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lider de holanda
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Yoo this girl tweeted "girls find out everything in the end" but she still aint found out her boyfriend cheated on her last week
You got a boyfriend but you're half naked in your avi? Aight
Lol why the hell would you cheat on your girl? Man up @Curveflex
I need a hair cut but I might cheat on my girl by accident when I get 1
You don't realize how good things are till they're gone, and I've lost it all before so I know wassup
This dick RT @nurraaah: What yall getting me for my birthday
When you cut off all your hoes for 1 girl and it doesnt work out
Who evers been prank calling me today.. Call back cuz im mad lonely right now
Yooo im so happy im gonna buy all my sidechicks christmas presents this year
your homegirls tellin u to leave him but would they leave their man if they was in the same position?
Im ugly.... But im loyal & funny so it cancels it out
Why twitter make it seem like lovin a chick is gay? Grow up fam
Jus got my haircut someone skype me before i turn ugly again
Kobe the type of nigga to ask for your opinion and then tell you" I don't give a fuck what you think"
Im on the way to finding out exactly how to treat her right
Ladies, next time a guy has the guts to talk to u, remember he's not wearing makeup. Also remember what u look like without it.
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Your girl tellin you she loves you but she was wid me last week? Lol niggas so dumb
A guy won't leave something he know he wont find with another girl
when your music is on shuffle in the shower and marvin's room comes on
I ain't into proving nobody wrong... Just proving myself right
When you text a chick and autocorrect changes your message from "how" to "hoe" thats a sign from God to move on
πŸ˜” RT@mouqeet__: When you spot your girl in the club even tho she told you she was staying in
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πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @mouqeet_et_: Both of my girlfriends accusing me of cheating smh I can’t be with someone who doesn’t trust me
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Both of my girlfriends accusing me of cheating smh I can't be with someone who doesn't trust me
When you spot your girl in the club even tho she told you she was staying in tonight
1 day imma find the perfect girl for me... And imma mess it up 2
Trap God 3? RT "@UltraLightSkin : Guess what my girl just dropped guys! πŸ˜πŸ’‘πŸ’
I sleep so peacefully at night knowing that im single & theres nobody out there cheatin on me lmao
If i ever wife up a girl she will never have to worry about no hoes, sidechicks or any girl. Imma let everyone know she mine
Yooo its my birthday.. You know how they say a year older and a year wiser imma be realistic here and just say I got a year older
Don't let having a girlfriend make you miss out on your soulmate
Unless ya woman/man cheated on you.. Aint no reason you should give up on em.. My opinion tho
u catch feelings for a person it messes your life up fam.. U be thinkin about them but they prob dont even think bout you smh
Pregnant chicks always want you to give up ya seat for them on the bus.. Sorry boo u shoulda fucked a nigga with a car
I'm not worried about nobody loving me. That shit will come around sooner or later
Valuable lesson man I had to grow up
Bro why did my new girl have to catch me cheating?? I try and forgive her for that shit but I just cant 😞
You get more time for killing a police dog than killing a black man..... America
My niggas.. Stop thinkin you're the only guy ur girl is textin lol
Females do all this FBI researching just to cry and stay