for Ahmedabad
Issues in Central Railway again. Overheard slow trains won't be halting at Diva, Kopar and Thakurli. @InfoMumbai #mumbai
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@Abhi_Shaker we need to respect the ICC rankings but we cant take anything away from the kiwis thats my point.
@CricketNDTV why to find and give reasons fact is we didnt bowled and field well.
Newzealand cant be called underdogs after seeing way they have played past 3 weeks against one of the top teams of ODI and test. #cricket
What d fuck is this song tera pyaar pyaar hookahbar #shit
Left Surat heading towards Ahmedabad. This travelling is super boring.
@nabilvirani ek din mere ko aur @seemajassani sab coffee shop mein leke jaa, we are coffee fanatics... Kya bolti dost :-) THANKS in advance
A cartographer's dream.... Mapping china nice article
Develop an app Map dem thru Google maps Test it thru user Call it via twilio Host it on amazon Market it on twitter Release it in appstore
The real world behaviour of people in this system is oriented towards winning, not towards fairness or efficiency.
Todays match is reminding me match of eden garden were India was on back foot untill magical innings from Laxman and Dravid came, #Nzvsind
A player has now made 500 in a two matches with two innings of score 1 and 8, Mcullum #NzvsInd