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Boylan cheat so much while they were getting there ass beat by Auburn they called Mother Nature for a rain delay so they could come back!!
Retweeted by adri
I've decided to stay single forever & eat pizza and all the donuts in the world. Yes I'll prob die of diabetes but at least I'll die happy.
Retweeted by adri
wearing leggings doesn't make you a thot what the hell?
self harm isn't the answer :( message me if you ever have thoughts of self harm or ending your life . please :(
Trynna decide if I should make the stripper move, or the drug lord move. 🙇
Retweeted by adri
Stay Strong everyone . Message me on here if anyone needs to talk/vent.
it's sad that your so sad and depressed.. mentally done that you turn to self harm. </3
you can block me on fb but you can't block me in person when I swing at your ass fse . S C A R Y B I T C H
leggings full of crosses, pussy full of sins 😷
fat and thick are 2 different things baby girl . 👌
Babygirl went thru chemo a few yrs back & it took ALL her hair, look @ my baby's hurr now!😍
Retweeted by adri
rt for blunts fav for joints 😚💨🍃
Retweeted by adri
you don't like me , but yo nigga do 😂
niggas be like "shawty is perfect for me, I'm not done being a hoe yet tho, watch me fuck this up"
guys be like "what you mean" when you jus texted they ass a whole damn paragraph with a thesis statement, theme, main idea, & introduction.
I hate when niggas ask for nudes. go watch porn caus I'm not sending shit
how did some bitches hair not frizz up into a ball today with the humidity ? stayed perfectly straight Tf ? mine looked like a birds nest
tooooo hot . ready to leave school -.-
I will fight any and everybody on my granny, don't none of these whack ass hoes put fear in my heart win or lose💯👌
@AyeDreez You just earned MVP. And two thumbs up 👍👍
Retweeted by adri
@AyeDreez following back got me want to dance for You
Retweeted by adri
Good morning pretty girls!☀️😊👋 Ugly girls stay sleep
Retweeted by adri
niggas be turning into doctors and scientists when you say something bad about weed 😂✋
when you stop fucking with a nigga , he go back to that same damn hoe he used to fuck with..and she think she winning 😂✋🙅
your weave looks like tangled up VCR tapes but that's none of my business 🐸☕️
it may hurt you, but never let it break you.
I'm ready for winter break
never let a fuckboy get to you
Did anyone else think his arm was an ass? 😂😂😂
Retweeted by adri
Mixed guys are winninggg😍💦
I need a blunt the first day of school or I'll murder someone
I will never apologize for being me
Retweeted by adri
as a 3rd wheel your job is to take pictures 😩😂
if he only wants your breasts and thighs, send his ass to KFC 💯
My nigga called me and wanted to smoke nd i told em to "match me" nd the nigga came over wearin the same shit I was smh
Retweeted by adri
no such thing as a slow texter a female will stop doin anything to text back if she feelin you cx
my middle finger gets a boner when i think of you