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Who was better? • Retweet for Young Kobe • Fav for Young Lebron
Retweeted by Alex♈
I miss her so fucking much but I ain't gonna tell her tho 😔#lightskinproblemss
When you finally find someone who understands you as a person.
After all this time you're still the one :)
iphone 5s gold tmobile 16gb for sale hit me up
I would cuff but the way my trust is set up now a days
Instagram always crashing
If you ain't sucking we ain't fucking bitch I'm sorry
Retweeted by Alex♈
Please tell me why is @rihanna you guys role model again smh
Missing someone who was once part of you're everyday life
missing someone
Connecticut wack tho lol
Let's goo good shit uconn
Let's go uconn CT
Uconn fucking up
Let's go uconn
I'm tryna go in a vacation! ✈️🌅
Retweeted by Alex♈
In a couple hours turning the big 20
Like no lies tho this bitch is a thirty trap n I'm caught in it
Where the hell did all that snow go ?
This weather blows big dick #deadass
he fact that you cant you see emoji on a mac thats stupid as fuck
worldstar be wack as hell on sundays
i dead ass want a tat now on my chest and arm
I want some white friend
Guess what ? YOU a bitch if you reading this 😂😂😭
For the first In history I actually want to be I the phone
Someone save me from this nightmare
So bored right now I'm jumping from Facebook to twitter from twitter to Facebook like WTF
Niggas be like " wtf I gotta lies for " and STILLLLL be lying 😂😒✋
Retweeted by Alex♈
@_NyMulaaa: Would text oomfs but I'm too lightskin to text first 😒😒”
Sometimes the best thing to do is just let Go
How do you know that person is the one for you ?
I'm done working out I quit the gym fuck that shit man
At the same time when I say I won't fuck with you please believe I won't not even God will be able to change my mind
Once I care for someone I care I'll always be there no matter what
I will never trust again
I no longer let people into my life no more
Everyone been getting on my fucking nerves lately
I so wish I spoke Spanish
That moment when you realize how bad you messed up but it's to late.
Really can't sleep just up thinking 🙇💬
@sha_bangbang: Tryna get my head right”
changing for the better
I can honestly say I have no friends