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not mou
I should start tweeting again
Some of us guys really wanna start acting right when it's too late 😂
Now you're tryna find someone to replace what I gave to yaaaa.. It's a shame u didn't keep it
Lol no clue who this is but he looks like a Steve so yh me and my boy……
So moved by #IStandWithAhmed cant help but remember another black boy in NASA shirt #TrayvonMartin #BlackLivesMatter
#afterseptember11 these are just some of the innocent Muslims who were murdered in America due to hate crime
Getting my haircut on the 16th please don't bring ya girl round me then cause she coming home with me
Don't waste my time if you know you don't have the best intentions
Keeping real people around you is always important!
Damn this is real
Ever since i left the city you... Gotta reputation for yourself now
"I've never done this before.. This is my first time"
Bitches find anything attractive these days Lmao…
Ok girl look I'm honest.. I can't lie I miss you
I could be doing whatever but as soon as "marvins room" come on my life hit a pause moment and I reflect fam
I'm getting a gf and never looking back
Cuffing season about to start
Just give me some time to get my shit together...
Perfect time to get the marvins room text in to ya ex when her new man neglecting her
Niggas speak to chicks for like 6 months and ruin all the hard work and effort they put in 5 mins of anger in an argument
We ain't in a relationship.. We kinda ain't single.. We don't know what to call it.. We're somewhere in the middle
Ever since I left the city you... Started wearing less and going out more
Just tell me what I have to do to stop my daughter becoming like half the girls I've come across and I'll do it
I think the city we're from just kinda ruined things. It's such a small place not much to do but talk and listen
Drake - Take Care album kinda night
I hate when parents used to say "I brought you into this world I can take you out" like nigga square up I'll knock the dust out ya old ass
GIRLLLLL SEND ME THE NUDES, I'll put them to useeeee, and I won't show nobody... Except for my crewwwww 🎶🎼🎶🎼
How do the first 3 letters of my name mean loyal when I cheated on all my gf's Smh I feel sick
Wow my ex just changed her Netflix pass.. One of my followers lob me their Netflix
I downloaded Netflix on my phone so at reading fest we can have Netflix and chill session on my phone girls.. DM me your cv's
Young Man take your a cup titties off my timeline…
you're stupid if u think a drunk hookup each weekend is better than a girl who would do anything for u & actually gives a shit about u
wow it's a beautiful day to mind your own business
Girls read so deep into simple shit.. That's why their always getting their feelings hurt
you ever showed your parents a photo on Instagram of someone and they start trying to zoom! Fam don't like the shit we are 34 weeks deep
My future wife probably with her current man right now wishing they was "together forever" .. No fam see you ina couple years 😂😩
Kanye West is the greatest dancer of our generation
I know you ain't supposed to beat ya girl but you can hit her with the stone cold stunner since wrestling fake
Fellas theres a chick on your TL that saw potential in you but you ruined it with your Tweets
When ur checking ur camera roll and ur wondering how certain pics got there then you remember you're in a group chat with wild animals
nina wid da nina
I got friends that I don't see for ages but when we meet its like we been together daily. That's bc we respect that we'll all got shit to do
If we don't talk for 6 months or more everything you know about me has expired. Times change. Keep my name out your mouth
If you don't want me to cheat on you, then don't catch me cheating
imagine you could text ya homie and be like "yo fam let me borrow 20% of you my battery low af" shit would be so dope
Im ugly.... But im loyal & funny so it cancels it out
"This summer will be lit af" Those words shall never come out my mouth again, I've learnt now
Some girls have boyfriends who don't have girlfriends 😂

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