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Clan Leader.⚡️
Drake doesn't tweet bruh 😤
BET the one network that will never go bank rumpt playing Tyler Perry movies #Gshit
We lost doc rivers for a 2015 draft pick 😖 wtf bruh!!
Rather be a dick than a swallower.....💯
Yeezus : New slaves , shits live as fuck #TeamYeezy
Lmfaoo niggas getting there ankles took out here 😅#ballislifee
Niggas biting their lips in pictures is equivalent to the girls doing the duck face #stopthat
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I know I'm not the only nigga , bear with me .., that one bitch you see on the Internet and your like "I'll fuck her so good " ?😈
The word "sophomore" means "sophisticated moron."
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Lmfao this bit h broke her face !! 😭😆😅
seems like everbodys having an easy ass time finding shit to do ....
Your so boring ....
Wake up , smoke a nigga , go back to sleep 🔫🔫
Damn these niggas cleared it fast
It's hilarious how much our parents let up as we get older.. My mother just said "bouzen"
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Scientist say. when you die, you have 7 minutes of brain activity in which your mind plays back your memories in a dream sequence.
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