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Nanle Mø
I know my life wud change.. Just need a 100, damn!!
As we proceed ..
“The real opportunity for success lies within the person and not in the job.”
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Happy Birthday Bubbles 🎊 �@Bubbles_Tinezez 👏🏽
Ill joint.. Sick.. Smoking dope #BA WANI BUGATI... @Vino_Samari.. SICK PRODUCER
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My boy @Vino_Samari destroyed that ba wani Bugatti track tho' like nigga is in a lane of his own! S/O to @iMORELL killed it fam!
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Weekend really anticlimatic for me, like literally 😞
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Echoes in my head
You make mistakes.. But your mistakes don't make you
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I know weirdos love me because I'm a weirdo, we are drawn to each other
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Got news about a blast in Abuja.. This is not #MyNigeria 😥😷
Sometimes our daily affirmations are not "Rah! Rah!" take on the world. Sometimes they're a quiet, "... -…
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Lately I've been hearin too much of the same sh!t
Spazzin' out like I don't know nobody! 😶
Pray the fakes get Exposed 🙏🏽
Recycling one glass jar saves enough power to watch tv for 3 hours! #KudzooFacts - Mozero
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah (me) launches tonight. Please join me and my first guest @KevinHart4real as we make history.
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Just listened to Venus!! Too Dope!! ✊🏽…V
I got my foot on they neck and my foot on the gas.
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Maintain.. Dont Manage !
It's not my birthday But I'm all over that cake!
I genuinely have no hate towards people that did me wrong. I've forgiven them and wish them well for my own peace of mind❤️
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This dude asked me for a dollar for lunch but was dressed head to toe in Yeezus 😑 FOH!!! Rich ppl want the most smhs
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More FIFA scandal and corruption allegations. Seriously, this game needs cleaning up
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keep ur shit lowkey and watch ur life get better
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We don’t meet people by accident, they are meant to cross our path for a reason.
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