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Lol "@Mozero101: i swear sorry for the slooow reply :]xx RT @_PorscheboySlow: @Mozero101 what's happening?"
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Real niggers flying @d high way of marry jane shout out to @Mozero101,@abbamhd real niggers for life tnx guys for evrytn
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You dont have to watch CNN for you to see an end. #PrayForNigeria
Sadly.. im one. RT @UceeBlackMusic: Fact: Tonight, more Nigerians will celebrate with Real Madrid than will mourn with Jos.
LMFAO"@tweetMOPOL: Arsenal hasnt qualified yet o "@234Niigga: United can't even win the champions league next season. Bitches didn't qualify
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Yo Davide Simeone goes but.. oiii lol
!!! RT @iAmDoyin: "@sholong: Why didn't you just allow me enter this Tv & clean the sweat off Ronaldo's chest with my tongue Oh lord?!!"
What next? :] United better make d deals oh. lol \mufc
i'd say so... lol even bayern had their package :P RT @CH3OMA: But was it Real Madrid that uprooted Barca? 😂
i swear sorry for the slooow reply :]xx RT @_PorscheboySlow: @Mozero101 what's happening?
Well done to Ronaldo for winning the Champions League! Never forget #CR7 created by Sir Alex Ferguson
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Headboot anyone trying to fight Varane lol :P RT @ToolzO: Zinedine Zidane can still..... ......
Ancelotti just made Mourinho look like an amateur
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I enjoyed every second of game! Congrats R.Madrid!
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!!!"@UbaSocrates: Even if Mourinho had Bale I bet you would have benched him to prove some retarded point."
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Congratulations to Real Madrid on winning the Champions League. #LaDecima
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FACT RT @KjSunmon:“@MUFCUPDATE:Manchester U!nited remain the last team to win the ChampionsLeague without losing a match. Atletico was close
Stfu“@MufcDevilUpdate: Manchester United remain the last team to win the Champions League without losing a match. Atletico Madrid came close
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How times change. Gareth Bale, Champions League winner.
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As promised, every member of the Madrid team is getting a car each tonight, including the backroom staff, courtesy of Christiano Ronaldo!
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Di maria... definitely d man of d match...
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Kokolets at @AmberLoungeLtd TurningUp for @iamdbanj 's arrival. Getting the heat, catch the trips. #WhiteLion #BangaLee
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14 years without the champions league with money intact..? RT @Ochuwa_: Why are they throwing shades at Mourinho? Ugh.
Bale slam dunked that shiiiii lmfao!
Madrid is the best team this year, they beat bayern 5-0[agg] wat did you expect? HalaMadrid
@Mozero101 Hey will be glad if you could give us some feedback on our beats riddims thanks
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I tried, I waited. I'm done, Love fading
I miss the old you!
I sound mean so u rili get what i mean!
Peace Only. No Stressin!
Getting excited/ bit nervous for the #GhostStories #TVSpecial at 7pm PST on NBC. Haven't seen it since we finished the edit PH
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Trippy sh*t to watch while we smoke again
Honestly i cant even hate you... Jus gotta make sure u act right ! :D
Purple :D RT @Ochuwa_: Wayne is just craaaaay! What does he smoke?!!
Chill!!! :| RT @TinaMomoka: Boys who appreciate the shit you do for them. Oh wait. There are none.
More Hommies goin down :| ... #LegalizeIt!!! Fuck da popo!!!
Talking to myself with h e lights offf